Drugs Sample Clauses

Drugs. Possession or use of drugs by the Student, any person present in the residence with the Student, or any person present in the Student’s residence with the permission of the Student during the Student’s absence, are strictly prohibited in any UCF DHRL facility. Prohibited drugs include, but are not limited to:
Drugs. Within the framework of their respective powers and competencies the Parties shall cooperate in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of policies and measures to counter the illicit production, supply and traffic of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, including the prevention of diversion of precursor chemicals, as well as in promoting drug demand prevention and reduction. The cooperation in this area shall be based on mutual consultation and close coordination between the Parties over the objectives and measures on the various drug-related fields.
Drugs. The possession, use, trafficking (which includes manufacture, sale, giving, administering, transporting, sending, delivery, distributing) or offering to do anything related to the possession, use or trafficking of illegal drugs is prohibited. Any involvement, whether direct or indirect, in any illegal drug or drug-related activity is prohibited. For greater certainty, being present where others are consuming illegal drugs or engaging in illegal drug related activity is not permitted—if others are engaging in this activity you must leave. Possession of paraphernalia that is associated with the possession, use or trafficking of illegal drugs is prohibited. These activities may result in eviction and referral to the police. For greater certainty: • Students who have a prescription from a medical doctor for the use of a cannabis product (as defined below) must obtain permission from Student Housing and Community Services if they wish to smoke, vaporize or consume a cannabis product through means of inhalation on residence property. Please meet with your Residence Life Manager for information about the process for obtaining such permission. • The possession or use of prescription drugs without a valid prescription or trafficking in prescription drugs is considered an illegal drug activity for the purposes of this Contract, regardless of the amounts involved, and regardless of whether or not money or any other form of consideration are exchanged. Without limitation, both selling and sharing (giving away) methylphenidate (commonly sold under the name Ritalin) are prohibited.
Drugs. We have a zero tolerance of illicit drug use in the Room, Building or Common Property. If You:
Drugs a. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of an illegal drug or controlled substance by an employee in the work place or during work hours is prohibited. Employees in violation of this policy will be terminated with no Last Chance Agreement.
Drugs. Coverage will include drugs, oral contraceptives, and medicines dispensed by a doctor or pharmacist and, except for insulin, only available on the prescription of a doctor, to the extent that they are generally recognized as being effective in the sickness or injury being treated and are not excessive or unwarranted as judged by the generally accepted therapy for the sickness or injury. For the purposes of prescription drugs, generic drugs are to be dispensed if available, unless stipulated otherwise by the physician. There will be no benefits for proprietary or patent medicines.
Drugs. Possession, use, manufacturing, and/or sale of illegal drugs or controlled substances, under either federal or state law, are prohibited and are grounds for Contract termination. Requests for the use of medical marijuana are directed to Disability Services prior to use.
Drugs. 1. The cooperation is in particular aimed at increasing the efficiency of policies and measures to counter the supply and illicit traffic of narcotics and psychotropic substances and the reduction of abuse of these products.
Drugs. The use, possession, and/or distribution of controlled substances including narcotics and illegal drugs, as defined by state and federal laws, is prohibited. Drugs or drug related paraphernalia will be confiscated and reported to authorities, resulting in judicial action which could include; removal from housing, and suspension or expulsion from the University.
Drugs. The possession of any prohibited drug is a criminal offence. This law applies to all areas of College buildings or grounds. The possession and/or use of any prohibited drug by any Student or member of staff is not permitted on College premises and could result in the instigation of the formal disciplinary procedure as detailed in these Regulations and legal action by the police.