OF WAGES Sample Clauses

OF WAGES. Wages shall be paid by cash or cheque at the option of the Employer no later than Thursday of each week during hours. Each employee shall be given a detailed record of his earnings showing Total Hours Worked, Rates of Pay, Gross Wages, Allowance Contributions, and all deductions and Net Wages, all in accordance with Federal and Provincial Government Regulations. The tear-off portion of the pay cheque shall identify the Employer and employee. In the case of layoff employees shall be paid up to date on the job site as per the Standards Act. In the case of layoff all men affected by the layoff and covered by this Agreement will receive two (2) hours notice in advance. If the Employer fails to give the employee two (2) hours notice in advance of layoff, then the employee shall be paid an additional two (2) hours. When a man quits a job he shall give his Employer two (2) hours notice. If the employee fails to give the Employer two (2) hours notice then the employee shall lose two (2) hours pay. With the exception of honest errors, when employees have been unable to cash pay cheques they shall be paid all future wages by cash or by certified cheque. It shall not be considered a violation of this Agreement for an employee to cease work for continuous failure of the Employer to correct pay shortages or being continuously late in wage payments.
OF WAGES. The Corporation agrees that wages shall be paid by cheque on a regular with by the occurrence of a pat payday, except when interfered holiday which case the regular payday may be delayed one day. a fro In the p m the rate, the monthly rate be multiplied by divided by be and employees on the night shift will of their shift. aid duringworking hours paid on payday at the Where the system, t e have voted in favour of be providing a statement of earnings and deductions in place of receiv- ing a cheque. t o O c t o b e r h shall apply only tot e genera e and shall be on the basis of hours paid since that ate. percentage in lieu of benefits be calculated and paid on e retroactive payments for part-time employees. Such retroactivity shall b ratification of the from the aid ate of written notice of of Settlement by both parties. Employees who have terminated their employ- ment since October shall be given mail within days from the date of notice o of the Memorandum of Settlement dress last known by the Hospital, an both at their ad- shall have days from the date of such notice within which to claim retroactive payment. Retroactive pay will be paid on a separate cheque where the existing payroll system allows. Where the system does not allow for such separate cheque, the will supply the employee with a detailed explanation of the retroactive pay of the within one will effort y period from the date of of of Settlement of both Notice of Termination: Every em shall earnings for failure to such notice of termination an to the provisions of Employment Standards Corporation shall give one week’s of termination of em- ployment or shall week’s wages in lieu of notice, in cases of dismissal or cause or of termination during period. The Corporation may compulsorily retire an employee accordance with the Ontario Association Pension Plan and no grievance may be lodged in connection therewith. The Corporation will continue to establish and maintain conditions of em established herein w superior to . and to salaries in excess of the minimum herein I possible. A job classification will not be changed for the evading payment of the minimum rates hereinafterset out.
OF WAGES. Recognition ............................................................ Room ....................................................... Work........................................................
OF WAGES. For the purpose of computing wages, the pay period shall end on Sunday Payments of wages be by direct deposit. Wages will be depositedinto the employees' bank no later than am. every Thursday. Pay cheques or pay stubs will be put sealed envelopes. When Friday is a paid holiday or banking holiday, wages shall be paid that on the Wednesday preceding the Friday during working hours. In a error in an employee's wage occurs, be paid to the employee within twenty-four (24) hours. Such corrections shall be made within the limit when amount exceeds Thirty Five Dollars otherwise corrections are to be made up on the following pay. The Company will institute the system for no later than September HEALTH AND The Company and the Union committee to maintain highest standards of safety, sanitation and working conditions in the The Company has the responsibility of providing cleaning and proper tool racks, approved protective wearing apparel and equipment necessary to properly protect employees from any whatsoever. This be a responsibility of the Company and any practices already established shall not be A Safety Committee composed of three (3) representatives of the number of representatives elected by the Union shall meet on a monthly basis and adopt rules and regulations deemed necessary to promote safety. All members of this Committee. shall act Safety Inspectors to such and regulations are enforced and unsafe and conditions their attention, the same at the next monthly Committee, except in of when the Committee will meet as soon possible. One of the elected members by the designated Safety and on steady day Union Chairman shall be allowed two
OF WAGES. All employees shall be paid every second Friday using a direct bank deposit system. An employee that voluntarily terminates employment shall be paid all accrued wages on or before the end of the next regular pay period. An employee that is terminated by the Company shall be paid on or before the second regular business day following the date of the employee’s termination. ARTICLE
OF WAGES. For all purposes of pay computation the work week shall be considered as starting with the first shift beginningon Sunday and endingat the close of the last shift starting on the following Saturday. On any regularlyscheduled shift which extends past midnight, the entire shift shall be considered as being within the work day and the work week in which the shift began, except for the third shift commencing Sunday evening. With respect to any shift which begins on a day on which Sunday or holiday ratesare applicable, all hours of such shift shall be paid for at the applicableSunday or holiday rate. Pay day shall be on Thursday of each week and paychequesshall bedeliveredor madeavailabletothe employees during the regular working hours at their respective places of work after a.m. When pay day falls on a recognized holiday the employees shall receive their pay cheques the day before whenever practical. There shall be no deductions of wages from an employee's pay cheques except as required by applicable laws or authorized in writing by individual employees.
OF WAGES. The Corporation shall pay salaries and wages on every second Thursday. in accordance with the rates set forth and forming part of this Agreement. In the event that payroll cheques are not available on a Thursday due to circumstances beyond the Corporation's control, payment shall be made no later than Friday of the same week. Pay cheques shall be distributed to employees in a sealed envelope. When an employee is temporarily assigned to relieve in or perform the duties of a higher paying position at a flat rate, of pay. he shall receive the rate for the job. If the period of relief has a duration of four (4) hours or more, the employee shall receive the higher rate for the regularly scheduled shift. When an hourly rated or salaried employee is assigned to, or is directed to relieve in excess of one (1) hour in any one (1) day on a job within the bargaining unit for which a salary range has been established, he shall receive the next immediate rate in the salary range which is greater than his regular rate, or his regular rate whichever is the greater for the period of the relief.
OF WAGES. The Employer shall pay salaries and wages in accordance with Schedule attachedhereto and forming part of thisAgreement. When an employee is temporarily assigned to a position paying a lower rate, her rate shall not be reduced. When she is temporarily assigned to a higher rated job, she shall be paid the higher rate of pay for all hours so worked, provided such assignmentis for a full shift. premium of thirty cents per hour shall apply to all shifts in which the majority of hours are worked between and a.m. Vacation pay will be paid on a separatecheque.
OF WAGES. The Corporation agrees that wages shall be paid every second Thursday, except when interfered with by the occurrence of a paid holiday in which case the regular payday may be by one (1) day. Employees will be paid on a basis by direct payroll deposit.
OF WAGES. All time books are to be closed weekly and pay day shall be on Thursday by noon, following the weekly closings. Record of Employment forms, requested, must be given within hours of layoff or discharge, or by pay day. In case of layoff, all Labourers will receive one hour's notice in advance. If the Employer fails to give the employee one hour's notice in advance of layoff, then the employee shall be paid an additional hour. Accompanying each of wages shall be a separate statement, identifying both the Employer and the employee, showing: