Designated Representative Sample Clauses

Designated Representative. A. Contractor designates as contract agent with primary responsibility for the performance of this contract. In case this contract agent is replaced by another for any reason, the Contractor will designate another contract agent within seven (7) calendar days of the time the first terminates his or her employment or responsibility using the procedure set for in Section O, Notices.
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Designated Representative. Except as provided in Section 2.4 of this Agreement, in the event that a Member is unable to make decisions, Company or Company Contractors will attempt to contact the Member’s Designated Representative for the purposes of making decisions on behalf of Member in regards to any items or services set forth in this Agreement. The Designated Representative is the person or persons identified to Company by the Member during enrollment or after as the primary person who will be making decisions on behalf of the Member in the event the Member becomes incapacitated.
Designated Representative. The Owner’s Representative for this Project, who shall have the power to act on behalf of the Owner for all purposes under this Agreement except with respect to authorization of Additional Services, is designated in Exhibit B.
Designated Representative. The Union shall designate a representative who will serve as the single point of contact for NEO-related matters. The Union shall update the County of any changes to the designated representative.
Designated Representative. The Employer shall designate a representative for the Grievance Procedure and advise the Union of the name and title of the Designated Representative.
Designated Representative. The OCCC representative will be the Event Operations Manager or designee. After contract award, questions regarding this scope of services shall be directed to him/her. Contract related questions shall be referred to the applicable Administrative Supervisor or Contract Management Administrator. This shall be a performance based contract. The lack of inspections by the OCCC or any error or omission in this scope of services shall not relieve the Contractor of its obligation to perform services in accordance with generally accepted industry standards.
Designated Representative. Associate Member shall appoint a Designated Representative to serve as the primary contact with Ed Tech JPA. The Designated Representative should be a member of the District's technology or business services department, or person with equivalent duties and background in education technology procurement. Associate Member will be provided a single sign-on to access to Ed Tech JPA product information. The Designated Representative will be the custodian of Associate Member's credentials and is responsible for account security. The Designated Representative shall be authorized by the District's governing board, if required, to conduct due diligence in product selection, and develop an Implementation Plan with Vendors. The Designated Representative shall obtain authority from the District's governing board, if required, to negotiate and execute Purchase Agreements with Vendors. Purchase Agreements shall only be made for the direct use of Associate Member and not on behalf of any third party.
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Designated Representative. County’s Community Services Director is the designated representative of County and will administer this Agreement for and on behalf of County. Each of Cities’ Chief Librarians is the designated representative for their respective City. County, as well as each City, will notify each party when there has been a change of the designated representative.
Designated Representative. 11.1. In the event that a Traveler is incapacitated and unable to make decisions, Redpoint will attempt to contact the Member’s Designated Representative for the purposes of making decisions on behalf of a Member with regards to the services provided in this Agreement.
Designated Representative. The initial designated representative for OCII for this Contract is , OCII representative’s phone number is The initial Contractor designated representative for this Contract is , the Contractor’s designated representative’s phone number is .
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