Farming Sample Clauses

Farming. Optionor or its designee may plant all areas of the property for farming purposes at any time after the date hereof. If Optionee exercises these Options and the transaction proceeds to closing, Optionor or its designee shall be entitled to continue farming those portions of the property real estate in the crop year in which the exercise is made for those acres of property not needed by Optionee for its activities, anywhere on the property. Optionee will reimburse Optionor or its designee for all crops planted that are subsequently destroyed beyond harvestibility by such activities of Optionee or its agents. Reimbursement from Optionee to Optionor shall be at a rate of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) per acre so destroyed.
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Farming. The actual farmable acreage of the Property is approximately 285 acres. The right granted herein is limited to the right to conduct supplemental planting of intermediate wheat grass or harvesting operations of wheat grass & or alfalfa only, without irrigation of any kind. No fertilizer or weed control or other amendments may be applied to the acreage without express written permission of the City. No water whatsoever may be diverted to or used directly or indirectly on any of the above-mentioned properties. No grazing will be allowed on the site at any time. All crops shall be removed from the Property on or before November 1st of each year. The Public Works Director may, for good cause, grant an extension of time for removal.
Farming. The Licensee must use the Licensed Area in a proper and husband-like manner at the Licensee’s cost and must not impoverish or waste the soil of the Licensed Area, and in particular must:
Farming. Each unit owner must engage in agricultural activity, as provided by law and as defined herein, as a condition precedent to the ability to build or occupy a "Farm Dwelling", as further set forth in the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance ("CZO") of the County of Kauai. A unit owner may farm his/her own area and/or plant orchards and/or engage in any other farming activity not prohibited herein and as allowed by the CZO. Unit owners shall use materials and/or equipment that are maintained and kept in good working order and repair and will not allow any unused, inoperable and/or junk material and/or vehicles to be stored and kept in the area or in or on common elements or easements. Additionally, with the exception of reasonable seasonal harvesting activities and preparation of ground for crops, no unit owner shall create such levels of noise or dust that the peaceable use of other units is materially affected. The written complaint of two or more unit owners shall be prima facie evidence of the existence of conditions that violate this paragraph. If only one party is affected, arbitration and other means may be used. The party in violation will reimburse the prevailing party.
Farming. Seed Grower shall at his expense, plant potato seed stock that meets the Idaho Crop Improvement Association standard for the classification of seed potatoes herein sold.
Farming. Aims The platform application of Farming@Sea aims to develop sustainable aquaculture process chains for several aquaculture activities, including the culturing of microalgae, seaweeds, mussels, fish and integrated systems (IMTA). A floating island may be used exclusively for aquaculture purposes, or may aquaculture may be integrated with other applications, including transport and logistics, living at sea, and the use as an energy hub. Products will be considered that will be brought to the (“global”) market. Additionally, products may be supplied to the local community of the floating island, assuming it will be inhabited. Production process Several steps in the production process can be distinguished, including:  Installation of culture systems  Stocking / inoculate culture systems with organisms  Feeding and maintenance activities  Harvesting  (Pre-)processing  Storage  Transporting  Producing end-products  Bring to the market Cargo & Cargo Streams Specific for Farming@Sea For each process step as described above, human capacity, infrastructure, goods, technology and finances are required. This implies that several cargo and cargo streams can be identified for each process step and its requirements. Several options for aquaculture are possible to apply at floating islands, and most promising business cases yet need to be selected for further elaboration. Therefore, no information on cargo and cargo streams can be quantified yet, but can, however, be qualitatively described. Several configurations of aquaculture systems are possible:
Farming. If the lender intends to raise interest on the amount owed during the term of this loan, the box "Bear Interest" must be checked in Section III. In addition, the applicable interest rate must be specified in percent in the field provided. The frequency with which this sentence is used must be discussed in the remaining section(8) Interest period. If the interest rate defined above will be provided "Annually" or once a year, then the first box next to the "Bear Interest" statement should be checked. However, if interest will be calculated once a month (“Monthly”), check the second box. If none of these options apply, select the "Other" checkbox and specify how often the interest rate will be applied to the outstanding amount. (9) No interest. Check the "No Interest" box in Section 3 if the Lender does not intend to charge any additional money in the form of naturally accrued interest on this loan. IV. Deadline (10) Date of repayment of the loan. As already mentioned, loans are often time dependent. Therefore, in addition to the effective date, these documents must indicate a predetermined end date for the disbursement of the loan amount by the Borrower. This will be the last date for the full repayment of the loan amount and any interest due. Section IV requires an exact date for the final repayment of the loan. Enter this date in the appropriate fields as the date on which the borrower and lender intend to repay the loan in full and any additional interest will be paid by the borrower and received by the lender. V. Payments Select item 11 OR Select item 12 OR Select item 13 OR Select and complete item 14 (11) Weekly payments. Of course, the Lender will require you to receive payments made by the Borrower on a regular basis. The repayment frequency of the loan to be received by the Lender shall be determined by selecting one of the options available in the Fifth Section. For example, if the Lender wishes payments to the Borrower to be made on a weekly basis, the Weekly Payments checkbox and the day of the week on which each such payment is to be received must be checked. the line preceding the term "Every week". (12)
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Farming. 1. The use of the premises is solely for agricultural purposes.
Farming. All potatoes herein contracted to be sold shall be grown by Seller at his expense, plant potato seed stock that meets the Idaho Crop Improvement Association standard for the classification of seed potatoes herein sold.
Farming. Land-based agricultural production that includes fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy.
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