Fencing Sample Clauses

Fencing. The SPD shall Fence the demarcated boundary of the Demised Premises at the SPD’s own expense in every respect.
Fencing. You will maintain all fences and gates on the Land in good order and condition and in sufficient state of repair to properly contain all Stock at all times and so they are adequate fences within the meaning of the relevant fencing legislation.
Fencing. During the continuance of this Lease Agreement, the Lessee shall erect and put upon the boundaries of the leased premises and roadways constructed or placed by the Lessee on the leased premises a good substantial fence, if reasonably required by the Lessor or the Lessee, and replace all fences which the Lessee may have required removed for its purposes and repair all fences which it may have damaged, and if and when so reasonably required by the Lessor, to provide a proper livestock guard at any point of entry upon the said lands used by it and, upon the use thereof, to close all gates.
Fencing. 11.01(1) The Developer, at its sole cost and expense, and to the satisfaction of the Manager, Urban Development, shall construct a wooden screening fence or a sound attenuation fence, if required, of uniform height and design, within the property line of the double frontage lots within the Development Area, where the said double frontage lots abut a roadway constructed to a major thoroughfare category, or lower standard.
Fencing. A 6-0’ galvanized, 9 gauge, 2” mesh fencing and chain link fence-with gate around perimeter electrical equipment pad locations is included. Special provisions for privacy slats, special hardware, lock sets, small fabric, etc. are not included. 4” bollards are included only in areas subject to vehicle impact. Additional bollards required by utility or other entities are excluded. Labor
Fencing. The Developer shall, at its sole expense, construct fencing in accordance with the approved Plans filed and specifications therefor.
Fencing. The Leased Premises shall be fenced in and any fencing is subject to prior written approval by the Village of Grafton Planning and Development Department. The fencing shall be entirely enclosed, and shall not allow customer access from the plaza. The fence shall be removable for purposes of granting emergency access and upon termination of the lease and shall not be adhered to the surface of the Plaza.
Fencing. 1. The Utility shall install fencing around the Project at the height of eight (8) feet or a height mandated by the PSCW to mitigate changes to the aesthetics of agricultural landscape and to prevent larger animals from gaining access to the Project. The Utility shall obtain a fence permit from the Town of Ixonia that, to the extent legally possible, shall incorporate the requirements of §6-60 of the Town Code. In the event of a conflict between a height of eight (8) feet or a height mandated by the PSCW, the height mandated by the PSCW shall control.
Fencing. 15.1 The Developer shall, at its sole cost and expense, as part of the development of the Development Area, construct fences of the type hereinafter referred to where required by the Municipality, including along public utility lots and walkways. The Engineering Drawings shall include a description of the location of fences, and the design and construction.
Fencing. PERMITTEE shall be allowed to use any fencing that the CITY has in its possession that is not in use by the CITY. PERMITTEE must schedule a survey to identify the location of buried utilities scheduled through MISS DIG – call 0- 000-000-0000 or 811 prior the event. X