The Effective Date Sample Clauses

The Effective Date. The Merger shall become effective on the date and at the time (the “Effective Date”) that:
The Effective Date. (a) Subject to the satisfaction and/or waiver of the conditions herein described, the Merger shall become effective as at the close of business on the date specified in the certificate of merger ("Certificate of Merger") to be filed in the manner required by the FGCL and NRS, or, if none, on the date of filing (the "Effective Date"). Upon the receipt by SkyWay of consents from the holders of more than 50% of the outstanding shares of the SkyWay Common Stock, SkyWay and Acquisition Corp. shall cause to be filed the Certificate of Merger in the manner required by the FGCL and NRS. Such filing shall be made on, or as soon as practicable after, the Closing Date; and the parties hereto shall thereafter execute, acknowledge, deliver and/or record such other and further instruments, documents or certificates and/or take and perform such other and further actions as may be required to effect and/or implement the Merger.
The Effective Date. HEDGE COUNTERPARTIES named in Schedule 10 (Effective Date Hedge Counterparties) (the “Effective Date Hedge Counterparties”);
The Effective Date. The effective date of the purchase and sale, for all purposes, shall be the 1st day of January, 2000, at 12:01 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time plus ten, local time, Brisbane, Australia ("Effective Date").
The Effective Date. This Separation Agreement will become effective and enforceable seven (7) days after your execution hereof (the "Effective Date"). At any time prior to the Effective Date, you may revoke your acceptance of this Separation Agreement by delivering written notice thereof to the Company. You further agree to execute and deliver to the Company the Reaffirmation of this Separation Agreement, attached hereto as Exhibit "A", within seven (7) days of the execution and delivery of this Separation Agreement.
The Effective Date. Commencement: The rights and obligations of each of the Parties under this Agreement shall commence on the Effective Date.
The Effective Date. (a) Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, articles of merger ("ARTICLES OF MERGER") in such form as is required by the TBCA shall be duly prepared, executed, and acknowledged by Excalibur and Acquisition Corp. and thereafter delivered to the Secretary of State of the State of Texas for filing, as provided in the TBCA, as early as practicable on the Closing Date (as defined in Section 6(b)). The Merger shall become effective as at the close of business on the date specified in the Articles of Merger or, if none, on the date of filing (the "EFFECTIVE DATE").
The Effective Date. The Effective Date of warranty coverage (or the beginning of the Applicable Warranty Periods) is the date of installation of the water heater, if properly documented. If you are not able to provide the documentary proof of the date of original installation, the Effective Date will be the date of manufacture of the water heater plus 90 days. APPLICABLE WARRANTY PERIODS Category Application MR, CMR, MTS & CMTS Series MHD Series Tank Parts Tank Parts Single family dwellingOwned by the original purchaser with proof of purchase LIFETIME 6 years LIFETIME 6 years • The original purchaser does not have proof of purchase; or • Home is not owned by the original purchaser 15 Years 15 Years • Installed in the Caribbean Islands (except Cuba) In accor- dance with applicable US law, this product must not be sold or re-sold into Cuba or to the Cuban government or Cuban nationals. This limited warranty is void with respect to any products installed in Cuba or otherwise sold in violation of US law. 10 years 5 Years 10 years 5 Years • The unit is part of a rental program; or • The unit is moved from its original installation location Commercial • A residential rental property; or • Installed in a commercial building 5 Years 3 Years 5 Years 3 Years • Any agricultural application (i.e. dairy barn) • Any application where the water is used as a part of an industrial or commercial process 1 Year 1 Year HOW TO MAKE A CLAIM Any claim for warranty assistance must be made promptly. First, determine if your water heater is “in-warranty” (that is, within the Applicable Warranty Period). You can determine your unit’s warranty status by obtaining the complete model number, the complete serial number, and the date of installation of your water heater by contacting Rheem Sales Co. Inc. Water Heaters’ Warranty Department (telephone (000) 000-0000) during normal business hours to determine if the Applicable Warranty Period has expired. If your water heater is “in-warranty”, contact the plumber, or mechanical contractor, that installed it for assistance with the warranty repairs, or replacement, required. You may also select a plumber, or mechanical contractor, from your local Yellow Pages to assist you. Rheem Sales Co. Inc. Technical Service personnel are available to assist you by telephone (000) 000-0000 to answer your questions about the operation or repair of your water heater during normal business hours. Be prepared to provide the plumber, mechanical contractor, or Rheem Sales Co. ...
The Effective Date. This Fourth Supplemental Indenture ------------------ shall become a legally effective and binding instrument upon the execution and delivery hereof by all parties hereto.
The Effective Date. It is further expressly agrexx xx xxx Xxxxies that this Agreement shall become effective and enforceable on the expiration of the Revocation Period on the seventh day after it is executed (the "Effective Date"), provided that Johnston has not revoked this Agreement in accordance with paragraph 0(x).