Use of the Premises Sample Clauses

Use of the Premises. Sublessee, along with its successors or assigns, shall be limited in use of the Premises to that use specified in the Master Lease. Sublessee shall not conduct any activity or perform any act prohibited by the laws of the United States of America or the state in which the building and property are located or the ordinances of the city or county in which the Premises is situated and shall not commit waste nor suffer waste to be committed, nor permit any nuisance on or in the Premises. Sublessee shall not utilize any unethical method of business operation, nor shall any space in the Premises be used for living quarters, whether temporary or permanent. Sublessee shall not do anything, or permit anything to be done, in or about the Premises, or bring or keep anything therein, that will in any way increase the possibility of fire or other casualty or do anything in conflict with the pertinent laws, rules or regulations of any governmental authority. Sublessee shall not use or keep in, on or about the Premises or the property upon which the Premises may be situated, any hazardous, flammable or explosive fluid or substance or any illuminating material, unless it is battery powered or UL approved. Sublessee shall at all times maintain an adequate number of suitable fire extinguishers on the Premises for use in case of local fires, including electrical or chemical fires.
Use of the Premises. 9.1. RPTA shall use the Premises solely for the purpose of carrying out bus operations set forth in the RPTA/City of Tempe Fixed Route Bus Operations and Maintenance Service Unification, Contract Number 1210018-S. RPTA shall not use the Premises for any use other than that specified in this section without the prior written consent of Tempe. RPTA agrees to preserve the Premises and to conduct the Tenant Activities in a manner that meets all federal, state and local statutes, codes, ordinances rules and regulations applicable to the Tenant Activities and EVBOM (“applicable laws”) relating to the Premises and to the operations contemplated in the Tenant Activities and to comply with all applicable laws now or hereafter enacted concerning the Premises, the use of the Premises and the Tenant Activities. The execution of this Agreement is subject to RPTA obtaining any and all permits or approvals which may be required in order for RPTA to operate the Tenant Activities on the Premises. RPTA shall not use or permit the Premises to be used in whole or in part during the Term of this Agreement for any purpose or use in violation of the laws or ordinances applicable thereto. RPTA shall indemnify, defend and hold Tempe harmless against any loss, expense, damage, attorneysfees or liability arising out of failure of RPTA to comply with the applicable laws. RPTA shall not commit or suffer to be committed, any waste upon the Premises, or allow any sale by auction upon the Premises, or allow the Premises to be used for any unlawful purpose, or place any loads upon the floor, walls or ceiling which endanger the structure, or place any harmful liquids in the plumbing, sewer or storm water drainage system of the Premises. No waste materials or refuse shall be dumped upon or permitted to remain upon any part of the Premises except in trash containers designated for that purpose. Any uses which involve the serving and or sale of alcoholic beverages and the conducting of games of chance are prohibited on the Premises. RPTA shall comply with Tempe’s policy and state law prohibiting the use of tobacco products on the Premises at all times. RPTA shall comply with Tempe’s policy and state law prohibiting weapons and firearms on the Premises. RPTA agrees to immediately respond to concerns expressed by neighbors or Tempe relating to the Tenant Activities on the Premises.
Use of the Premises. Tenant shall use the Premises for residential purposes. Tenant shall have exclusive use and right of possession to the dwelling. The Premises shall be used so as to comply with all state, county, municipal laws and ordinances, and all covenants and restrictions affecting the Premises and all rules and regulations of homeownersassociations affecting the Premises. Tenant may not paint or make any alterations or improvements to the Premises without first obtaining the Landlord’s written consent to the alteration or improvement. However, unless this box is checked, Tenant may hang pictures and install window treatments in the Premises without Landlord’s consent, provided Tenant removes all such items before the end of the Lease Term and repairs all damage resulting from the removal. Any improvements or alterations to the Premises made by the Tenant shall become Landlord’s property. Tenant agrees not to use, keep, or store on the Premises any dangerous, explosive, toxic material which would increase the probability of fire or which would increase the cost of insuring the Premises.
Use of the Premises. The Tenant (a) shall occupy and use the Premises during the term for the purposes specified in Paragraph 3, above, and none other; (b) may not make or permit any use of the Premises which, directly or indirectly, is forbidden by public law, ordinance, or government regulations or which may be dangerous to life, limb, or property, or which may invalidate or increase the premium cost of any policy of insurance carried on the building or covering its operations; (c) may not obstruct or use for storage or for any purpose other than ingress and egress the sidewalks, entrances, courts, corridors, vestibules, halls, elevators, and stairways of the Building; (d) may not make or permit any noise or odor that is objectionable to other occupants of the Building to emanate from the Premises, may not create or maintain a nuisance thereon, may not disturb, solicit, or canvass any occupant of the building, and may not do any act tending to interfere with the quiet enjoyment of their leased space in the Building by other Tenants, or to injure the reputation of the Building; (e) may install an antennae or satellite dish on the roof at Tenant's sole expense, provided that such antennae or satellite dish is for Tenant's use only, and provided further that Landlord shall have the right to approve in advance of installation by Tenant the size, weight, location and method of installation of Tenant's antennae, satellite dish or other equipment, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld; (f) may not place, or permit to be placed, any article of any kind on the window ledges or on the exterior walls and may not throw, or permit to be thrown or dropped, any article from any window of the Building; (g) may not attach additional locks or similar devices to any door or window and, upon the termination of this Lease or of the Tenant's possession, shall surrender all keys to the Premises and shall explain to the Landlord all combination locks on safes, cabinets, and vaults; (h) shall be responsible for locking the doors and closing the transoms and windows in and to the Premises; (i) may not install any blinds, shades, awnings, or other form of inside or outside window covering or window ventilators or similar devices without the prior written consent of the Landlord (which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld with respect to interior items, but such consent being in Landlord's sole and exclusive discretion as to exterior items); (j) may not overload any floor, shall route...
Use of the Premises. Licensee agrees to use said Premises for the limited purpose of conducting its commercial services and other related activities and for no other purpose without the prior written consent of Licensor.
Use of the Premises. University hereby grants to Renter permission to use the Premises for uses in connection with the Event, during the dates and times specified above. In using the Premises, Renter shall abide by all of the conditions of this Agreement, the conditions set forth in Exhibit B attached hereto and Addendum 1, “Building Use Regulations”. Renter shall not make any alterations or improvements to the Premises, or install any signs, floor coverings or fixtures, without University’s written approval. University shall have the right to enter the Premises at all times to inspect and confirm Renter’s compliance with the terms of this Agreement. All other portions of the Building, other than the Premises, will remain under University’s control and may be used for any and all purposes, as University may deem appropriate.
Use of the Premises. Tenant shall use the Premises only for a family entertainment and amusement center and uses consistent therewith and no other uses without the prior written consent of Landlord which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. Tenant has satisfied itself, and represents to Landlord, that such use is lawful and conforms to all applicable zoning and other use restrictions and regulations applicable to the Premises. Tenant shall, at Tenant’s expense, comply promptly with all applicable statutes, ordinances, rules, regulations, orders, covenants and restrictions of record, and requirements in effect during the term or any part of the term hereof, regulating the use by Tenant of the Premises, including, without limitation, the obligation at Tenant’s cost, to alter, maintain, or restore the Premises in compliance and conformity with all laws relating to the condition, use, or occupancy of the Premises during the term (including any and all requirements as set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act) and regardless of (i) whether such laws require structural or non-structural improvements, (ii) whether the improvements were foreseen or unforeseen, and (iii) the period of time remaining in the term. Tenant shall not perform any acts or carry on any practices which may injure the Premises.
Use of the Premises. Lessee shall use the premises solely for the use of providing services related to hair cutting, coloring, or any other services offered in the location of the Premises. Lessee shall not use the premises nor permit the premises to be used, in any manner that violates any law, statute, ordinance or regulation now or hereafter in force and applicable to the premises. Lessee and Lessee’s guests, customers, invitees, and agents shall at all times comply with all property rules and regulations of Lessor in existence.
Use of the Premises. The TENANT may use the PREMISES only as a single family residence.
Use of the Premises. 9.1 Legal Use and violations of Insurance Coverage. Tenant shall use the Premises in a careful, safe and proper manner and shall not occupy or use, or permit any portion of the Premises to be occupied or used, for any business or purpose which is unlawful or deemed to be disreputable in any manner, nor shall Tenant permit anything to be done which will in any way increase the risk of fire, any hazard, loss of rent, casualty or other loss of value to the Project, and/or its contents, and in the event that, by reason and acts of Tenant, there shall be any increase in the rate of any insurance policy on the Project or its contents, created by Tenant's acts or conduct of business, then Tenant hereby agrees, upon documentation of such increase by Landlord, to pay such increases as Additional Rent.