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TERM OF THIS. ALLIANCE Part D of this Agreement details how long we expect to work together for and, if or when necessary, how we will wind up our Alliance.
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TERM OF THIS. AGREEMENT This Agreement shall remain in force and effect as long as PTSC continues to exist, unless earlier terminated as provided for in this Agreement. ARTICLE 14.
TERM OF THIS. AGREEMENT (1) This Agreement will become effective on the date set out in ANNEX 2, under the heading "Effective Date". (2) This Agreement has a term until December 31st, 2021. DISTRIBUTOR or its Authorized Resellers will not have any claims of compensation against smart gmbh as a result of the expiration of the Distributor Agreement on this date. (3) A termination of production of Vehicles for the USA before end of 2011 (at sole discretion of smart gmbh) or smart gmbh's decision to not pursue this business intention before end of 2011 or smart gmbh's decision to not develop a successor model for the USA of Vehicles or to not commercialize this successor model in the USA shall constitute a good cause for termination of the business relationship (except for the continued supply of spare parts and accessories as required by Applicable Law and this Agreement) and respectively this Agreement, upon proper notice six months prior to the termination of production of Vehicles for the USA or upon notice in writing from smart gmbh to DISTRIBUTOR by December 31st, 2012 effective December 31st 2014 if the decision is not to develop a successor model for the USA of Vehicles or not commercialize this successor model in the USA. In case smart gmbh decides to not pursue this business intention before the retail sales activities have been started by DISTRIBUTOR (i.e. first Authorized Reseller has opened and is selling Page 27 of 86 <PAGE> Vehicles) or in case of a termination of production of Vehicles for the USA after start of retail activities but before end of 2011, smart gmbh shall pay the following to DISTRIBUTOR or UAG, as applicable: (i) no compensation but only refund of the not yet depreciated investment of DISTRIBUTOR, originally amounting to no more than * US$ based upon current envisioned strategy and (ii) cancellation/termination costs incurred by UAG or DISTRIBUTOR, including payments of damages owed under Applicable Law to terminated Authorized Resellers of DISTRIBUTORS, in any and all cases * according to Clause 5.1 (1), 2nd paragraph, if not been depreciated yet and under the condition that the number of Authorized Resellers has been agreed by the Parties before execution of the investments. It is estimated that a maximum of 70 Authorized Resellers will be appointed by 2010. DISTRIBUTOR is obliged to provide evidence of its and Authorized Reseller's investments, depreciation and profits already generated and costs being incurred. Before the DISTRIBUTOR make...
TERM OF THIS. AGREEMENT This agreement shall be binding upon the parties hereof, their heirs, successors and/or assigns, and shall remain in full force and effect for as long as activities and operations are being conducted on any well completed for production hereunder, unless this agreement is otherwise terminated by written agreement of the parties hereto.
TERM OF THIS. CONTRACT The period of performance of this Contract is a maximum of 21 months from the effective date of this Contract, unless renewed in writing by the parties. The period of performance of individual task orders will be as identified in the Task Orders. Delivery schedules on individual tasks will be set forth in the applicable Task Order.
TERM OF THIS. AGREEMENT This Agreement shall be effective upon being executed and stamped by both Parties on September 22, 1995. This Agreement shall continue in effect until termination of the General Interconnection Agreement (at which time this Agreement shall also terminate). ARTICLE FOURTEEN DOCUMENT There shall be six originals of this Agreement. Party A shall keep two and Party B shall keep four originals. There shall be copies of this Agreement submitted to and filed with the relevant authorities of the Government.
TERM OF THIS. Agreement This Agreement shall come into force upon signing, and shall continue and remain valid for thirty (30) years (“Term”) unless otherwise extended or terminated in accordance with this Agreement. The Parties may amend this Agreement after the execution of this Agreement to satisfy the requirements of relevant PRC law.
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TERM OF THIS. This Agreement shall be for a term commencing April and ending on December and thereafter from year to year unless either party gives notice, in to the other not less than thirty (30)and not more than ninety (90) days prior to the expiration date hereof of the party's intentionto terminate or negotiate revisions to this Agreement.

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  • Initial Term The initial term will begin on the date set forth in the Contract documents or on the date the Contract is signed by all Parties, whichever is later.

  • Term of Engagement This Agreement will remain in effect for 12 months from the date of this Agreement. The parties hereto may terminate or extend this Agreement at any time by written consent.

  • Term of this Agreement The term of this Agreement shall continue in effect, unless earlier terminated by either party hereto as provided hereunder, for a period of two years. Thereafter, unless otherwise terminated as provided herein, this Agreement shall be renewed automatically for successive one-year periods. This Agreement may be terminated without penalty: (i) by provision of sixty (60) days' written notice; (ii) by mutual agreement of the parties; or (iii) for "cause" (as defined herein) upon the provision of thirty (30) days' advance written notice by the party alleging cause.

  • Expiration of the Term This Agreement shall terminate automatically at the expiration of the Period of Employment unless the parties enter into a written agreement extending Employee's employment, except for the continuing obligations of the parties as specified hereunder.

  • The term Deferred Sales Charge Payment Date" shall mean June 10, 2017 and the tenth day of each month thereafter through October 10, 2017.

  • Commencement of Term The Term commences upon the Commercial Operation Date.

  • Term of the Lease The lease begins at p.m. on (the “Check-in Date”) and ends at a.m. on (the “Checkout Date”).

  • Fixed Term This Agreement is concluded for a fixed term specified in the ‘Contract Term’ section of the Order Form. Neither Party can terminate this Agreement for convenience, however any rights of termination for cause remain unaffected.

  • Extended Term Tenant shall have the option to extend the Term for two (2) consecutive five (5) year periods (the "FIRST EXTENDED TERM" and "SECOND EXTENDED TERM", respectively) on all the terms and conditions contained in this Lease including, without limitation, continuation of the adjustment of the Base Rent on an annual basis as provided in Section 3.3 below (provided only that upon commencement of the First Extended Term the only remaining option to extend the Term shall be the Second Extended Term and upon exercise of the option with respect to the Second Extended Term, no further right to extend the Term shall exist). Tenant shall deliver, if at all, written notice of its exercise of the option ("OPTION NOTICE") to Landlord at least six (6) months but not more than one (1) year before the expiration of the Term or First Extended Term, as the case may be. In the event Tenant fails to deliver the applicable Option Notice within the time allowed, Landlord shall deliver written notice to Tenant of Tenant's failure to deliver the Option Notice, and Tenant shall then have thirty (30) days from receipt of such notice within which to deliver the Option Notice, if at all, to Landlord. In the event (and only in the event) that, Tenant fails to deliver an Option Notice to Landlord within such thirty (30) days, Tenant shall be considered to have elected not to extend the Term of this Lease and thereafter, Tenant shall have no further right to extend the Term of this Lease. References in this Lease to the "Term" shall include the initial Term of fifteen (15) years and shall, in addition, include the First Extended Term and the Second Extended Term, if applicable.

  • Agreement Term This Agreement commences on the Effective Date and continues until terminated in compliance with this Clause.

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