Real Estate definition

Real Estate means all Leases and all land, together with the buildings, structures, parking areas, and other improvements thereon, now or hereafter owned by any Loan Party, including all easements, rights-of-way, and similar rights relating thereto and all leases, tenancies, and occupancies thereof.
Real Estate has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 3.6.
Real Estate means any real property owned, leased, subleased or otherwise operated or occupied by any Credit Party or any Subsidiary of any Credit Party.

Examples of Real Estate in a sentence

  • Real estate taxes, flood insurance premium if assumed, rents, condominium 88 dues, assessments, and/or other dues owed to homeowners associations and the like for the current year are to 89 be prorated through the date of the Act of Sale.

More Definitions of Real Estate

Real Estate shall have the meaning provided in Section 9.1(f).
Real Estate means any leasehold or other estate or interest in, over, or under land, including structures, fixtures, and other improvements and interests that, by custom, usage, or law, pass with a conveyance of land though not described in the contract of sale or instrument of conveyance. "Real estate" includes parcels with or without horizontal boundaries and spaces that may be filled with air or water.
Real Estate means land, buildings, facilities and improvements owned or leased by any Credit Party.
Real Estate all right, title and interest (whether as owner, lessor or lessee) in any real Property or any buildings, structures, parking areas or other improvements thereon.
Real Estate means all of each Obligor’s and each of its Restricted Subsidiaries’ now or hereafter owned or leased estates in real property, including, without limitation, all fees, leaseholds and future interests, together with all of each Obligor’s and each of its Restricted Subsidiaries’ now or hereafter owned or leased interests in the improvements thereon, the fixtures attached thereto and the easements appurtenant thereto.
Real Estate means the Owned Real Estate and the Leased Real Estate.
Real Estate means land, buildings and improvements owned or leased by the Borrower or any of the Subsidiaries, but excluding all operating fixtures and equipment, whether or not incorporated into improvements.