Condition Precedent Sample Clauses

Condition Precedent. The obligations of the parties to this Agreement are subject to the Receiver and the Corporation having received at or before Bank Closing evidence reasonably satisfactory to each of any necessary approval, waiver, or other action by any governmental authority, the board of directors of the Assuming Institution, or other third party, with respect to this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby, the closing of the Failed Bank and the appointment of the Receiver, the chartering of the Assuming Institution, and any agreements, documents, matters or proceedings contemplated hereby or thereby.
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Condition Precedent. Section 2(a)(iii) will be amended by the deletion of the words "a Potential Event of Default" in respect of obligations of Party A only.
Condition Precedent. This Amendment shall become effective and be deemed effective, as of the date first above written, upon receipt by the Agent of one copy of this Amendment duly executed by each of the parties hereto.
Condition Precedent. This Contract shall be subject to the availability and appropriation of funds and to the approval of the Commissioner of the Department of Property and Procurement.
Condition Precedent. The condition precedent in Section 2(a)(iii)(1) does not apply to a payment and delivery owing by a party if the other party shall have satisfied in full all its payment or delivery obligations under Section 2(a)(i) and shall at the relevant time have no future payment or delivery obligations, whether absolute or contingent, under Section 2(a)(i).
Condition Precedent. This Contract shall be subject to the availability and appropriation of funds and to the approval of the Governor.
Condition Precedent. 3.1 This Agreement is conditional on you being selected to the Team (which will operate as a condition precedent). If you are not selected to the Team, then, pending the outcome of any successful appeal, this Agreement will not come into effect and neither party will have any claim against the other.
Condition Precedent. The effectiveness of this Amendment is expressly conditioned upon receipt by Foothill of an executed copy of this Amendment.
Condition Precedent. The obligations of the Assignor and the Assignee hereunder shall be subject to the fulfillment of the condition that the Assignor shall have (a) received payment in full of the Purchase Price, and (b) complied with the other applicable provisions of Section 11.7 of the Credit Agreement.
Condition Precedent. (a) If, at the Commencement Date, the Access Holder has a credit rating below the Acceptable Credit Rating and the Access Holder has not delivered a Parent Guarantee or Security for an amount of at least three months’ TOP Charges to ARTC, then clauses 3 to 11 do not take effect until this condition precedent is satisfied.