Storage Sample Clauses

Storage. The ordering agency is responsible for storage if the contractor delivers within the time required and the agency cannot accept delivery.
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Storage. Your milk must be stored in accordance with all Laws and the Quality Standards. Your milk will not be collected by DFMC from non-refrigerated vessels. Furthermore, DFMC will not accept your milk if it has been segregated on the basis of composition or quality.
Storage. (i) The Contractor shall store the property identified on an inventory disposal schedule pending receipt of disposal instructions. The Government’s failure to furnish disposal instructions within 120 days following acceptance of an inventory disposal schedule may entitle the Contractor to an equitable adjustment for costs incurred to store such property on or after the 121st day.
Storage. Aggregate shall be stacked in such a way as to prevent the intrusion of any foreign materials such as soil, rubbish, vegetation etc. Heaps of fine and coarse aggregate shall be kept separate. When different sizes of fine and coarse aggregates are procured separately, they shall be stored in separate stock-piles, so that they do not get intermixed. The aggregate shall be stock piled near to the mixer site/B&M plant so as to require minimum re- handling when conveyed to the mixer. The aggregate shall be placed on a dry hard patch of ground if available, otherwise a platform or plain galvanized iron sheets or alter natively a floor of dry bricks shall be prepared, or a floor of thin layer of lean concrete. To minimize moisture variations the stock piles shall be as large in area as possible but left low and fairly uniform in height preferably 1.25 to 1.5 m and the lowest layer of about 30cm height shall be allowed to act as drainage layer and not be used till the end.
Storage. Merchant will store Transaction Receipts and Credit Transaction Receipts in an area limited to selected and authorized personnel, and when record-retention requirements have been met, Merchant will destroy the records so that the same are rendered unreadable.
Storage. Any storage space at any time leased to Tenant hereunder shall be used exclusively for storage. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Lease to the contrary, (i) Landlord shall have no obligation to provide heating, cleaning, water or air conditioning therefor, and (ii) Landlord shall be obligated to provide to such storage space only such electricity as will, in Landlord’s judgment, be adequate to light said space as storage space.
Storage. Subject to the uses permitted and prohibited to Tenant under this Lease, Tenant shall store in appropriate leak proof containers all solid, liquid or gaseous matter, or any combination thereof, which matter, if discharged or emitted into the atmosphere, the ground or any body of water, does or may (a) pollute or contaminate the same, or (b) adversely affect the (i) health or safety of persons, whether on the Premises or anywhere else, (ii) condition, use or enjoyment of the Premises or any real or personal property, whether on the Premises or anywhere else, or (iii)
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Storage. For Axon Unlimited Device Storage subscriptions, Agency may store unlimited data in Agency's Axon Evidence account only if data originates from Axon Capture or the applicable Axon Device. Axon may charge Agency additional fees for exceeding purchased storage amounts. Axon may place Agency Content that Agency has not viewed or accessed for 6 months into archival storage. Agency Content in archival storage will not have immediate availability and may take up to 24 hours to access.
Storage. Specify whether or not the rental property includes storage space. If yes, describe the storage space. 5.
Storage. Personal items, including furniture, bicycles, clotheslines and suitcases must not be stored (temporarily or permanently) in Common Areas or the balcony of the Room. This does not include outdoor furniture.
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