At sea definition

At sea means the period away from home port.
At sea means the time from departure to arrival.
At sea means when you are performing field work and required to be at sea overnight for official purposes, whether performing duty or not.

Examples of At sea in a sentence

  • At sea and land border crossing points, Member States may separate vehicle traffic into different lanes for light and heavy vehicles and buses by using signs as shown in Part C of Annex III.

  • At sea levelVSWR: The VSWR in application varies decisively according to PCB layout Mechanical Properties:PropertiesValuePackaging Properties:Properties PropertiesTest conditions Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG EMC & Inductive Solutions Max-Eyth-Str.

  • At sea, the reserve transmitter, if not used for communications, shall be tested daily using a suitable artificial antenna, and at least once during each voyage using the reserve antenna if installed.

  • At sea transfer of fuel, crew, gear or any other supplies in the SPRFMO Convention Area shall only be undertaken between fishing vessels included in the SPRFMO record of vessels.

  • At sea levelElectrical properties may differ according to use of cable type and perform of assembly by user.

  • At sea, the finder of the package or bag, the witnessing officer, the master and/or the ship security officer, or the head of department, should sign the report, showing the date and time.

  • The review aims to present a synthesis of the difficulties that students demonstrate in the learning of calculus.

  • At sea borders the average times are quite similar than at land borders.In summary, the operational and practical context presents the following problems:– an already massive travel flow at the EU external border can be expected to further increase,– border checking times is significantly longer for third-country nationals compared to EU citizens, and can be expected to further increase due to the implementation of the VIS.

  • At sea level, the inspired gas mixture should contain approximately0.3 percent carbon monoxide (CO), 10 percent helium (He), 21 percent oxygen (O2), and the balance nitrogen.

  • At sea, used or unwanted product should be stored for eventual discharge into port approved waste oil disposal facilities.

More Definitions of At sea

At sea means the period away from home port
At sea. There is no definition of “At Sea”, so for the UK it is taken as meaning to seaward of Categorised waters as defined in MSN 1837(M).
At sea means in the Tidal Waters or territorial sea of the United Kingdom or in international waters;
At sea means being outside the harbour limits of a port, on location or the time between entering and leaving a port on the same day.
At sea means a Vessel operating in a body of water that is not within United States jurisdiction and or contiguous to jurisdictional areas bound by the borders of the United States its territories and its territorial waters.

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  • Traineeship Agreement means an agreement made subject to the terms of this Appendix between the Employer and the Trainee for a Traineeship and which is registered with the relevant State or Territory Training Authority, NETTFORCE, or under the provisions of the appropriate State or Territory legislation. A Traineeship Agreement shall be made in accordance with the relevant approved Traineeship Scheme and shall not operate unless this condition is met.

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  • Delivery Term Security means the Performance Assurance that Seller is required to maintain, as specified in Article Eight, to secure performance of its obligations during the Delivery Term.

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  • Universal Digital Loop Carrier (UDLC means the DLC system that has a CO terminal channel bank that is connected to the CO switches on the analog side.

  • Mobile food unit means a vehicle-mounted food service establishment designed to be readily movable.

  • New Shipper means a Shipper that is not a Regular Shipper.