At sea definition

At sea means the period away from home port.
At sea means the time from departure to arrival.
At sea. There is no definition of “At Sea”, so for the UK it is taken as meaning to seaward of Categorised waters as defined in MSN 1837(M).

Examples of At sea in a sentence

  • IMO, SOLAS (Safety of Life At Sea) 3rd Edition, International Maritime Organization, London, UK, 2001.3. Leslie Jackson, Reed‟s General Engineering Knowledge for Marine Engineers Vol.8, 4th Edition, Thomas Reed publication, Great Britain, 1986.4. Gupta, R.S.,”A Hand Book of Fire Technology”, 2nd Ed., University Press, 2011 MV6711 FIRE FIGHTING, CONTROLS AND SIMULATOR LABORATORY L T P C0 0 4 2OBJECTIVES:To impart Practical knowledge of fire fighting , control systems on board .

More Definitions of At sea

At sea means the period away from home port
At sea means being outside the harbour limits of a port, on location or the time between entering and leaving a port on the same day.
At sea means a Vessel operating in a body of water that is not within United States jurisdiction and or contiguous to jurisdictional areas bound by the borders of the United States its territories and its territorial waters.
At sea means in the Tidal Waters or territorial sea of the United Kingdom or in international waters;

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