Production Sample Clauses

Production. Lessee shall, subject to applicable laws, regulations and orders, operate and produce all xxxxx upon the leased land so long as the same are capable of producing in paying quantities, and shall operate the same so as to produce at a rate commensurate with the rate of production of xxxxx on adjoining lands within the same field and within the limits of good engineering practice, except for such times as there exist neither market nor storage therefore, and except for such limitations on, or suspensions of, production as may be approved in writing by Lessor. Lessee shall be responsible for adequate site security on all producing properties.
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Production. Except as provided in this Article 2, all Subscription Receipts shall, save as to denominations, be of like tenor and effect. The Subscription Receipt Certificates may be engraved, printed, lithographed, photocopied or be partially in one form or another, as the Subscription Receipt Agent may determine.
Production. All of the oil, natural gas, condensate, casinghead gas, products or other minerals, attributable or allocable to the Interests or Xxxxx (i) from and after the Effective Time or (ii) which are in storage above the pipeline connection as of the Effective Time, or (iii) with regard to any over-produced or under-produced volumes of Seller attributable to the Assumed Imbalances and Pipeline Imbalances (the “Hydrocarbons”).
Production surveillance includes the surveillance of manufacturers and their suppliers who may be fabricating prototype or pre-production parts for products which are still undergoing type certification. These parts must be produced by the manufacturer, or its approved supplier, with the concurrence of the exporting authority, using an existing approved production quality system for similar type certificated products. The approved production quality system must ensure the prototype or pre-produced parts are properly controlled so that a final determination of airworthiness can be undertaken prior to their use on the type certificated product.
Production. Printing Equipment Production Printers, copiers, digital presses, continuous feed Printers, line Printers, digital duplicators, and wide format Printers.
Production. Following end user training the production system will be fully enabled and made ready for daily operational use as of the scheduled date. Xxxxx and Town of Nolensville will follow the comprehensive action plan laid out during Go-Live Readiness to support go-live activities and minimize risk to the Project during go-live. Following go-live, Xxxxx will work with Town of Nolensville to verify that implementation work is concluded, post go-live activities are scheduled, and the transition to Client Services is complete for long-term operations and maintenance of the Tyler software. Go-Live Following the action plan for Go-Live, defined in the Production Readiness stage, Town of Nolensville and Xxxxx will complete work assigned to prepare for Go-Live. Town of Nolensville provides final data extract and Reports from the Legacy System for data conversion and Xxxxx executes final conversion iteration, if applicable. If defined in the action plan, Town of Nolensville manually enters any data added to the Legacy System after final data extract into the Tyler system. Xxxxx staff collaborates with Town of Nolensville during Go-Live activities. Town of Nolensville transitions to Tyler software for day-to day business processing. Town of Nolensville, Tennessee Tyler Technologies, Inc. Page | 33 Some training topics are better addressed following Go-Live when additional data is available in the system or based on timing of applicable business processes and will be scheduled following Go-Live per the Project Schedule. Objectives:  Execute day to day processing in Tyler software.  Client data available in Production environment. STAGE 5 Go-Live Tyler Client RACI MATRIX KEY: R = Responsible A = Accountable C = Consulted I = Informed Executive Manager Implementation Manager Project Manager Implementation Consultant Data Experts Modification Services Technical Services Client Services Executive Sponsor Steering Committee Project Manager Functional Leads Change Management Leads Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Department Heads End Users Technical Leads Provide final source data extract, if applicable C C A R Final source data pushed into production environment, if applicable A C R I C C C Proof final converted data, if applicable C C C A R C Complete Go-Live activities as defined in the Go-Live action plan C C C A R C I C Provide Go-Live assistance A R C C I C C I C I C Inputs Comprehensive Action Plan for Go-Live Final source data (if applicable) Outputs / Deliverables Accept...
Production and extraction of raw materials for production shall not contribute to the destruction of the resources and income base for marginalized populations, such as in claiming large land areas or other natural resources on which these populations are dependent.
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Production workers will not carry seniority in the trades or classifications listed in one above nor will skilled trades workers exercise seniority into production or non-production groups except where a classification or trade listed in one above is discontinued or eliminated.
Production. Since January 1, 2023, Parent and its Subsidiaries, taken as a whole, have not produced, sold or marketed on average more than 2,000 barrels per day of waxy crude from the counties set forth on Schedule 5.30 of the Parent Disclosure Letter.
Production commercial profits generated by the work of County-funded consumers shall be used to support County funded services as needed.
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