To repay Sample Clauses

To repay. You will repay the total advances at the time and in the manner set out in the Initial Disclosure – and if the lender agrees to make any further advance, you will repay the further advances at the time and in the manner set out in any change disclosure statement.
To repay. (A) Debt of the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary that is secured by the Property subject to such Asset Sale (excluding any Debt owed to the Company or an Af- filiate of the Company) and/or

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  • Promise to Repay Borrower hereby unconditionally promises to pay (i) to the Administrative Agent for the account of each Term Loan Lender, the principal amount of each Term Loan of such Term Loan Lender as provided in Section 2.09, (ii) to the Administrative Agent for the account of each Revolving Lender, the then unpaid principal amount of each Revolving Loan of such Revolving Lender on the Revolving Maturity Date and (iii) to the Swingline Lender, the then unpaid principal amount of each Swingline Loan on the earlier of the Revolving Maturity Date and the first date after such Swingline Loan is made that is the 15th or last day of a calendar month and is at least two Business Days after such Swingline Loan is made; provided that on each date that a Revolving Borrowing is made, Borrower shall repay all Swingline Loans that were outstanding on the date such Borrowing was requested.

  • Right to Require Repurchase In the event that a Change in Control (as hereinafter defined) shall occur, then each Holder shall have the right, at the Holder's option, but subject to the provisions of Section 602, to require the Company to repurchase, and upon the exercise of such right the Company shall repurchase, all of such Holder's Notes not theretofore called for redemption, or any portion of the principal amount thereof that is equal to $1,000 or any integral multiple of $1,000 in excess thereof (provided that no single Note may be repurchased in part unless -------- the portion of the principal amount of such Note to be Outstanding after such repurchase is equal to $1,000 or integral multiples of $1,000 in excess thereof), on the date (the "Repurchase Date") that is 45 days after the date of the Company Notice (as defined in Section 603) at a purchase price equal to 100% of the principal amount of the Notes to be repurchased plus interest accrued to, but excluding, the Repurchase Date (including any unpaid interest that has accrued during the Extension Period) (the "Repurchase Price"); provided, -------- however, that installments of interest on Notes whose Stated Maturity is on or ------- prior to the Repurchase Date shall be payable to the Holders of such Notes, or one or more Predecessor Notes, registered as such on the relevant Record Date according to their terms and the provisions of Section 307 of the Indenture. Such right to require the repurchase of the Notes shall not continue after a discharge of the Company from its obligations with respect to the Notes in accordance with Article Four of the Indenture, unless a Change in Control shall have occurred prior to such discharge. At the option of the Company, the Repurchase Price may be paid in cash or, subject to the fulfillment by the Company of the conditions set forth Section 602, by delivery of shares of Common Stock having a fair market value equal to the Repurchase Price. Whenever in this Supplemental Indenture or the Indenture (including in the Form of Note, Section 101 of this Supplemental Indenture, and Sections 501(1) and 508 of the Indenture) there is a reference, in any context, to the principal of any Note as of any time, such reference shall be deemed to include reference to the Repurchase Price payable in respect of such Note to the extent that such Repurchase Price is, was or would be so payable at such time, and express mention of the Repurchase Price in any provision of this Supplemental Indenture shall not be construed as excluding the Repurchase Price in those provisions of this Supplemental Indenture or Indenture when such express mention is not made; provided, however, that for the purposes of Article Fifteen of the Indenture -------- ------- such reference shall be deemed to include reference to the Repurchase Price only to the extent the Repurchase Price is payable in cash. Section 602 Conditions to the Company's Election to Pay the Repurchase Price in Common Stock. The Company may elect to pay the Repurchase Price by delivery of shares of Common Stock pursuant to Section 601 if and only if the following conditions shall have been satisfied:

  • to read 2.2.6. In the case of a type of lamp differing only by the trade name or xxxx from a type that has already been approved it shall be sufficient to submit:

  • Rights of Teachers to Representation No reprisals of any kind shall be taken by the Superintendent or by any member or representatives of the administration or the Board against any aggrieved person, any party in interest, any member of the Association or any other participant in the grievance procedure by reason of such participation.

  • Right to Representation The County shall advise the employee of his/her right to be represented by the Association or other representative of his/her choosing at any meeting in which disciplinary action is to be imposed or at which disciplinary action might reasonably be expected to be imposed. If the employee elects to have representation present, and none is immediately available, the meeting will be postponed for up to twenty–four (24) hours not including Saturdays, Sundays or holidays, in order to permit the employee to obtain representation. Nothing herein shall be construed to preclude the department and the employee, after due consideration of the facts and circumstances of the department's allegations, from abandoning or modifying the proposed disciplinary action by mutual consent.

  • Rights to Representation Any party of interest may be represented at all meetings and hearings at any level of the grievance procedure by another teacher or another person. Provided, however, that no teacher may be represented by an officer, agent, or other representative of any educational organization other than the Association and the Michigan Education Association and the National Education Association. When a teacher is not represented by the Association, the Association shall have the right to be present and to state its views at all stages of the grievance processing.

  • NOW THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY AGREED AS FOLLOWS 1.1 The Disclosing Party intends providing the Receiving Party with certain information relating to [state the nature of the discussions and the reason for the disclosure here] (“the Project”).

  • Right to Relocate Landlord shall have the unrestricted and unconditional right to relocate Tenant from the Premises to any other office space in the Project. Landlord shall deliver notice to Tenant of Landlord’s desire to relocate Tenant, together with a proposal for the area to which such Premises shall be relocated. Should Landlord exercise its right to relocate Tenant under this Section, (i) expenses of said relocation, including, but not limited to, the employment of a professional moving company, relocation of telephone systems, and reprinting of stationary and other pre-printed material in the quantity and quality of existing stock, or of any necessary renovation or alteration, as calculated by Landlord prior to any relocation shall be paid by Landlord, and (ii) following such relocation, the substituted space shall for all purposes thereinafter constitute the Premises and all terms and conditions of this Lease shall apply with full force and effect to the Premises so relocated. If Tenant has not relocated its premises within thirty (30) days after Landlord notifies Tenant of Landlord’s desire to relocate Tenant, Landlord shall have the right to terminate this Lease by giving notice of such termination to Tenant (the “Termination Notice”). Such termination shall be effective upon any date selected by Landlord in the Termination Notice that is at least ten (10) days after the Termination Notice. Tenant hereby further covenants and agrees to promptly execute and deliver to Landlord any lease amendment or other such document appropriate to reflect the changes in the Lease described or contemplated above.

  • NOW IT IS HEREBY AGREED AS FOLLOWS 1. Words and expressions defined in the Amended Principal Agreement when used in this Agreement have, unless the context otherwise requires, the same meanings as in the Amended Principal Agreement and the provisions of clause 2 of the Amended Principal Agreement as to the interpretation thereof shall apply to this Agreement.

  • No Representations as to Offering Materials or Condition of Property Potential Investor understands and acknowledges that neither Owner, HFF nor any Owner/HFF Related Party makes any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the Offering Materials or the condition of the Property in any manner. The Potential Investor further understands and acknowledges that the information used in the preparation of the Offering Materials was furnished by Owner and has not been independently verified by HFF, and is not guaranteed as to completeness or accuracy. Potential Investor agrees that neither Owner, HFF, nor any Owner/HFF Related Party shall have any liability for any reason to the Potential Investor or any of its representatives or Related Parties resulting from the use of the Offering Materials by any person in connection with the sale of, or other investments by Potential Investor in the Property whether or not consummated for any reason. Neither Owner, HFF nor any Owner/HFF Related Party is under any obligation to notify or provide any further information to Potential Investor or any Related Party if either Owner or HFF becomes aware of any inaccuracy, incompleteness or change in the Offering Materials. The undersigned acknowledges that neither Owner, HFF nor any Owner/HFF Related Party, has made any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the Offering Materials, or the suitability of the information contained therein for any purpose whatever, and any representation or warranty in connection therewith is hereby expressly excluded. The Offering Materials provided to the undersigned are subject to, among other things, correction of errors and omissions, additions or deletion of terms, and withdrawal upon notice. The undersigned agrees that neither Owner, HFF, nor any Owner/HFF Related Party shall have any liability to Potential Investor and/or any Related Party resulting from the delivery to, or use by the undersigned of the Offering Materials or otherwise with respect thereto. Potential Investor and Related Parties shall rely only their own due diligence and investigation of the Property, including but not limited to any financial, title, environmental, physical, tenant or any other matters.