Zoning Ordinance definition

Zoning Ordinance means an ordinance of a unit of local
Zoning Ordinance means the City of Santa Xxxxxx Comprehensive Land Use and Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 9.04 of the SMMC), and any applicable Interim Zoning Ordinance, as the same are in effect on the Effective Date, as set forth in its entirety within Exhibit “E” (Planning and Zoning).
Zoning Ordinance means the comprehensive Zoning Ordinance of the City, found in Article 19 of the Code of the City of West Hollywood as it exists on the Approval Date.

Examples of Zoning Ordinance in a sentence

  • That each lot in the tract complies with the width and area requirements of the Zoning Ordinance.

  • These provisions shall serve as a check on the various density/intensity provisions of the underlying Zoning Ordinance, which shall remain in effect to the extent not specifically in conflict with these provisions.

  • Relief from the strict application of the provisions of the underlying municipal Zoning Ordinance applicable to site design shall be considered where necessary to provide for incorporation of smart growth principles and low impact development techniques such as use of shared parking and driveway areas, biofiltration swales, rainwater capture and reuse, and reduced road or driveway widths.

  • Any and all principal and accessory uses prohibited by the underlying Zoning Ordinance shall remain prohibited as provided therein, unless specifically designated as a permitted use by the provisions of this section.

  • The lists of permitted, conditionally permitted and prohibited uses of the underlying Zoning Ordinance are herewith amended as necessary to provide for the use allowances and use restrictions that follow.

More Definitions of Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Ordinance means and refer to the Zoning Ordinance of Westfield-Washington Township.
Zoning Ordinance means the City’s Land Use and Development Ordinance adopted pursuant to the Act that was in effect as of the date of this MDA as a part of the City’s Vested Laws.
Zoning Ordinance means City’s zoning ordinance contained in Title 18 of City’s Municipal Code.
Zoning Ordinance means an ordinance authorized by Section 65850 of the Government Code or, in the case of a charter city, a similar ordinance enacted pursuant to the authority of its charter.
Zoning Ordinance means Title 20 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances.
Zoning Ordinance means the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Wahoo as amended from time to time.
Zoning Ordinance or "Ordinance" means Ordinance 1990-20, passed November 26, 1990, as amended, which is codified as Title Five of Part Eleven - Planning and Zoning Code.