Right to Conduct Sample Clauses

Right to Conduct. If the Internal Independent G2P Round is not added to the Funded Project, then Evogene shall have the right to conduct or continue to conduct such Internal Independent G2P Round on its own, in Evogene’s sole discretion and at Evogene’s expense.
Right to Conduct. If the Internal Independent Discovery Round is not added to the Funded Project, then Evogene shall have the right to conduct or continue to conduct such Internal Independent Discovery Round on its own, in Evogene’s sole discretion and at Evogene’s expense. *** Confidential treatment has been requested for redacted portions of this exhibit. This copy omits the information subject to the confidentiality request. Omissions are designated as [***]. A complete version of this exhibit has been provided separately to the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Right to Conduct. (A) Subject to the conditions under this Article 6 and the terms of its applicable Joint Operating Agreement, each Party or JOA Group has the right, at its own risk and expense, to conduct Non- Unit Operations within the portion of the Unit Area lying within the Tract or Tracts in which it holds an interest. Except as otherwise expressly provided in Article 6.7, all Non-Unit Operations shall be conducted on behalf of such Party or JOA Group by the Tract Operator for such Party’s or JOA Group’s Tract or by GNPC if GNPC so elects to conduct Non-Unit Operations pursuant to its right to conduct sole risk operations in accordance with Article 9 of the applicable Contract (or, if those Parties participating in the Non-Unit Operation so determine, by Anadarko, provided that the ability to conduct such operations is personal to Anadarko and may not be assigned).
Right to Conduct. During the Development Term, Xxxxxxx shall have the sole right and authority to conduct Clinical Trials, CMC Development and other Development activities for the PTG-200 Product and any 2nd Generation Products in its sole discretion and at its sole expense, subject to Sections 3.2.4(b), 3.4.1, 3.4.2, 3.4.3(b) and 5.3.1.
Right to Conduct. During the period commencing on the Restatement Effective Date and ending [ * ] thereafter (the “Xxxxxxx Independent Research Term”), Xxxxxxx shall have the exclusive right, but no obligation, [ * ] the “Xxxxxxx Independent Research Activities”). Xxxxxxx shall not have the right (a) to use or screen against Protagonist’s peptide library or (b) to generate new 2nd Generation Compounds that are not derivatives of 2nd Generation Compounds that were discovered by either Party or jointly by the Parties before the end of the Research Term, in each case of (a) and (b), when conducting the Xxxxxxx Independent Research Activities.
Right to Conduct an On-Site Assessment. With reasonable notice and during usual business hours, Supplier agrees to allow Buyer, or its designated third party (under proper confidentiality obligations), to conduct an on-site assessment to ensure Supplier's compliance with the requirements of this document.

Related to Right to Conduct

  • RIGHT TO CONDUCT AUDIT The PHP grants the United States General Accounting Office the right to conduct audits.

  • Right to Conduct Activities The Company hereby agrees and acknowledges that each of the Lead Investors (together with its Affiliate funds) is a professional investment organization and AbbVie makes similar investments consistent with a professional investment organization, and as such reviews the business plans and related proprietary information of many enterprises, some of which may compete directly or indirectly with the Company’s business (as currently conducted or as currently propose to be conducted). Nothing in this Agreement shall preclude or in any way restrict the Lead Investors (or its Affiliate funds) and AbbVie from evaluating or purchasing securities, including publicly traded securities, of a particular enterprise, or investing or participating in any particular enterprise whether or not such enterprise has products or services which compete with those of the Company; and the Company hereby agrees that, to the extent permitted under applicable law, none of the Lead Investors (or their respective Affiliate funds) and AbbVie shall be liable to the Company for any claim arising out of, or based upon, (i) the investment by such Lead Investor (or its Affiliate funds) and AbbVie in any entity competitive with the Company, or (ii) actions taken by any partner, officer, employee or other representative of such Lead Investor (or its Affiliate funds) and AbbVie to assist any such competitive company, whether or not such action was taken as a member of the board of directors of such competitive company or otherwise, and whether or not such action has a detrimental effect on the Company; provided, however, that the foregoing shall not relieve (x) any of the Lead Investors (or its Affiliate funds) and AbbVie from liability associated with the unauthorized disclosure of the Company’s confidential information obtained pursuant to this Agreement, or (y) any director or officer of the Company from any liability associated with his or her fiduciary duties to the Company.

  • Right to Contest Borrower, at its own expense, may contest by appropriate legal proceedings, conducted diligently and in good faith, the amount or validity of any Imposition other than Insurance premiums and Ground Rent (if applicable), if: (i) Borrower notifies Lender of the commencement or expected commencement of such proceedings, (ii) the Mortgaged Property is not in danger of being sold or forfeited, (iii) if Borrower has not already paid the Imposition, Borrower deposits with Lender reserves sufficient to pay the contested Imposition, if requested by Lender, and (iv) Borrower furnishes whatever additional security is required in the proceedings or is reasonably requested by Lender, which may include the delivery to Lender of reserves established by Borrower to pay the contested Imposition.

  • Right to Counsel The Indemnified Persons shall have the right to employ counsel in their, its, his or her sole discretion. Such Indemnified Persons shall be responsible for the expenses of such separate counsel except as provided in Subsection 6(c)(iii). The Advisor agrees to cooperate fully with the Indemnified Persons and their separate counsel in responding to such threatened or actual claims.

  • Right to Convert In addition to and without limiting the rights of the holder under the terms of this Warrant, the holder shall have the right to convert this Warrant or any portion thereof (the “Conversion Right”) into shares of Series Preferred as provided in this Section 10.2 at any time or from time to time during the term of this Warrant. Upon exercise of the Conversion Right with respect to a particular number of shares subject to this Warrant (the “Converted Warrant Shares”), the Company shall deliver to the holder (without payment by the holder of any exercise price or any cash or other consideration) that number of shares of fully paid and nonassessable Series Preferred as is determined according to the following formula: X = B - A Y Where: X = the number of shares of Series Preferred that shall be issued to holder Y = the fair market value of one share of Series Preferred A = the aggregate Warrant Price of the specified number of Converted Warrant Shares immediately prior to the exercise of the Conversion Right (i.e., the number of Converted Warrant Shares multiplied by the Warrant Price) B = the aggregate fair market value of the specified number of Converted Warrant Shares (i.e., the number of Converted Warrant Shares multiplied by the fair market value of one Converted Warrant Share) No fractional shares shall be issuable upon exercise of the Conversion Right, and, if the number of shares to be issued determined in accordance with the foregoing formula is other than a whole number, the Company shall pay to the holder an amount in cash equal to the fair market value of the resulting fractional share on the Conversion Date (as hereinafter defined). For purposes of Section 10 of this Warrant, shares issued pursuant to the Conversion Right shall be treated as if they were issued upon the exercise of this Warrant.

  • No Right to Continue Service or Employment Nothing herein shall be construed to confer upon the Participant the right to continue in the employ or to provide services to the Company or any Subsidiary, whether as an employee or as a consultant or as an Outside Director, or interfere with or restrict in any way the right of the Company or any Subsidiary to discharge the Participant as an employee, consultant or Outside Director at any time.

  • Indemnitee’s Right to Counsel Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 11(b) above, if in a Proceeding to which Indemnitee is a party by reason of Indemnitee’s Corporate Status, (i) Indemnitee reasonably concludes that he or she may have separate defenses or counterclaims to assert with respect to any issue which may not be consistent with the position of other defendants in such Proceeding, (ii) a conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest exists between Indemnitee and the Company, or (iii) if the Company fails to assume the defense of such proceeding in a timely manner, Indemnitee shall be entitled to be represented by separate legal counsel of Indemnitee’s choice at the expense of the Company. In addition, if the Company fails to comply with any of its obligations under this Agreement or in the event that the Company or any other person takes any action to declare this Agreement void or unenforceable, or institutes any action, suit or proceeding to deny or to recover from Indemnitee the benefits intended to be provided to Indemnitee hereunder, Indemnitee shall have the right to retain counsel of Indemnitee’s choice, at the expense of the Company, to represent Indemnitee in connection with any such matter.

  • No Right to Continued Service Neither the Plan nor this Agreement shall confer upon the Grantee any right to be retained in any position, as an Employee, Consultant or Director of the Company. Further, nothing in the Plan or this Agreement shall be construed to limit the discretion of the Company to terminate the Grantee’s Continuous Service at any time, with or without Cause.