Use of the Property Sample Clauses

Use of the Property. The TENANT may use the PROPERTY only as a single-family residence.
Use of the Property. Borrower will use, or cause to be used, the Property for such use as is permitted pursuant to applicable Legal Requirements including, without limitation, under the certificate of occupancy applicable to the Property, and which is required by the Loan Documents. Borrower shall not suffer or permit the Property or any portion thereof to be used by the public, any tenant, or any Person not subject to a Lease, in a manner as is reasonably likely to impair Borrower’s title to the Property, or in such manner as may give rise to a claim or claims of adverse usage or adverse possession by the public, or of implied dedication of the Property or any part thereof.
Use of the Property. 3.9.1 To use the Property for the purpose of a private residence only in the occupation of the Permitted Occupant and not for business purposes.
Use of the Property. (4.1) Not to assign, sublet, part with possession of the Property, or let any other person live at the Property
Use of the Property. 1.5 To occupy the Property as the Tenant’s only or principal home.
Use of the Property. Lessee will not install, use, operate or maintain the Property improperly, carelessly, in violation of any applicable law or in a manner contrary to that contemplated by this Agreement and the applicable Property Schedule. Lessee shall provide all permits and licenses, if any, necessary for the installation and operation of the Property. In addition, Lessee agrees to comply in all respects with all laws of the jurisdiction in which its operations involving any item of Property may extend and any legislative, executive, administrative or judicial body exercising any power or jurisdiction over the items of the Property; provided that Lessee may contest in good faith the validity or application of any such law or rule in any reasonable manner that does not, in the opinion of Lessor, adversely affect the interest of Lessor in and to the Property or its interest or rights under this Agreement. Lessee shall promptly notify Lessor in writing of any pending or threatened investigation, inquiry, claim or action by any governmental authority which could adversely affect this Agreement, any Property Schedule or the Property thereunder.
Use of the Property. (4.1) Not to assign, or sublet, part with possession of the Property, or let any other person live at the Property except that during the fixed term of the tenancy the Tenant may assign or sublet with the Landlord’s express consent which will not be unreasonably withheld. Such consent, as a variation of the tenancy agreement, to be agreed in writing
Use of the Property. Lessors reserves the right to use the property for any purpose, other than grazing livestock, which Lessors may desire, so long as such use does not materially interfere with Lessee's rights hereunder.