Ditches Sample Clauses

Ditches. Working in ditches for sewers, surface drains, water mains or laterals, where the mean depth below the average ground level is eight (8) feet or greater. The average depth to be decided at the sole discretion of the Director of Engineering, who shall, if the conditions are met, authorize payment. It is the responsibility of the individual Leadhand to advise the Supervisor that conditions are such that danger pay should be considered. Danger pay will apply only to those employees working in the ditch and not to those on the same job but not working under the same conditions.
Ditches. Minimum depth is 1½ foot below the surface grade of the entire length of both sides of the road and must be adequate to drain peak flow. Culverts: Culverts must be placed on the natural slopes where necessary to prevent pooling of water caused by the roadbed. Culverts must extend beyond the base of the road at least 36" on both sides of the road. Secondary Roads Road Width: Roads must be 20 feet, including ditch (see typical roadbed section). Surfacing Width: 14 feet running surface. Use: Light year round, except during spring breakup. Designed and constructed to access more than one timber sales, or to allow for possible future upgrades.
Ditches. No report.
Ditches. The angle of bank slope is critical to reduce the risk of collapse and facilitate future maintenance. Generally, a 1:1 bank (45 degrees), would be appropriate for the soils encountered at Arrowe Park GC, Hoylake Municipal GC and Brackenwood GC. Depths will largely be dictated by the inverts of drains where they enter ditches but 750mm to 1m depth would generally be sufficient.
Ditches. Ditches shall be regraded to the original grade and line. The surface of all ditches shall be returned to the same condition as found before commencing work.
Ditches. The open burning of ditches that are unable to be mowed will be allowed between November 15 and March 15. The person desiring to burn a ditch must apply for a permit from the City, pay a permit fee of $25.00, and complete the burning within two weeks of the issuance of the permit. The permittee must be present during the burning.