Cultivation Sample Clauses

Cultivation. 3.3.1 The tenant shall keep the allotment reasonably free from weeds, properly cultivated and in a good state of fertility all year round. Properly cultivated means that all of the plot is being worked all year round. It can be noted here that bases for any permitted structures (glasshouses, sheds and poly tunnels), water butts and compost heaps must be sited within the plot boundary and these areas are exempt from this requirement to cultivate.
Cultivation. Keeping the plot in good productive order by: the maintenance and improvement of soil; the control and prevention of flowering weeds, ornamental plants, and herb, flower, fruit and vegetable crops.
Cultivation. To keep the Plot clean, reasonably free from weeds and otherwise in a proper state of cultivation and good condition. The Council will be entitled to claim compensation from a tenant who upon the termination leaves a plot in a worse condition than when the tenancy started. This will cover the cost of any reinstatement requirement.
Cultivation. The Tenant must keep the Allotment clean, free from weeds and well manured and otherwise maintain it in a good state of cultivation and fertility and good condition, and must keep any pathway or cart-track included in or abutting on the Allotment (or, in the case of any pathway or cart-track abutting on the Allotment and any other allotment garden or allotment gardens, the half width of it) reasonably free from weeds.
Cultivation. 4.1 The Tenant shall use the Allotment only for the production of vegetables, fruit and flower crops for consumption or enjoyment by the Tenant and his/her family.
Cultivation. Contractor shall cultivate around shrub and tree areas and tree xxxxx sufficiently and often enough to control weed growth and maintain existing irrigation and drainage ditches. F. Irrigation (Deep Soaking) See WATER MANAGEMENT Section below.
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Cultivation. 5.1 Allotment Gardens must be kept clean, free from weeds, weIl manured and maintained in a good state of cultivation and fertility.
Cultivation. 2.3.1 The Tenant must keep the allotment plot clean, free from weeds and in a good state of fertilisation and cultivation.
Cultivation. Plots must be kept clean and maintained in a good state of cultivation (minimum 75% in cultivation) and fertility throughout the year. The whole plot, including any uncultivated/leisure areas, must be kept tidy, safe, and free from weeds and noxious plants which can flower and set seed. Xxxxxx Tenants are responsible for maintaining xxxxxx on or abutting their plot, keeping them to a maximum height of 2.0m (6’6”,) and ensuring that they do not encroach on to paths, roadways or adjoining plots. The sides shall be trimmed at least once per year. (Where xxxxxx abut a perimeter boundary, road or vehicular haulage way, the Council is responsible for maintaining the external side.) Trees Tenants must not, without consent of an authorised officer, cut or prune trees outside of their own plot, nor plant any trees which will exceed a height of 2.0 metres (6’6”), nor allow self-seeded trees to grow on their plot (especially any that are growing through a perimeter fence).
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