Eye Sample Clauses

Eye. The electronic versions of (a) the most recent print edition of Eye; and (b) all previous print editions of Eye that were first published within the previous four (4) years, from the later of the Commencement Date or the most recent of any subsequent Renewal Date (both as defined herein), but in any event all editions first published since the Commencement Date, in each case as available for access on the Internet at the URL xxxx://xxx.xxxxxx.xxx/eye together with any additional material that the Licensor makes available to the Licensee.
Eye care costs where the Per Course Instructor does not have access to vision care under a health insurance plan, or where the costs exceed the coverage; and/or
Eye. Site, Inc. and Eye-Site Ontario, Ltd.: Store No. Original Amount --------- --------------- 151/154 $400,000.00 156/166 200,000.00 On or before August 10, 1999, the Borrower shall substitute one (1) or more Franchisee promissory notes (each meeting the requirements of Section 2.7 of the Loan Agreement) for each of the foregoing Franchisee Notes.
Eye shadow of a CIF value of USD 30,00 or more per kilo gross 15 C 5 % 3304.20.90 Other 15 C 6 % 3304.30.00 Manicure or pedicure preparations 15 E 6 % 3304.91 Powders, whether or not compressed:
Eye. Grain grants to Customer a twelve (12) months limited warranty from the date of commissioning, maximum eighteen (18) months from shipment that Products are (exhaustive list):
Eye. The left eye must be visible in photo. Violation will result in denial of the photo.
Eye. RIS3 Eye@RIS3 is an online database of RIS3 priorities. It enables regions to position themselves by registering their research competences and business compentences under a specific EU priority. This tool helps them find their unique niches and it lists potential partners for collaboration. The current status of registrated regions and countries in march 2014 was the following: • EU Countries with encoded RIS3 Priorities: 9 • EU Regions with encoded RIS3 Priorities: 113 • Non-EU Regions with encoded RIS3 Priorities: 17 • Digital Agenda Europe or ICT: 142 out of 854 priorities The S3 platform offers a guide to regions for using the RIS3 tool. For more information we refer to the website xxxx://x0xxxxxxxx.xxx.xx.xxxxxx.xx/documents/10157/330356/EyeRIS3 %20Guidelines-Modif_Dec%2013_FIN.pdf