Resources Sample Clauses

Resources. Grantee shall ensure that Grantee’s employees have appropriate Internet access and an adequate number of computers of sufficient capabilities to use the CMBHS. Equipment purchased with System Agency funds must be inventoried, maintained in working order, and secured.
Resources. A. The CUCP database includes the certified DBEs from all certifying agencies participating in the CUCP. If you believe a firm is certified that cannot be located on the database, please contact the Caltrans Office of Certification toll free number 0-000-000-0000 for assistance.
Resources. The Provider will provide adequate and sufficient personnel, equipment, and materials to perform the services required under the contract. The Provider certifies that it presently has adequate qualified personnel in its employment for performance of the services required under this contract, or it will be able to obtain such personnel. The Provider will not employ personnel who have been convicted of a felony against another person in any area where the Provider's personnel could reasonably be expected to be alone with travelers, State employees, or any other persons not employed by the Provider.
Resources. Schedule 3 shall be updated and submitted to the Authority on an annual basis or as changes arise. The Official Agency shall maintain a current electronic list of Authorised, Liaison and Designated Officers. The list shall include names, contact addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses for all officers. This list shall be submitted to the Authority at least annually or as changes arise.
Resources. 1. With the aim of contributing to fulfilling the cooperation objectives established in this Agreement, the Parties commit themselves to providing, within the limits of their capacities and through their own channels, the appropriate resources, including financial resources.
Resources. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement or a Work Order, Contractor will be responsible for providing all facilities, personnel and other resources necessary to provide the Services.
Resources. The Contract Price includes payment in full for all facilities and resources required by the Contractor to provide the Services in accordance with the Contract. Any facilities or resources needed or used by the Contractor to perform the Services shall be provided by the Contractor without additional cost to the Authority or any Beneficiary. The Contractor confirms its satisfaction of its abilities and experience in all respects to perform the Services pursuant to the Contract to the reasonable satisfaction of the Authority.
Resources. Where your name or your *Any property that you owned within the last 60 months spouse’s name may be listed *Passbooks, bank statements (opened and closed accounts for the past 60 months) *Stocks, Bonds, Annuities *Investments/Brokerage Funds *Certificates of Deposit (CDs), Credit Union accounts, IRAs *Trust Agreement and Principal *Include any accounts/resources which may have been closed, cashed in, or transferred within the past 60 months *Income Tax returns, including 1099s (5 years) *Financial summary of any private payments made to a nursing home. *Verification and Clarification of any withdrawals or deposits over $2000 (copy of cancelled checks) deposit receipts LIFE INSURANCE: *Assessed value of house/property either current OR transferred within last 5 years *Copy of policy and verification of cash value, name of owner and policy number HEALTH INSURANCE: *Medicare Card *Identification Card for Health Insurance *Premium Amount *Proof of Payment VETERAN STATUS: *Military Discharge papers for applicant or spouse OTHER DOCUMENTS: *Copy of Power of. Attorney *Signed Authorization to represent form *Guardianship Papers *Itemized Irrevocable Burial Trust or Pre-need Agreement-(PAID IN FULL) THE GRAND REHABILITATION AND NURSING AT GUILDERLAND LIST OF ADDENDA
Resources. National and regional leadership will designate funding sources for service quality improvement, including development of defined service budgets, which are jointly planned and reviewed by management, labor, physicians and dentists.