Resources Sample Clauses

Resources. A. The CUCP database includes the certified DBEs from all certifying agencies participating in the CUCP. If you believe a firm is certified that cannot be located on the database, please contact the Caltrans Office of Certification toll free number 1-866-810-6346 for assistance.
Resources. The Provider will provide adequate and sufficient personnel, equipment, and materials to perform the services required under the contract. The Provider certifies that it presently has adequate qualified personnel in its employment for performance of the services required under this contract, or it will be able to obtain such personnel. The Provider will not employ personnel who have been convicted of a felony against another person in any area where the Provider's personnel could reasonably be expected to be alone with travelers, State employees, or any other persons not employed by the Provider.
Resources. Schedule 3 shall be updated and submitted to the Authority on an annual basis or as changes arise. The Official Agency shall maintain a current electronic list of Authorised, Liaison and Designated Officers. The list shall include names, contact addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses for all officers. This list shall be submitted to the Authority at least annually or as changes arise.
Resources. Personnel and major items of equipment, supplies, and facilities available for assignment to incident operations and for which status is maintained. Resources are described by kind and type and may be used in operational support or supervisory capacities at an incident or at an EOC. Response: Activities that address the short-term, direct effects of an incident. Response includes immediate actions to save lives, protect property, and meet basic human needs. Response also includes the execution of emergency operations plans and of incident mitigation activities designed to limit the loss of life, personal injury, property damage, and other unfavorable outcomes. As indicated by the situation, response activities include: applying intelligence and other information to lessen the effects or consequences of an incident; increased security operations; continuing investigations into the nature and source of the threat; ongoing public health and agricultural surveillance and testing processes; immunizations, isolation, or quarantine; and specific law enforcement operations aimed at preempting, interdicting, or disrupting illegal activity, and apprehending actual perpetrators and bringing them to justice. Response to Wildland Fire: The mobilization of the necessary services and responders to a fire based on ecological, social, and legal consequences, the circumstances under which a fire occurs, and the likely consequences on firefighter and public safety and welfare, natural and cultural resources, and values to be protected.
Resources. The section C resources for this service are listed below. Any future resources will be updated at this web address: england-service-level-agreements-nhs-nel-ccg/ In the event of any dispute, the version of the resources published this address will be the deemed the version in use.
Resources. (A) Equipment and Materials. When equipment and materials (e.g. photocopies) and/or other resources are reasonably required for classes or to perform other assigned responsibilities there shall be sufficient resources, equipment and materials to allow the performance of assigned responsibilities and to accommodate the students assigned to classes. Employees who prepare course materials for copying at least three (3) working days in advance shall be provided a reasonable number of photocopies at University expense. The provisions of this paragraph shall not be subject to Step 3 of the Neutral, Internal Resolution of Policy Disputes process.