Not Covered by Insurance Sample Clauses

Not Covered by Insurance. You acknowledge that though the Practice does participate with certain health insurance programs, the fees paid for the Program are entirely for services and scheduling that are not covered by your insurance. If you have Medicare, then the Program fees and services are entirely for services not covered by Medicare.
Not Covered by Insurance. You acknowledge that though the Practice does participate with certain health insurance programs, the fees paid for the Program are entirely for services and scheduling that are not covered by your insurance. If you have Medicare, then the Program fees and services are entirely for services not covered by Medicare. If you submit any claims for reimbursement for such fees, you retain full and complete responsibility for any such submissions and acknowledge that you may not by law or regulation be allowed to submit such claims for reimbursement.
Not Covered by Insurance. Damage or loss is beyond the normal wear and tear. 2.10.2 Vandalism The Board shall budget an amount not less than $5,000 per year, for the purpose of reimbursing any teacher whose personal property is stolen or damaged while the teacher is acting in the course of his or her employment. Reimbursement shall be subject to the following conditions: Damage must be caused by vandalism and not by the employee's own negligence or by the negligent, unintentional acts of third parties or by acts of God. 2.13 Just Cause This section (2.13 - Just Cause) shall not prohibit the board from non-reemploying annual contract teachers with or without cause, as allowed by Idaho law. No employee shall be reduced in compensation, suspended, dismissed, non-renewed or disciplined without just cause. Just cause shall include, but not be limited to unsatisfactory performance, insubordination, violation of rules and regulations of state board of education, violation of code of ethics of teaching profession adopted by the State Board of Education, violation of board policy and/or violation of rules, policies, or orders or directives adopted or promulgated by the employee's supervisor(s), provided the supervisor's policies and/or orders had been previously communicated to the employee. Except as otherwise specifically limited by this negotiated agreement, this section shall not limit the authority of the board or administration, including the employee's supervisor(s) to adopt or promulgate employee policies, rules, directives or orders. Employee must report the theft or vandalism to the appropriate police officials and also to the PEA office in writing within ten (10) working days of knowledge of the incident. Employee must complete a statement for district records explaining the circumstances surrounding the theft or vandalism and attach any receipts or cost estimates from a reputable repair or insurance company detailing the repair or replacement costs. The statement, together with all supporting documents, must be submitted within ten (10) working days after the teacher learns of the incident. The repair or replacement costs shall be based on the most current and available rates and/or prices. Reimbursement shall be limited to the amount of the teacher's insurance deductible or $200, whichever is less. Damage claims must show damage in excess of $10. The teacher must provide a copy of his or her insurance declaration page, ident...

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  • General Liability Insurance The Contractor must secure and maintain Commercial General Liability Insurance, including bodily injury, property damage, products, personal and advertising injury, and completed operations. This insurance must provide coverage for all claims that may arise from performance of the Contract or completed operations, whether by the Contractor or anyone directly or indirectly employed by the Contractor. Such insurance must include the State of Florida as an additional insured for the entire length of the resulting contract. The Contractor is responsible for determining the minimum limits of liability necessary to provide reasonable financial protections to the Contractor and the State of Florida under the resulting contract.

  • Comprehensive General Liability Insurance The Lessee shall procure and maintain a valid Comprehensive General Liability Insurance indemnifying the Lessor with minimum coverage of $ for personal injury and $ for damage to property.

  • Umbrella Insurance During the term of this Contract, Supplier will maintain umbrella coverage over Employer’s Liability, Commercial General Liability, and Commercial Automobile. Minimum Limits: $2,000,000

  • The Commercial General Liability Insurance, Comprehensive Automobile Liability Insurance and Excess Public Liability Insurance policies, if written on a Claims First Made Basis, shall be maintained in full force and effect for two (2) years after termination of this LGIA, which coverage may be in the form of tail coverage or extended reporting period coverage if agreed by the Parties.

  • Automobile Liability Insurance Contractor shall provide Commercial Automobile Liability insurance with Combined Single Limits (CSL) of not less than $500,000 either in a single policy or in a combination of basic and umbrella or excess policies. The policy will include bodily injury and property damage liability arising out of the operation, maintenance and use of all automobiles and mobile equipment used in conjunction with this contract. Satisfaction of the above requirement shall be in the form of a policy endorsement for:  any auto, or  all owned hired and non-owned autos. [X] Workers’ Compensation Insurance Contractor shall purchase and maintain Workers’ Compensation insurance which, in addition to meeting the minimum statutory requirements for issuance of such insurance, has Employer's Liability limits of at least $100,000 for each accident, $100,000 per each employee, and a $500,000 policy limit for occupational disease. The City need not be named as an "Additional Insured" but the insurer shall agree to waive all rights of subrogation against the City, its officials, agents, employees and volunteers for any work performed for the City by the Named Insured. For building or construction projects, the Contractor shall comply with the provisions of Attachment 1 in accordance with §406.096 of the Texas Labor Code and rule 28TAC 110.110 of the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission (TWCC). [ ] Owner's and Contractor's Protective Liability Insurance The Contractor shall obtain, pay for and maintain at all times during the prosecution of the work under this contract, an Owner's and Contractor's Protective Liability insurance policy naming the City as insured for property damage and bodily injury which may arise in the prosecution of the work or Contractor's operations under this contract. Coverage shall be on an “occurrence" basis and the policy shall be issued by the same insurance company that carries the Contractor's liability insurance. Policy limits will be at least $500,000.00 combined bodily injury and property damage per occurrence with a $1,000,000.00 aggregate. [ ] Fire Damage Legal Liability Insurance Coverage is required if Broad form General Liability is not provided or is unavailable to the contractor or if a contractor leases or rents a portion of a City building. Limits of not less than each occurrence are required. [ ] Professional Liability Insurance Professional liability insurance with limits not less than $1,000,000.00 per claim with respect to negligent acts, errors or omissions in connection with professional services is required under this Agreement. [ ] Builders' Risk Insurance Builders' Risk Insurance, on an All-Risk form for 100% of the completed value shall be provided. Such policy shall include as "Named Insured" the City of Xxxxxx and all subcontractors as their interests may appear. [ ] Environmental Liability Insurance Environmental liability insurance for $1,000,000 to cover all hazards contemplated by this contract.

  • Boiler and Machinery Insurance The Owner shall have the option of purchasing and maintaining boiler and machinery insurance required by the Contract Documents or by law, which shall specifically cover such insured objects during installation and until final acceptance by the Owner. If purchased this insurance shall include interests of the Owner, Contractor, Subcontractors and Sub-subcontrators in the Work.

  • Disability Insurance The Board shall provide without cost to each employee a core disability plan in accordance and subject to the terms and benefits in effect in the insurance policy. The employee shall have the option of purchasing at their own expense through payroll deduction, an enhanced disability plan.

  • Contractor's Liability Insurance § 11.1.1 The Contractor shall purchase from and maintain in a company or companies lawfully authorized to do business in the jurisdiction in which the Project is located such insurance as will protect the Contractor from claims set forth below which may arise out of or result from the Contractor’s operations and completed operations under the Contract and for which the Contractor may be legally liable, whether such operations be by the Contractor or by a Subcontractor or by anyone directly or indirectly employed by any of them, or by anyone for whose acts any of them may be liable:

  • The Commercial General Liability Insurance Business Automobile Insurance and Excess Public Liability Insurance policies shall name the other Parties, their parents, associated and Affiliate companies and their respective directors, officers, agents, servants and employees ("Other Party Group") as additional insured. All policies shall contain provisions whereby the insurers waive all rights of subrogation in accordance with the provisions of this LGIA against the Other Party Group and provide thirty (30) Calendar Days advance written notice to the Other Party Group prior to anniversary date of cancellation or any material change in coverage or condition.

  • Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance The Contractor shall provide a Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance to provide excess coverage above the Commercial General Liability, Commercial Business Automobile Liability and the Workers' Compensation and Employers' Liability to satisfy the minimum limits set forth herein. The umbrella coverage shall follow form with the Umbrella limits required as follows: For Contract Amounts Less For Contract Amounts Equal to or Than $5,000,000.00: Greater than $5,000,000: $ 2,000,000 per Occurrence $2,000,000 per Occurrence $ 4,000,000 Aggregate $10,000,000 Aggregate Additional Requirements for Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance are shown below at Paragraph