Records Sample Clauses

Records. The Custodian shall with respect to each Portfolio create and maintain all records relating to its activities and obligations under this Agreement in such manner as will meet the obligations of each Fund under the 1940 Act, with particular attention to section 31 thereof and Rules 31a-1 and 31a-2 thereunder. All such records shall be the property of the Fund and shall at all times during the regular business hours of the Custodian be open for inspection by duly authorized officers, employees or agents of such Fund and employees and agents of the SEC. The Custodian shall, at a Fund’s request, supply the Fund with a tabulation of securities owned by each Portfolio and held by the Custodian and shall, when requested to do so by the Fund and for such compensation as shall be agreed upon between the Fund and the Custodian, include certificate numbers in such tabulations. Each Fund acknowledges that, in creating and maintaining the records as set forth herein with respect to Portfolio property released and delivered pursuant to Section 2.2(14), or purchased pursuant to Section 2.6(7) hereof, the Custodian is authorized and instructed to rely upon information provided to it by the Fund, the Fund’s counterparty(ies), or the agents of either of them.
Records. USBFS shall keep records relating to the services to be performed hereunder in the form and manner, and for such period, as it may deem advisable and is agreeable to the Trust, but not inconsistent with the rules and regulations of appropriate government authorities, in particular, Section 31 of the 1940 Act and the rules thereunder. USBFS agrees that all such records prepared or maintained by USBFS relating to the services to be performed by USBFS hereunder are the property of the Trust and will be preserved, maintained, and made available in accordance with such applicable sections and rules of the 1940 Act and will be promptly surrendered to the Trust or its designee on and in accordance with its request.
Records. The records relating to the services provided under this Agreement shall be the property of the Trust and shall be under its control; however, the Trust shall furnish to the Adviser such records and permit it to retain such records (either in original or in duplicate form) as it shall reasonably require in order to carry out its business. In the event of the termination of this Agreement, such other records shall promptly be returned to the Trust by the Adviser free from any claim or retention of rights therein, provided that the Adviser may retain any such records that are required by law or regulation. The Manager and the Adviser shall keep confidential any information obtained in connection with its duties hereunder and disclose such information only if the Trust has authorized such disclosure or if such disclosure is expressly required or requested by applicable federal or state regulatory authorities, or otherwise required by law.
Records. The Servicer shall maintain appropriate books of account and records relating to services performed under this Agreement, which books of account and records shall be accessible for inspection by the Issuer at any time during normal business hours.
Records. The Company shall make available for inspection by the holders of Registrable Securities included in such Registration Statement, any Underwriter participating in any disposition pursuant to such registration statement and any attorney, accountant or other professional retained by any holder of Registrable Securities included in such Registration Statement or any Underwriter, all financial and other records, pertinent corporate documents and properties of the Company, as shall be necessary to enable them to exercise their due diligence responsibility, and cause the Company’s officers, directors and employees to supply all information requested by any of them in connection with such Registration Statement.
Records. The Administrator shall maintain appropriate books of account and records relating to services performed hereunder, which books of account and records shall be accessible for inspection by the Issuer, the Owner Trustee and the Indenture Trustee at any time during normal business hours upon reasonable advance written notice.
Records. The Sub-Adviser shall, with respect to orders the Sub-Adviser places for the purchase and sale of portfolio securities of the Funds, maintain or arrange for the maintenance of the documents and records required pursuant to Rule 31a-1 under the 1940 Act as well as trade tickets and confirmations of portfolio trades and such other records as the Adviser or the Funds' Administrator reasonably requests to be maintained. All such records shall be maintained in a form acceptable to the Funds and in compliance with the provisions of Rule 31a-1 or any successor rule. All such records will be the property of the Funds, and will be available for inspection and use by the Funds and their authorized representatives (including the Adviser). The Sub-Adviser shall promptly, upon the Trust's request, surrender to the Funds those records which are the property of the Trust or any Fund. The Sub-Adviser will promptly notify the Funds' Administrator if it experiences any difficulty in maintaining the records in an accurate and complete manner.
Records. The Contractor shall establish and maintain complete and accurate books, records, documents, accounts and other evidence directly pertinent to performance under this contract (hereinafter, collectively, "the Records"). The Records must be kept for the balance of the calendar year in which they were made and for six (6) additional years thereafter. The State Comptroller, the Attorney General and any other person or entity authorized to conduct an examination, as well as the agency or agencies involved in this contract, shall have access to the Records during normal business hours at an office of the Contractor within the State of New York or, if no such office is available, at a mutually agreeable and reasonable venue within the State, for the term specified above for the purposes of inspection, auditing and copying. The State shall take reasonable steps to protect from public disclosure any of the Records which are exempt from disclosure under Section 87 of the Public Officers Law (the "Statute") provided that: (i) the Contractor shall timely inform an appropriate State official, in writing, that said records should not be disclosed; and (ii) said records shall be sufficiently identified; and (iii) designation of said records as exempt under the Statute is reasonable. Nothing contained herein shall diminish, or in any way adversely affect, the State's right to discovery in any pending or future litigation.
Records. The Administrator agrees to maintain and keep all books, accounts and other records of the Company that relate to activities performed by the Administrator hereunder and will maintain and keep such books, accounts and records in accordance with the Investment Company Act. In compliance with the requirements of Rule 31a-3 under the Investment Company Act, the Administrator agrees that all records which it maintains for the Company shall at all times remain the property of the Company, shall be readily accessible during normal business hours, and shall be promptly surrendered upon the termination of the Agreement or otherwise on written request. The Administrator further agrees that all records which it maintains for the Company pursuant to Rule 31a-1 under the Investment Company Act will be preserved for the periods prescribed by Rule 31a-2 under the Investment Company Act unless any such records are earlier surrendered as provided above. Records shall be surrendered in usable machine-readable form. The Administrator shall have the right to retain copies of such records subject to observance of its confidentiality obligations under this Agreement.
Records. The Trust agrees to maintain and to preserve for the periods prescribed under the 1940 Act any such records as are required to be maintained by the Trust with respect to the Series by the 1940 Act. The Adviser further agrees that all records of the Series are the property of the Trust and, to the extent held by the Adviser, it will promptly surrender any of such records upon request.