The Licensee definition

The Licensee means the person(s) named in the licence.
The Licensee means the person or persons to whom this licence is granted, his personal representatives and any person or persons to whom the rights conferred by this licence may lawfully have been assigned;
The Licensee means the holder of a private hire vehicle licence.

Examples of The Licensee in a sentence

  • Contractor shall recommend a minimum of three (3) auditing/accounting firms from which the Licensee will select one (1).

  • Attach a flowchart or similar document showing the Licensee’s vertical ownership structure including the Licensee and all entities that have attributable interests in the Licensee.

  • By executing the Omnibus Instrument, the Licensor and the Licensee hereby agree that the License Agreement will constitute a legal, valid and binding agreement between the Licensor and the Licensee.

  • This Condition shall not require the Licensee to furnish any information, documents or reports which it could not be compelled to produce or give in evidence in civil proceedings before a court because of legal professional privilege.

  • Distribution and installation of Enterprise Licensed Product to End Users at a site shall be the responsibility of the Licensee.

More Definitions of The Licensee

The Licensee means, where used in respect of any Part of this Schedule, the person to whom a licence is issued in conformity with the requirements of that Part under Clause 13 of the State Agreement;
The Licensee means the individual(s) who is/are named on a licence granted
The Licensee means the person named as such in the Licence
The Licensee means the Club member.
The Licensee means the party referred to in Item 3 referred to as QH Staff Member.
The Licensee means the party referred to in Item 3 and its successors, servants, agents and contractors.
The Licensee means an individual who has accepted a place on a programme of study at the University and who has been offered and who has accepted a place in the Halls of Residence subject to this Licence.