Video Display Terminals Sample Clauses

Video Display Terminals. When employees are required to monitor video display terminals which use cathode ray tubes, then:
Video Display Terminals. The Employer shall ensure that any new office equipment or facility required for use in conjunction with VDTs shall meet the standards recommended by the Workers' Compensation Board.
Video Display Terminals. The Employer shall ensure that any new office equipment or facility required for use in conjunction with Video Display Terminals (VDTs) shall meet the standards required by the Workers’ Compensation Board.
Video Display Terminals. (a) When a majority of an employee's daily work time requires monitoring such video display terminals, such employees shall have their eyes examined by an ophthalmologist or optometrist of the employee's choice at the nearest community where medical facilities are available prior to initial assignment to VDT equipment and after six (6) months, a further test and annually thereafter if requested. The examination shall be at the Employer's expense where costs are not covered by insurance. Where requested the Employer shall grant leave of absence with pay.
Video Display Terminals. The Employer shall provide ergonomically appropriate VDT equipment at all computer and word processing stations purchased or installed after the effective date of the Agreement, whenever the employee has principal job responsibilities which involve the use of such equipment for a majority of his/her time. The Employer will make every effort to schedule at least fifteen (15) minutes of non-VDT work every two (2) hours for those employees who work for extended periods of time at video display terminals. Non-VDT work is in addition to rest periods provided by Section 13.04.
Video Display Terminals. The parties agree to the following terms respecting the use of video display terminals (VDT's) by employees:
Video Display Terminals. Employees who are required to regularly work directly with Video Display Terminals (VDTs) shall have a ten (10) minute break away from the VDT after each hour of continuous operation.
Video Display Terminals. In the event that an employee who operates a VDT becomes pregnant the following provisions shall apply until mutually amended by the Joint Union-Management Committee:
Video Display Terminals. (a) Employees who are required to operate VDTs on a continuous basis shall be entitled to two additional 10-minute rest breaks per workday to be scheduled by agreement at the local level.
Video Display Terminals. Employees working in word processing centers who are required to continuously view video display terminals (VDT) or cathode ray tubes (CRT) for periods not less than two (2) hours shall be guaranteed a fifteen (15) minute rest break during the middle of each half of a full-time workshift.