European Union Sample Clauses

European Union. The academic use restriction in Section 12.d(i) below does not apply in the jurisdictions listed on this site: (xxx.xx/xxxxxxxxxxx).
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European Union. Data Privacy. The following language supplements Section 15 of Appendix A of the Agreement: The Employee understands that Personal Data will be held only as long as is necessary to implement, administer and manage the Employee’s participation in the Plan. The Employee understands that he or she may, at any time, view Personal Data, request additional information about the storage, processing, or transfer of Personal Data, require any necessary amendments to Personal Data or refuse or withdraw the consents herein, without cost, by contacting in writing the Employee’s local human resources representative.
European Union. Interest rate under the Loan Agreement - Remuneration paid by the Borrower for use of the amount of the Loan stipulated in the Loan Agreement, considering that interest is calculated based on the provisions of the Loan Agreement. Interest rate under the Assignment Agreement - Predetermined remuneration defined in the Assignment Agreement that the User receives for the purchased Claim, considering that Interest rate shall not be directly linked to the Interest established in the Loan Agreement and is set separately. Laws and regulations - Laws and regulations of the same jurisdiction where ROBOCASH is registered. Lender - A legal entity that grants a Loan to the Borrower in accordance with the Loan Agreement. Loan - Funds granted to the Borrower by the Lender in accordance with the Loan Agreement. Loan Agreement - Loan agreement concluded between the Lender and the Borrower, on the basis of which the Lender grants funds (the Loan) to the Borrower whereas the Borrower undertakes to repay the received loan in accordance with terms and conditions of the Loan Agreement. Parties - ROBOCASH and the User. Price List - The cost of services of ROBOCASH stipulated on the Website of ROBOCASH, that shall be paid by the User. Price of the Claim - A price payable by the Assignee to the Assignor for the Claim or its part. The price of the Claim is indicated in principal conditions of the Assignment Agreement. Price of Servicing of the Claim - The price stipulated in the Price List on the Website of ROBOCASH that shall be paid by the Assignee to the ROBOCASH for Servicing of the Claim. Registration application - An application filled out by a natural or legal person on the Website of ROBOCASH to register as a User. ROBOCASH - ROBOCASH d.o.o., registration number: 081224371, registered address: Croatia, Xxxxxxxxxxx 0, Xxxxxx, 00000, e- mail address: xxxxxxx@xxxx.xxxx ROBOCASH’s bank account - A current account opened in the name of the ROBOCASH with payment institution or a credit institution or its branch registered in EU or Switzerland ROBO INVEST - An application of the Website of ROBOCASH, that functions according to the settings selected and confirmed by the User and which is available on the Website of ROBOCASH under section “Invest”. Servicing of the Claim - Any action taken by ROBOCASH in relation to the Claim, the Agreement, including transfer of funds to the Assignee and other actions stipulated in the Agreement. Third party - Any natural or legal person that is n...
European Union. The relevant Issuer or Guarantor, as the case may be, will not be required to make any payment of Additional Amounts to any such holder for or on the account of:
European Union. The terms in this subsection C apply only when RSA means an EMC sales subsidiary located in the European Union:
European Union. The academic use restriction in the section above entitled Limited Rights Versions, Academic or University may not apply to you. Your use rights will be compliant with local laws which are subject to change.
European Union. ACCENTIA shall have the right to sublicense the BDSI Licensed Technology in the European Union with the prior written approval of BDSI, which approval is not to be unreasonably withheld. Each sublicense granted by ACCENTIA pursuant to this Agreement shall be consistent the provisions of this Agreement. Prior to the grant of each sublicense hereunder, ACCENTIA shall provide BDSI a copy of the sublicense. ACCENTIA shall not grant any paid-up license or accept equity in consideration, directly or indirectly, for such sublicenses without BDSI’s written approval.
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European Union. The parties acknowledge that this Agreement may need to be notified to the European Commission at some point during the Agreement Term. Accordingly, upon reasonable request of either Party, the Parties shall cooperate in notifying this Agreement and seeking a conclusion of the notification process satisfactory to both Parties. If at any time the European Commission determines that any provision of this Agreement is unenforceable or otherwise not permitted under the laws, rules and regulations of the European Union, the Parties agree to initiate good faith negotiations aimed at modifying such provision in a manner that is acceptable to the European Commission and the Parties.
European Union. The most important cases of cooperation modes and their interrelations Universities: Business: • Internship programme; • Knowledge transfer - Post-academic courses for people already working in the companies; The managers of Procter and Xxxxxx company provide courses on managerial, communication and presentation skills to ICTP students; • Curricular issues and graduates transition to LM - PhD students working at the faculty once per week, otherwise are employed by a company - at faculty theoretical part, in company a research; A programme includes creation of business plan - firstly, students get 5-days basic course of the principles of tech-transfer and later they make commercial business plan on the topic they are working on; • Research and Development projects and contracts; • Management and governance - faculty of environment and company LentiKats established the Centre of modern biotechnologies - the centre solved many projects focused on clearning of waste water and outcomes are created on the license agreement basis; establishment of institute of molecural and translational medicine based on cooperation between several universities and institutes an companies; creation of Centre for Drug Development; creation of venture funds together with two financial institutions to invest in university spin-off companies • Curricular issues and graduates transition to LM - Two students were sent to the university that is specialized in company's technology and they are now working in the company. • The company supports the best students with awards and financial support; mandatory traineeships in private and public organizations within certain study programmes. Significant outcomes from the described cases Universities: Business: • From shared PhD position (part time at the faculty, part time in a company) they have publications; • Reputation and legitimacy of the institution on the relevance of their researches; • Joint conference organisation; • Deeper involvement of experts in teaching; • Focus on students' projects and their public presentation; • Creation of network of cooperation • No answers companies/institutions. Impact on organizations from university – business cooperation on Universities: on Enterprises: Improved management approach 2 Skills match of graduates to the labour market needs 5 2 Boosted entrepreneurial spirit 2 Improved teaching methods 2 Encouraged innovation research, development & 2 1 Attractiveness of programs 2 Raised competitiveness...
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