Business Development definition

Business Development means the aggregate net revenues, or net margin, as determined for each Operating Unit individually and the Company as a whole, which relate to new products or new customers that are identified as Business Development targets for the applicable Performance Year.
Business Development means a building designed for use by a commercial or industrial business.
Business Development means a development designed for use by a commercial or industrial business.

Examples of Business Development in a sentence

  • Contractor will comply with all duly promulgated and lawful rules and regulations of the Department of Economic Development’s Division of Minority and Women's Business Development pertaining hereto.

  • Using the services and assistance, as appropriate, of such organizations as the Small Business Administration and the Minority Business Development Agency of the Department of Commerce.

  • Contractor will comply with all duly promulgated and lawful rules and regulations of the Governor's Office of Minority and Women's Business Development pertaining hereto.

  • Using the services and assistance of the Small Business Administration, and the Minority Business Development Agency of the Department of Commerce.

  • Any suspicion of fraud, waste, or abuse involving the contracting or certification of MWBEs shall be immediately reported to ESD’s Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development at (000) 000-0000.

More Definitions of Business Development

Business Development. The Advisor will continue to actively develop any and all business opportunities and bring them to the appropriate Department Managers and the CEO. Projections: The Advisor, when called upon, will work with Management to develop sales forecasts and projects. Investor Relations: As requested, the Advisor will work with the CFO & CEO in developing strategy in getting the ADOMANI message to its shareholders and may be called upon to be a point of contact.
Business Development. GE Group’s Business Development Toolkit 38. GE Group’s Survey Suite
Business Development. The Lead Member intends to engage in business- development activity to seek additional opportunities with other Federal, State, local and private entities for NASC Members to conduct research, prototype development and follow-on activities that support the mission of the Department of Defense (DoD) and other Federal, State and local agencies. This may require the formation of additional consortia in the aviation-systems technology domains. Each NASC member automatically will become a member in any new consortium that is formed, but may decline membership. All other terms and conditions remain unchanged and in full force and effect.
Business Development. The PPIU is working with the Cook Islands to develop an E-commerce Acceleration Plan and has undertaken an E-commerce Payments Option Analysis for Tuvalu. These will support better integration and ability to trade in the global economy. In Tonga, Samoa and Tuvalu, the PPIU has delivered Post COVID-19 Tourism Sector Development including courses in culinary skills and customer service to help kick-start tourist industries. • Pacific Trade and Invest (PTI): PTI is the trade and investment arm of the Pacific Island Forum. In 2022 the PTI network achieved NZ$74m in export deals across sixteen Pacific Forum Island countries. Of the 1,437 businesses that received Network assistance, just under 354 were women- owned or led business operators. Close to $NZ 4.2m in investments were facilitated, with more expected during 2023. • Market Development Facility (MDF): The MDF Pacific Expansion programme established operations in Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu in 2022/2023. It identifies markets with growth potential and delivers commercially sustainable solutions including in food manufacturing, high value agriculture, yacht tourism, financial services, agricultural machinery, business development services and destination marketing. In its first year in Samoa, MDF facilitated a partnership between Global Psytech and the National Bank of Samoa (NBS) to develop a credit tool for small business loan products. In the pilot NBS have used the tool to approve 150 small business loans totalling NZ$3m, where they project the default rate to be lower than 1%. Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) PACER Plus Parties are committed to ensuring that the benefits of trade, investment and labour mobility support inclusive economic development. Parties approved a GEDSI Strategy at the 2023 PACER Plus Ministers Meeting which addresses gender equality, disability and social inclusion dimensions across all work areas. Implementation will be monitored through the MELA Framework (see below).
Business Development. GUYANA: Clenergen, through a partnership with a leading plantation company, will have lease rights of up to 150,000 acres of grasslands on the banks of the river Berbice in Guyana which will be utilized for plantations of Clenergen proprietary feedstock's in phases of 5000 acres each. The cost of producing a Metric Ton of biomass is considerably lower than other forms of biomass feedstock while the biomass has a ready market in the United States and in the United Kingdom where the current price of such wood biomass in chips/pellets form is in excess of $100 a Metric Ton. Clenergen will be supplying biomass chips to UK based coal fired power generating companies which will be using the biomass to co-fire with coal to cut down on carbon Emissions, as per EU directives. The project offers the potential to supply up to 6 million Metric Tons of biomass over 5 years and is in advanced stages of negotiations.
Business Development. UGANDA: Clenergen Corporation Limited has entered into a Strategic Marketing Agreement with Carbon Impact Limited, for the purpose of implementing a 4 MW per hour power plant within 50 km of Kampala, with water irrigation and power substation connectivity within 5 km of the Power Plant. 800 acres of land have been sourced through a single owner under terms of a 49 year lease and Power Purchase Agreement with the Power Trading Corporation of India Limited (PTC).
Business Development. RUSSIA: Clenergen, is at the business development level in the Russian Federation and presented by the President of the Russian Society of Biotechnologists. The President reports to the Deputy Vice Chairman of the Dumas (Mr. Mostorov) who holds the 4th highest seat in the parliamenx. Xr. Mosorov has provided written acceptance of a project to generate 5.6MW of renewable electricity for supply to the Olympic Village during the upcoming winter Olympic Games. Based on a sales price of 6 cents per KWh, Clenergen would break even on the project, however as an incentive, Clenergen will be appointed and granted the position of an official sponsor of the Olympic Games. Agricultural waste and wood chips in quantities of 30,000 tonnes per annum are accessible and at a cost below $40 per ton. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY In order to create long term regional sustainability, it is the company's responsibility to have a social and environmental impact program and integrate its operations into the core of the local social network and population of the region under development. This plan will include assisting with educational facilities, scholarship programs, providing health care facilities and proper housing/meals for employees, and a responsible attitude toward protecting the lands of the community. The Clenergen Foundation creates projects that will empower the people in the countries we work in. The Foundation has developed over a 3 year period an agricultural product that provides all the necessary inputs for cultivation of 1 hectare of Jatropha on marginalised land. The program (Jat in a box) will empower rural farmers with an additional source of income which over time could yield in excess of $1000 per acre.