Registration Number Sample Clauses

Registration Number. (Herein referred to as “the Service Provider”) SCHEDULE TO MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMET This schedule, the Main Agreement and the Annexures thereto shall form an integral part of this Agreement, as if specifically incorporated herein. The SANBS herein described as The South African National Blood Services an Entity non-profit company incorporated in terms of the Companies Act (Act No. 71 of 2008) (Registration number: _______________) Physical address Postal address 0 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx 0000 Private Bag X14 Weltevreden park Roodepoort 1715 Fax number: N/A E-mail address: Marked for the attention of: (the Physical address is hereinafter referred to as SANBS’ domicilium citandi et executandi) The Service Provider herein described as: ________________________________ An entity registered in terms of the Companies Act (Act No. 71 of 2008) (Registration number: _____________) Registered name: Physical address Postal address Tel: Fax number: E-mail address: Marked for the attention of: (the Physical address is hereinafter referred to as the Entity’s domicilium citandi et executandi)
Registration Number. FOR THE APPOINTMENT OF AN INDEPENDENT CONSULTANTING SERVICE PROVIDER TO CONDUCT AN EVALUATION AND ASSESSMENT OF IT DATA SERVICE TOWERS VOLUMES FOR A PERIOD OF THREE (3) MONTHS CONTRACT NUMBER GSM/20/11/2031 DURATION THREE MONTHS COMMENCEMENT DATE TBA EXPIRY DATE TBA TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 SOLE AGREEMENT 2 2 CONFORMITY WITH ORDER 3 3 DELIVERY AND TITLE 3 4 PRICE AND PAYMENT 3 5 PROPRIETARY RIGHTS LIABILITY 4 6 PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 4 7 PUBLICITY 5 8 TERMINATION OF ORDER 5 9 ACCESS 6 10 WARRANTY 6 11 INSOLVENCY 6 12 subcontracting 6 13 PAYMENT TO SUB-CONTRACTORS 7 14 ASSIGNMENT 7 15 supplier integrity pact 7 16 DATABASE OF RESTRICTED SUPPLIERS 7 17 NOTICES 8 18 LAW 8 19 GENERAL 8 20 COUNTERPARTS 8 Schedule 1SCHEDULE OF REQUIREMENTS 1 SOLE AGREEMENT Unless otherwise agreed in writing, these terms [Terms and each Term] and Transnet’s purchase order(s) [Order or Orders] represent the only conditions upon which Transnet SOC Ltd [Transnet] procures Goods/Services [the Goods/Services] specified in the Order from the person to whom the Order is addressed [the Supplier/Service Provider]. Transnet does not accept any other conditions which the Supplier/Service Provider may specify, unless otherwise agreed to by Transnet in writing. In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and any Order, these Terms shall take precedence.
Registration Number. Programme .............................................................. Signature .............................................................
Registration Number. Apprentices: Licensee acknowledges and agrees that, if this Contract involves a dollar amount greater than or a number of working days greater than that specified in Labor Code section 1777.5, then this Contract is governed by the provisions of Labor Code Section 1777.5. It shall be the responsibility of Licensee to ensure compliance with this Article and with Labor Code section 1777.5 for all apprenticeship occupations. Apprentices of any crafts or trades may be employed and, when required by Labor Code section 1777.5, shall be employed provided they are properly registered in full compliance with the provisions of the Labor Code. Every such apprentice shall be paid the standard wage paid to apprentices under the regulations of the craft or trade at which he/she is employed, and shall be employed only at the work of the craft or trade to which she/he is registered. Only apprentices, as defined in section 3077 of the Labor Code, who are in training under apprenticeship standards and written apprentice agreements under chapter 4 (commencing at section 3070), division 3, of the Labor Code, are eligible to be employed. The employment and training of each apprentice shall be in accordance with the provisions of the apprenticeship standards and apprentice agreements under which he/she is training. Pursuant to Labor Code section 1777.5, if that section applies to this Contract as indicated above, Licensee and any Subcontractor(s) employing workers in any apprenticeable craft or trade in performing any work under this Contract shall apply to the applicable joint apprenticeship committee for a certificate approving the Licensee or Subcontractor(s) under the applicable apprenticeship standards and fixing the ratio of apprentices to journeymen employed in performing the work. Pursuant to Labor Code section 1777.5, if that section applies to this Contract as indicated above, Licensee and any Subcontractor(s) may be required to make contributions to the apprenticeship program. If Licensee or Subcontractor(s) willfully fails to comply with Labor Code section 1777.5, then, upon a determination of noncompliance by the Administrator of Apprenticeship, it shall: Be denied the right to bid or propose on any subsequent project for one (1) year from the date of such determination; and Forfeit as a penalty to Judicial Council the full amount as stated in Labor Code section 1777.7. Interpretation and enforcement of these provisions shall be in accordance with the rules and proc...
Registration Number. The registration number is automatically recognized upon entry. An exit ticket with registration number is presented. The following text appears on the display: your reservation has been recognized. The Car Park User must present the exit ticket when leaving the Parking Facility. Provided the Reservation Period matches the Parking Period, the Car Park User can exit the Parking Facility. If this is not the case, the Car Park User can pay for the excess period through the car park staff or the pay machines and/or make the additional payment by presenting his credit card when exiting, after having entered the exit ticket.
Registration Number. 4. Present Condition of Aircraft (Is the aircraft presently airworthy?)
Registration Number d. Present Condition of Aircraft (e.g. Is the aircraft presently airworthy?)
Registration Number. The payment for the daily using of vehicle transport: The number of rental days: MOTOR VEHICLE LEASE TERMS & CONDITIONS Casco Insurance coverage of the car includes the full value of the car in case of partly or full damage or theft. Third parties liabilities are insured by 50.000 USD Passengers insurance is not included, but can be bought additionally by the Lessee upon request. All driven Kilometers are included in the rental fee as well as all additional drivers are included.
Registration Number. T/A (hereinafter styled the TENANT) may now and from time to time hereafter owe or be indebted in to the LANDLORD and the successors and assigns of the LANDLORD arising from or out of or in terms of the Agreement of Lease to which this Suretyship is annexed, or any renewal, amendment, breach or cancellation of such Lease. It is agreed and declared that all admissions and acknowledgements of indebtedness by the TENANT shall be binding on us; that the LANDLORD shall be at liberty, without affecting the rights of the LANDLORD hereunder, to release securities and to give time to or compound or make any other arrangements with the TENANT or other person or persons, company or companies aforesaid without reference to or approval of us; and that in the event of liquidation, judicial management, insolvency or compromise, no such liquidation, judicial management, insolvency or compromise and no dividend/s or payment/s which the LANDLORD may receive from the TENANT or any other person or persons, company or companies, or from us, shall prejudice the rights of the LANDLORD to recover from us to the full extent of this Suretyship any sum which after the receipt of such dividend/s or payment/s may remain owing by the TENANT including any damages suffered by the LANDLORD arising from the premature cancellation of the Lease by a provisional trustee or provisional liquidator in terms of Section 37 of the Insolvency Act (no. 24 of 1936) as amended from time to time or any substitute legislation therefor. In the event of liquidation, judicial management or sequestration of the TENANT we bind ourselves not to file any claim against the TENANT in competition with the LANDLORD. Further, in the event of the compromise or composition by the TENANT, whether in terms of the company law or insolvency law, or under common law, we undertake not to file any claim against the TENANT in competition with the LANDLORD. AND we hereby renounce the benefit of the legal exceptions ordinis seu escussionis et divisionis, non causa debiti and revision of accounts with the force and effect of which we acknowledge ourselves to be fully acquainted and we agree and declare that this Suretyship is to be in addition and without prejudice to any other Suretyship / s and security / ties now or hereafter to be held by the LANDLORD and that it shall remain in force as a continuing security notwithstanding any intermediate settlement of account. AND we hereby agree that notwithstanding any part payment by ...
Registration Number. (If purchaser is a company, a close corporation or a trust)