Termination for Cause Sample Clauses

Termination for Cause. If, prior to the Final Exercise Date, the Participants employment is terminated by the Company for Cause (as defined below), the right to exercise this option shall terminate immediately upon the effective date of such termination of employment. If, prior to the Final Exercise Date, the Participant is given notice by the Company of the termination of his or her employment by the Company for Cause, and the effective date of such employment termination is subsequent to the date of delivery of such notice, the right to exercise this option shall be suspended from the time of the delivery of such notice until the earlier of (i) such time as it is determined or otherwise agreed that the Participants employment shall not be terminated for Cause as provided in such notice or (ii) the effective date of such termination of employment (in which case the right to exercise this option shall, pursuant to the preceding sentence, terminate upon the effective date of such termination of employment). If the Participant is party to an employment or severance agreement with the Company that contains a definition of cause for termination of employment, Cause shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in such agreement. Otherwise, Cause shall mean willful misconduct by the Participant or willful failure by the Participant to perform his or her responsibilities to the Company (including, without limitation, breach by the Participant of any provision of any employment, consulting, advisory, nondisclosure, non-competition or other similar agreement between the Participant and the Company), as determined by the Company, which determination shall be conclusive. The Participants employment shall be considered to have been terminated for Cause if the Company determines, within 30 days after the Participants resignation, that termination for Cause was warranted.

Termination for Cause. For purposes of this Agreement, For Cause shall mean: (i) Executive commits a crime involving dishonesty, breach of trust, or physical harm to any person; (ii) Executive willfully engages in conduct that is in bad faith and materially injurious to the Company, including but not limited to, misappropriation of trade secrets, fraud or embezzlement; (iii) Executive commits a material breach of this Agreement, which breach is not cured within twenty days after written notice to Executive from the Company; (iv) Executive willfully refuses to implement or follow a lawful policy or directive of the Company, which breach is not cured within twenty days after written notice to Executive from the Company; or (v) Executive engages in misfeasance or malfeasance demonstrated by a pattern of failure to perform job duties diligently and professionally. The Company may terminate Executives employment For Cause at any time, without any advance notice. The Company shall pay to Executive all compensation to which Executive is entitled up through the date of termination, subject to any other rights or remedies of the Company under law; and thereafter all obligations of the Company under this Agreement shall cease.

Termination for Cause. Except as explicitly provided otherwise in an Optionholders Option Agreement, in the event that an Optionholders Continuous Service is terminated for Cause, the Option shall terminate upon the termination date of such Optionholders Continuous Service, and the Optionholder shall be prohibited from exercising his or her Option from and after the time of such termination of Continuous Service.

Termination for Cause. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, if Sbarro terminates Executives employment for Cause, such action shall be without prejudice to any other rights or remedies that Sbarro may have at law or in equity; and Sbarro shall have no further obligation to Executive and Executive shall have no right to receive any compensation or benefit from Sbarro, on and after the effective date of such termination, other than: (i) Base Salary earned and accrued under this Agreement prior to such effective date of termination; (ii) accrued benefits (including compensation for accrued vacation) in accordance with and subject to the terms of Sbarros benefit plans and policies; (iii) any then earned, but unpaid, Annual Bonus with respect to the year prior to the year in which termination occurs, payable on its normal payment date; and (iv) reimbursement, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, for business expenses properly incurred prior to the effective date of termination. This Agreement, except for the provisions of Section 3.5 Equity Compensation (and, for the avoidance of doubt, the provisions of the LLC Agreement referred to in such section), this Section 5.4(a), Article 6 Restrictive Covenants (to the extent applicable in accordance with its terms) and Article 7 Other Provisions, shall otherwise terminate upon the effective date of the termination of employment and Executive shall have no further rights hereunder.

Termination for Cause. In the event Employees employment hereunder is terminated for Cause, all of Employees rights to his Base Salary, Benefits and Bonus, if any, shall immediately terminate as of the date of such termination, except that Employee shall be entitled to any earned and unpaid portion of his Base Salary and accrued Benefits up to the date of termination, less all deductions or offsets for amounts owed by Employee to the Company. Employee shall not be entitled to any Bonus, prorated or otherwise. The Company shall have no further obligations to Employee under the Agreement.

Termination for Cause. Unless otherwise determined by the Committee at the time of grant, or if no rights of the Participant are reduced, thereafter, if a Participants Termination (x) is for Cause or (y) is a voluntary Termination (as provided in Section 6.4(h)) after the occurrence of an event that would be grounds for a Termination for Cause, all Stock Options, whether vested or not vested, that are held by such Participant shall thereupon terminate and expire as of the date of such Termination.

Termination for Cause. Notwithstanding any other provision of the Plan to the contrary, if the Participants Service is terminated for Cause, the Option shall terminate and cease to be exercisable immediately upon such termination of Service.

Termination for Cause. The Company shall have the right to terminate the Executive for Cause, upon written notice to the Executive of the termination which notice shall specify the reasons for the termination. In the event of termination for Cause the Executive shall not be entitled to any further benefits under this Agreement.

Termination for Cause. Notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement to the contrary, the Bank shall not distribute any benefit under this Agreement if the Executives employment with the Bank is terminated due to a Termination for Cause.

Termination for Cause. Either party may, upon written notice to the other party, terminate this Agreement in its entirety or, at the option of the party providing notice of termination, may terminate any license granted hereunder, if the other party has breached this Agreement and failed to cure such breach within sixty (60) days after receiving written notice thereof from the party seeking to terminate. For avoidance of doubt, termination pursuant to this Section 11.2 shall be effective if the party seeking to terminate provides notice of breach and states that this Agreement or applicable license shall terminate immediately and without further notice thereof, unless the party in breach cures such breach within the sixty (60) day cure period.