Legislation Sample Clauses

Legislation. The Contracting Parties shall enact any legislation necessary to comply with, and give effect to, the terms of this Agreement.
Legislation. Any reference in this Agreement to any legislation (whether primary legislation or regulations or other subsidiary legislation made pursuant to primary legislation) shall be construed as a reference to such legislation as the same may have been, or may from time to time be, amended or re-enacted.
Legislation. No Law will have been enacted which prohibits, restricts or delays the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby or any of the conditions to the consummation of such transaction.
Legislation. No Federal, state, local or foreign statute, rule or regulation shall have been enacted which prohibits, restricts or delays the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement or any of the conditions to the consummation of such transactions.
Legislation. If the premium paid by the Employer for any employee benefit is reduced as a result of any legislative or other action, the amount of the saving shall be used to increase other benefits available to the employees, as may be mutually agreed between the parties.
Legislation. The Health Services Act 1997 (the Act) provides a legislative framework for the public health system, including setting out purposes and/or functions in relation to Local Health Districts (ss 8, 9, 10). Under the Act, the Health Secretary’s functions include: the facilitation of the achievement and maintenance of adequate standards of patient care within public hospitals, provision of governance, oversight and control of the public health system and the statutory health organisations within it, as well as in relation to other services provided by the public health system, and to facilitate the efficient and economic operation of the public health system (s.122). The Act allows the Health Secretary to enter into performance agreements with Local Health Districts in relation to the provision of health services and health support services (s.126). The performance agreement may include provisions of a service agreement. Under the Act the Minister may attach conditions to the payment of any subsidy (or part of any subsidy) (s.127). As a condition of subsidy all funding provided for specific purposes must be used for those purposes unless approved by the Health Secretary.
Legislation. Details of contravention of any Applicable Law or with the terms of any clearance and any fines or penalties that have or may thereby be incurred;
Legislation. 2.1 The Data Processor Agreement shall ensure that the Data Processor complies with the applicable data protection and privacy legislation (the “Applicable Law”), including in particular The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679)
Legislation. No statute, rule, regulation, order, or interpretation shall have been enacted, entered or deemed applicable by any domestic or foreign government or governmental or administrative agency or court which would make the transactions contemplated by this Agreement illegal.
Legislation. The Corporation is not aware of any proposed material changes to existing legislation, or proposed legislation published by a legislative body, which it anticipates will materially and adversely affect the business, affairs, operations, assets, liabilities (contingent or otherwise) of the Corporation.