Invest In Sample Clauses

Invest In. For purposes of subsections 9(a) and (b), the term “invest in” shall be deemed to exclude any investment or related series of investments constituting less than five per cent (5%) of the outstanding capital stock of a company whose stock is publicly traded.

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  • Investment Services The Sub-Adviser will formulate and implement a continuous investment program for the Portfolio conforming to the investment objective, investment policies and restrictions of the Portfolio as set forth in the Prospectus and Statement of Additional Information of the Trust as in effect from time to time (together, the "Registration Statement"), the Agreement and Declaration of Trust and By-laws of the Trust, and any investment guidelines or other instructions received by the Sub-Adviser in writing from the Investment Manager from time to time. Any amendments to the foregoing documents will not be deemed effective with respect to the Sub-Adviser until the Sub-Adviser's receipt thereof. The appropriate officers and employees of the Sub-Adviser will be available to consult with the Investment Manager, the Trust and Trustees at reasonable times and upon reasonable notice concerning the business of the Trust, including valuations of securities which are not registered for public sale, not traded on any securities market or otherwise may be deemed illiquid for purposes of the ICA; provided it is understood that the Sub-Adviser is not responsible for daily pricing of the Portfolio's assets. Subject to the supervision and control of the Investment Manager, which in turn is subject to the supervision and control of the Trustees, the Sub-Adviser in its discretion will determine which issuers and securities will be purchased, held, sold or exchanged by the Portfolio or otherwise represented in the Portfolio's investment portfolio from time to time and, subject to the provisions of paragraph 3 of this Agreement, will place orders with and give instructions to brokers, dealers and others for all such transactions and cause such transactions to be executed. Custody of the Portfolio will be maintained by a custodian bank (the "Custodian") and the Investment Manager will authorize the Custodian to honor orders and instructions by employees of the Sub-Adviser designated by the Sub-Adviser to settle transactions in respect of the Portfolio. No assets may be withdrawn from the Portfolio other than for settlement of transactions on behalf of the Portfolio except upon the written authorization of appropriate officers of the Trust who shall have been certified as such by proper authorities of the Trust prior to the withdrawal. The Sub-Adviser will not be responsible for the provision of administrative, bookkeeping or accounting services to the Portfolio except as specifically provided herein, as required by the ICA or the Advisers Act or as may be necessary for the Sub-Adviser to supply to the Investment Manager, the Portfolio or the Portfolio's shareholders the information reasonably required to be provided by the Sub-Adviser hereunder. Any records maintained hereunder shall be the property of the Portfolio and surrendered promptly upon request. In furnishing the services under this Agreement, the Sub-Adviser will comply with and use its best efforts to enable the Portfolio to conform to the requirements of: (i) the ICA and the regulations promulgated thereunder; (ii) Subchapters L and M (including, respectively, Section 817(h) and Sections 851(b)(1), (2) and (3)) of the Internal Revenue Code and the regulations promulgated thereunder; (iii) other applicable provisions of state or federal law; (iv) the Agreement and Declaration of Trust and By-laws of the Trust; (v) policies and determinations of the Trust and the Investment Manager provided to the Sub-Adviser in writing; (vi) the fundamental and non-fundamental investment policies and restrictions applicable to the Portfolio, as set out in the Registration Statement in effect, or as such investment policies and restrictions from time to time may be amended by the Portfolio's shareholders or the Trustees and communicated to the Sub-Adviser in writing; (vii) the Registration Statement; and (viii) investment guidelines or other instructions received in writing from the Investment Manager. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Sub-Adviser shall have no responsibility to monitor compliance with limitations or restrictions for which information from the Investment Manager or its authorized agents is required to enable the Sub-Adviser to monitor compliance with such limitations or restrictions unless such information is provided to the Sub-adviser in writing. The Sub-Adviser shall supervise and monitor the activities of its representatives, personnel and agents in connection with the investment program of the Portfolio. Nothing in this Agreement shall be implied to prevent the Investment Manager from engaging other sub-advisers to provide investment advice and other services to the Portfolio or to series or portfolios of the Trust for which the Sub-Adviser does not provide such services, or to prevent the Investment Manager from providing such services itself in relation to the Portfolio or such other series or portfolios. The Sub-Adviser shall be responsible for the preparation and filing of Schedule 13-G and Form 13-F reflecting the Portfolio's securities holdings. The Sub-Adviser shall not be responsible for the preparation or filing of any other reports required of the Portfolio by any governmental or regulatory agency, except as expressly agreed to in writing.

  • Carried to Collection R Section 1 Bill No. 1 Preliminaries Contract instructions (Clause 17). 17 F: ……….… V: ….……… T: ….……... Item Setting out of the works (Clause 18). The contractor shall notify the principal agent if any encroachments of adjoining foundations, buildings, structures, pavements, boundaries, etc., exist in order that the necessary arrangements may be made for the rectification of any such encroachments. 18 F: ……….… V: ….……… T: ….……... Item Assignment (Clause 19). 19 F: ……….… V: ….……… T: ….……... Item Nominated subcontractors (Clause 20). 20 F: ……….… V: ….……… T: ….……... Item Selected subcontractors (Clause 21). 21 F: ……….… V: ….……… T: ….……... Item Employer's Direct contractors (Clause 22). 22 F: ……….… V: ….……… T: ….……... Item Contractor's Domestic subcontractors (Clause 23). 23 F: ……….… V: ….……… T: ….……... Item COMPLETION Practical completion (Clause 24). 24 F: ……….… V: ….……… T: ….……... Item Works completion (Clause 25). 25 F: ……….… V: ….……… T: ….……... Item Final completion (Clause 26). Carried to Collection R

  • Data Collection, Processing and Usage The Company and the Employer will collect, process and use certain personal information about the Employee, specifically, the Employee’s name, home address, email address and telephone number, date of birth, date of hire, social security or insurance number, passport number or other identification numbers, salary, nationality, job title, any shares of Common Stock or directorships held in the Company, details of all Units or any other entitlement to shares of Common Stock awarded, canceled, exercised, vested, unvested or outstanding in the Employee’s favor (“Data”), for the exclusive purpose of implementing, administering and managing the Plan. The Company’s legal basis for the collection, processing and use of the Employee’s Data is the Employee’s consent. The Employee’s Data also may be disclosed to certain securities or other regulatory authorities where the Company’s securities are listed or traded or regulatory filings are made. The Company’s legal basis for such disclosure of the Employee’s Data is to comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

  • Cash Advances An Finance Charge will be imposed on cash advances from the date made or from the first day of billing cycle in which the cash advance is posted to your account, whichever is later, and will continue to accrue until the date of payment.

  • Investment; Access to Data The undersigned has carefully reviewed and understands the risks of, and other considerations relating to, a purchase of the Common Stock and an investment in the Company. The undersigned has been furnished materials relating to the Company, the private placement of the Common Stock or anything else that it has requested and has been afforded the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers concerning the terms and conditions of the offering and obtain any additional information which the Company possesses or can acquire without unreasonable effort or expense. Representatives of the Company have answered all inquiries that the undersigned has made of them concerning the Company, or any other matters relating to the formation and operation of the Company and the offering and sale of the Common Stock. The undersigned has not been furnished any offering literature other than the materials that the Company may have provided at the request of the undersigned; and the undersigned has relied only on such information furnished or made available to the undersigned by the Company as described in this Section. The undersigned is acquiring the Shares for investment for the undersigned's own account, not as a nominee or agent and not with the view to, or for resale in connection with, any distribution thereof. The undersigned acknowledges that the Company is a start-up company with no current operations, assets or operating history, which may possibly cause a loss of Purchaser’s entire investment in the Company.

  • Portfolio Accounting Services (1) Maintain portfolio records on a trade date+1 basis using security trade information communicated from the Fund’s investment adviser.

  • Investment of Account Assets a. All contributions to the custodial account shall be invested in the shares of the Provident Trust Mutual Funds, Inc. or, if available, any other series of Provident Trust Mutual Funds, Inc. or other regulated investment companies for which Provident Trust Company serves as Investment Advisor or designates as being eligible for investment. Shares of stock of an Investment Company shall be referred to as “Investment Company Shares”. To the extent that two or more funds are available for investment, contributions shall be invested in accordance with the depositor’s investment election.

  • Cash Advance Fee If you request a Cash Advance, in addition to the Interest Charge which will accrue on the Cash Advance, you agree to pay a fee of three percent (3%) of the amount of the Cash Advance subject to a minimum fee of $10.00.

  • Establishment of and Deposits to Custodial Account The Company shall segregate and hold all funds collected and received pursuant to a Mortgage Loan separate and apart from any of its own funds and general assets and shall establish and maintain one or more Custodial Accounts, in the form of time deposit or demand accounts, titled "Countrywide Home Loans Inc. in trust for the Purchaser of Conventional Residential Conventional Residential Mortgage Loans, and various Mortgagors". The Custodial Account shall be established with a Qualified Depository. Any funds deposited in the Custodial Account shall at all times be fully insured to the full extent permitted under applicable law. Funds deposited in the Custodial Account may be drawn on by the Company in accordance with Section 4.05. The creation of any Custodial Account shall be evidenced by a certification in the form of Exhibit D-1 hereto, in the case of an account established with the Company, or by a letter agreement in the form of Exhibit D-2 hereto, in the case of an account held by a depository other than the Company. A copy of such certification or letter agreement shall be furnished to the Purchaser and, upon request, to any subsequent Purchaser. The Company shall deposit in the Custodial Account within two Business Days of receipt, and retain therein, the following collections received by the Company and payments made by the Company after the related Cut-off Date, (other than payments of principal and interest due on or before the related Cut-off Date, or received by the Company prior to the related Cut-off Date but allocable to a period subsequent thereto or with respect to each LPMI Loan, in the amount of the LPMI Fee):

  • Data Collection and Usage The Company collects, processes and uses personal data about the Grantee, including but not limited to, the Grantee’s name, home address, email address and telephone number, date of birth, social insurance number, passport or other identification number, salary, nationality, job title, any shares or directorships held in the Company, details of all awards, rights or any other entitlement to shares awarded, canceled, exercised, vested, unvested or outstanding in the Grantee’s favor, which the Company receives from the Grantee or the Grantee’s employer. In order for the Grantee to participate in the Plan, the Company will collect his or her personal data for purposes of allocating Shares and implementing, administering and managing the Plan. The Company’s legal basis for the processing of the Grantee’s personal data is based on the necessity for Company’s performance of its obligations under the Plan and pursuant to the Company’s legitimate business interests. In those jurisdictions where the Grantee’s consent to the processing of the Grantee’s personal data is required, the Grantee expressly and explicitly consents to the collection, processing and transfer practices as described herein.