Participation in the Plan Sample Clauses

Participation in the Plan. The Company hereby permits the Employee to participate, and the Employee hereby elects to participate, in the Plan, subject to all of the terms, conditions and provisions of the Plan and this Agreement.
Participation in the Plan. Participation in the Plan is considered mandatory for all Eligible Employees who satisfy the eligibility conditions specified in the Adoption Agreement, except as provided in Section 4.03(e) of the Master Plan. However, the Employer may specify below that participation is optional for certain classes of Eligible Employees, including Regular Employees, elected or appointed members of the Governing Authority, Municipal Legal Officers, City Managers, and/or Department Heads. If participation is optional for an Eligible Employee, then in order to become a Participant, he must make a written election to participate within 120 days after employment, election or appointment to office, or if later, the date he first becomes eligible to participate in the Plan. The election is irrevocable, and the failure to make the election within the 120 day time limit shall be deemed an irrevocable election not to participate in the Plan. Classes for whom participation is optional (check one): None (Participation is mandatory for all Eligible Employees except as provided in Section 4.03(e) of the Master Plan). Participation is optional for the following Eligible Employees (must specify - specific positions are permissible; specific individuals may not be named; all positions or classes specified must be Eligible Employees): .
Participation in the Plan. Each Eligible Employee who was a Participant in the ESOP and/or the Tax Benefit Plan immediately prior to the Effective Date shall be eligible to make Elective Contributions on and after the Effective Date, provided he is still an Eligible Employee. In addition, any Designation of Beneficiary on file for such Eligible Employee under the Tax Benefit Plan shall be a valid Designation under this Plan, unless and until changed in accordance with the provisions of this Plan. Each other Eligible Employee who becomes a Participant shall be notified when he is eligible to make Elective Contributions and shall be provided with such information as is required by the Plan and by ERISA, within the time prescribed for providing such information. Each such Participant also shall be provided with a Designation of Beneficiary Form which shall provide for a designation of one or more Beneficiaries to receive benefits in the event of the Employee’s death, and shall be provided with such forms as may be necessary to cause Elective Contributions to be made on his behalf to the Trust.
Participation in the Plan. If you are a Regular Full-Time employee eligible to be a member of the Professional & Managerial Association (PMA), you are eligible to participate in the Dental benefit. Participation is compulsory; however, if you are covered for similar benefits under your spouse’s group plan, you may exempt yourself from our plan. Coverage is effective on the first day of your Regular Full-Time appointment.
Participation in the Plan. Executive acknowledges the terms of the Plan, including (i) the severance pay and benefits provided thereunder, (ii) the conditions upon which such severance pay and benefits will be paid and provided, (iii) the conditions that Executive must satisfy to receive severance pay and benefits thereunder, and (iv) that the Plan provides the sole source of pay and benefits in connection with an Eligible Termination.
Participation in the Plan. An eligible employee may become a participating employee in the Plan by completing an election to participate in the Plan on a form provided by the Company and submitting that form to the Human Resources Department of the Company. The form will authorize: (i) payment of the Purchase Price by payroll deductions, and if authorized by the Committee, payment of the Purchase Price by means of periodic cash payments from participating employees, and (ii) the purchase of shares of Common Stock for the employee's account in accordance with the terms of the Plan. Enrollment will become effective upon the first day of an Offering Period.
Participation in the Plan. The granting of any Option is not to be construed as giving a Participant a right to continued employment or to remain an officer or employee, as the case may be, of the Corporation or an Affiliate of the Corporation. Nothing contained in this Repricing Agreement or the Plan will interfere in any way with the rights of the Corporation or an Affiliate of the Corporation in connection with the employment or termination of any such person. Upon any such termination, a Participant’s rights to exercise Options will be subject to restrictions and time limits for the exercise of Options. Complete details of such restrictions are set out in the Plan, and in particular in Article 4 thereof (except to the extent that such provisions are varied in accordance with Schedule “A” hereto). The Participant hereby agrees that any rule, regulation or determination, including the interpretation by the Board of the Plan, the Option granted hereunder and the exercise thereof, is final and conclusive for all purposes and binding on all persons including the Corporation and the Participant.
Participation in the Plan. Participation in the Plan is limited to Transferred Employees who, at the close of business on the Distribution Date, held a Motorola Award under one or more of the Motorola Plans and Transferring Directors holding Assumed Director Awards (together, the “Participants”). No new awards will be granted to Participants under the Plan.
Participation in the Plan. (a) In the event of the adoption of the Plan and Trust by an Affiliate, the Affiliate shall become a Participating Company and all the terms and conditions of the Plan and Trust as set forth hereunder shall apply to the participation under the Plan of such Affiliate and its Employees in the manner as set forth herein. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following rights are specifically reserved to the Company so long as the Company participates under the Plan: