Detailing Sample Clauses

Detailing. The U.S. Commercialization Plan will set forth (A) the precise number of each Party’s sales representatives for Shared Products in the US Territory, consistent with the foregoing, (B) policies and processes for the creation of marketing and promotional materials, (C) planning for conferences, (D) the number, type (e.g., first position, second position, etc.) and frequency of details to be conducted by sales representatives for Shared Products in each Calendar Year, (E) the allocation of sales details between the Parties, (F) development of sales forecasts, and (G) coordinating strategies for compensation packages for sales representatives.
Detailing. Each Sales Representative shall conduct face-to-face one-on-one discussions with Target Prescribers during which a promotional message involving the Products is given for the purpose of promoting the Products to such Target Prescribers in accordance with this Agreement (each such discussion being a “Detail” and the holding of such meetings being “Detailing”). For the avoidance of doubt, (i) a reminder presentation or a sample drop shall not constitute a Detail, a Primary Detail or a Non-Primary Detail; and (ii) presentations to groups, medical conventions or institutions shall not constitute a Detail, a Primary Detail or a Non-Primary Detail. VCS shall cause the Sales Representatives to conduct *** Primary Details per year (*** Primary Details per calendar quarter) to Call Plan targets. Generally, a VCS Sales Representative is expected to use the Product Literature (and only the Product Literature) when making a Call and to leave one or more copies of the Product Literature and full prescribing information with the Target Prescriber as part of the Call. VCS shall require each VCS Sales Representative to accurately record information concerning each Call and concerning the profile of each Target Prescriber on whom the VCS Sales Representative Calls. Such recorded information shall be deemed to be the property of CLIENT. MANAGER HIRE STATUS VCS will also provide *** full-time District Managers and *** Project Manager under this Agreement. All of the managers to be provided will be VCS employees. The District Managers and Project Manager will be dedicated to the VCS Field Force. As dedicated managers, the VCS managers may not manage persons other than the VCS Field Force. ALIGNMENTS The configurations of the sales districts and of the Territories within each district to be serviced by the VCS Field Force have been or will be provided to VCS; will be maintained by VCS at its offices; and may be amended or reconfigured from time to time only upon prior written approval of CLIENT.
Detailing. Detailing is the temporary short-term assignment of employees to another work location. When the Appointing Authority decides that it is necessary to detail employees for longer than three (3) consecutive work days in order to accomplish the mission of the agency, the Appointing Authority shall first ask for volunteers at the work location from which such detailing is to take place. In evaluating employees who are to be selected for detailing, the Appointing Authority shall take into account the needs of both the sending and the receiving office, and the class(es)/level(s) of the employees needed for detailing. The Appointing Authority shall then detail from among the three most senior qualified volunteers in seniority order. In the event that there is an insufficient number of volunteers, the Appointing Authority shall assign employees by class/level to be detailed in inverse seniority order. Seniority will not be considered for detailing assignments of three (3) consecutive workdays or less. For purposes of detailing in inverse seniority order, the Union President, Officers, Chief Stewards, and Stewards shall be considered most senior. Among such Union officials, the Steward shall be most senior, followed by the Chief Steward, Union Officer, and Union President. For purposes of this Section, preauthorized classes and levels shall not be combined when the Appointing Authority determines the mix of those class(es)/level(s) which are to be detailed. Probationary employees may not be included in the detailing if the Employer determines they are not qualified to perform the work, but such employees shall be included in any detailing for such class/level upon completion of their probationary period. In the UIA and WDA, exceptions to detailing by least seniority where such detailing would cause a valid hardship to the employee shall be subject to review on a case-by-case basis in accordance with current practice. In other Departments, until guidelines for such exceptions are established and agreed upon through secondary negotiations, current practice in regard to exceptions to detailing shall continue.
Detailing. When the Employer intends to utilize the procedures in Subsections A through C below, the Employer shall give the Union reasonable prior notice before the Employer’s final determination of sending work locations is made and shall meet with the Union to discuss the details of such action, including the data upon which the Employer bases the designation of sending work locations. Such data will take into consideration the cyclical nature of the work and may include the work load, scheduling systems, the types of positions affected by reassignment, and current staffing data.
Detailing. Cardinal Health shall provide twenty four (24) Representatives to engage in Product Detail activities in the Territory. Cardinal Health shall assign Representatives for such Target Customers, in such numbers, and in such Territories as shall be designated by Cumberland during the term of this Agreement. Each Representative shall make Product Details to his or her assigned Target Customers based on any reasonable general direction given by Cumberland’s designated management team. The duties of such Representatives shall be exclusively to Detail the Products and perform other related activities reasonably agreed upon by Cardinal Health as deemed necessary for the establishment and maintenance of new and existing customers of the Products in the Territories. Cumberland shall at all times retain the right to promote the Products by whomever, wherever, and to whomever it chooses.
Detailing. If Tenant fails to furnish such information within the time prescribed (or any further information within five (5) days after written demand), Landlord may complete the demised premises in a manner satisfactory to Landlord.