Prior Notice Sample Clauses

Prior Notice. Each party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement effective at the end of the Initial Term or at the end of any Renewal Term by giving the other party written notice not less than sixty (60) days prior to the effective date of such termination, by registered or certified mail.
Prior Notice. In addition, at least 20 Scheduled Trading Days before any Merger Event, the Company shall give notice to Holders of such Merger Event, or, if the Company has not publicly announced such Merger Event at such time, as promptly as practicable after publicly announcing such Merger Event. In any such notice, the Company shall also specify the composition of the Unit of Reference Property for such Merger Event, or, if the Company has not determined the composition of such Unit of Reference Property at such time, the Company will provide an additional written notice to Holders that states the composition of such Unit of Reference Property as promptly as practicable after determining its composition.
Prior Notice. Transferor confirms that it has previously provided notice of the proposed Transfer and a copy of this Agreement to the Fund(s).
Prior Notice. At least three (3) Business Days of prior notice shall be given to Parent by the transferor of any Common Stock or BGL Warrants that is subject to a Lockup Period but the Transfer of which is permitted by Section 2.02(b) or Section 2.02(c). Prior to the consummation of any such permitted Transfer, or prior to any Transfer pursuant to which rights and obligations of the transferor under this Agreement are assigned in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the transferring Stockholder shall cause the transferee to execute and deliver to Parent a Joinder Agreement and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement and shall provide any documents required by the Transfer Agent to consummate such Transfer. Upon any Transfer by any Stockholder of any of its Common Stock or BGL Warrants, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and which is made in conjunction with the assignment of such Stockholder’s rights and obligations hereunder, the transferee thereof shall be substituted for, and shall assume all the rights and obligations under this Agreement, of the transferor thereof.
Prior Notice. Any Party may refer any such matter to arbitration by notice to the other Party and, within 10 Business Days after receipt of such notice, the Parties will agree on the appointment of an arbitrator. No person will be appointed as an arbitrator hereunder unless such person agrees in writing to act.
Prior Notice. 1. Regular full-time employees must enter a request for approval of absence from school duties in the absence management system when a substitute is required. When a substitute is not required the request must be put in the time and attendance system (NovaTime). Requests for approval must be ten (10) days prior to the absence except for illness, bereavement or funeral leave.
Prior Notice. NYSERDA or its agent may choose to visit the Project Site to verify that any information provided by Contractor, including data generated by the Project, is accurate with regard to project equipment, site conditions, and monitoring configurations. Inspections may occur at any time after project installation, in accordance with § 4.3 and the Bulk Energy Storage Incentive Program Manual. Should NYSERDA decide to inspect a site, NYSERDA, or its agent may or may not contact the Contractor to schedule the inspection. In other words, an inspection may occur without advance notice given to the Contractor.
Prior Notice two months in advance. Notice shall be given notice in writing however, even if notice is not given in writing as aforesaid, the Manager shall be deemed to have resigned if he gives clear notice in such regard.