The Products Sample Clauses

The Products. The Products shall be promoted by Alamo under trademarks owned by or licensed to Clients and are Products which Clients have all lawful authority necessary to market and sell the Products in all geographic areas where the Products are to be promoted under this PA. This Agreement does not constitute a grant to Alamo of any property right or interest in the Products or the trademarks owned by or licensed to Clients. Alamo recognizes the validity of and the title of Clients to all their respectively owned or licensed trademarks, trade names and trade dress in any country in connection with the Products, whether registered or not. Clients represent to Alamo that neither those trademarks, trade names and trade dress nor the promotion of the Products by Alamo infringes on any intellectual property right of any other person or entity.
The Products. Unless otherwise instructed by Service Provider, GlobalSign will publish Publicly Trusted SSL/TLS Certificates to Certificate Transparency (CT) logs and as required for trust by the Google Chromium Certificate Transparency Policy.
The Products. The Products issued by CUNA Mutual are described on the Schedule. The attached Schedule may be amended from time-to-time by CUNA Mutual. Prior versions of Products are included for servicing under this Agreement for prior customers by Representatives who are now appointed as agents of CUNA Mutual through General Agent under this Agreement. Any customer records and files relating to prior versions of the Products shall be retained by the appropriate Representatives or by General Agent or Broker-Dealer and shall be subject to the confidentiality provisions of Section 5 and record maintenance provisions of Subsection 3.15 of this Agreement. Upon issuance of the Products pursuant to this Agreement, CUNA Mutual will transmit Products to General Agent or Broker-Dealer for delivery to policyholders according to procedures set up by CUNA Mutual, unless CUNA Mutual has provided otherwise. CUNA Mutual, in its sole discretion and without notice to Broker-Dealer, may suspend sales of any of the Products or may amend the Products if, in CUNA Mutual’s opinion, such suspension or amendment is: (a) necessary for compliance with federal, state, or local laws, regulations, or administrative orders; or (b) necessary to prevent administrative or financial hardship to CUNA Mutual. In all other situations, CUNA Mutual shall provide reasonable notice, as practicable, to Broker-Dealer prior to suspending sales of any of the Products or amending the Products.
The Products. Company and THLI have created certain designs and patterns from which Manufacturer will create three-dimensional samples. Company shall advise Manufacturer if the samples meet Company's quality requirements within fifteen (15) days of receipt. Manufacturer shall make any modifications to the samples as required by Company. Samples accepted by Company shall be designated as prototypes for the purposes of this Agreement.
The Products. 6.1 We own all the Products.
The Products. During the Term, Dreyer's will have the obligation to distribute the Products in accordance with this Agreement.
The Products. Subject to the terms and conditions herein set forth, ------------ Seller agrees to sell, and Buyer agrees to purchase and accept its requirements for the Products. The Products and the specifications for the Products (the "Product Specifications") are more fully ---------------------- described in Exhibit A attached hereto and made a part hereof. Buyer agrees that it is purchasing the Products solely for its own use in its own facilities and that it will not resell the Products to any third party.
The Products. (a) The Borrower/s shall be solely and exclusively responsible for the quality, condition, fitness and performance of the Product(s) and for getting / ensuring delivery of the Product(s) from the manufacturer / dealer / seller, as the case may be, and LENDER shall not be liable or responsible for any delay in delivery (or non-delivery) of the Product(s) or any demurrage cost or for any defect or variation in the quality, condition or fitness or performance of the Product(s) or any guarantees or warranties given by the manufacturer / dealer / seller in respect thereof. LENDER shall not be liable for, or bound by, any representations or warranties, whatsoever made by manufacturer / dealer/ seller in respect of the Product(s) or any agent of such manufacturer / dealer / seller. The Borrower/s shall not engage any person other than authorized mechanics/ service centre(s) of the Manufacturer or Dealers/suppliers to carry out the repairs, if any to said Product(s).
The Products. With respect to the Products, this Agreement only grants to STRATEGY a license to offer a license to such Products to STRATEGY’s customers and does not transfer to STRATEGY any right, title or interest in or to any therein, notwithstanding any “purchase” or “sale” or similar language contained therein.
The Products. The full range of equipment manufactured by Sporting Edge that is used for the creation of simulated altitude environments and/or partially or fully climatically controlled rooms and xxxxxxxx. The systems are powered by air compressors which form an integral part of the system. The range of sizes offered span from 2.2kw to 132kW. SCHEDULE 2 THE TRADE MARKS There are 4 marks registered. (This little fellow is known as ‘BIFF’) PERFORMANCE PLENUM This is registered as text with no particular style, but with a context. It refers to an equipment configuration developed by Sporting Edge to provide superior uniformity in Environmental xxxxxxxx. It is also the subject of a European Patent Application, which if successful, will be extended to the USA. SCHEDULE 3