A Unit Sample Clauses

A Unit. Member attending an approved training session requiring travel outside the greater city of Fresno area and/or involving lodging and meals shall be reimbursed according to the then current travel and per diem policies of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools.
A Unit. Employee who has had a break in service shall be credited with prior periods of full-time State employment for leave accrual purposes if that employee's current period of full- time state employment has been three (3) or more continuous years in duration. Only prior periods of full-time state employment of two (2) or more consecutive years in duration shall be eligible for crediting Union Representation
A Unit. Member who is granted an approved Legislative or Organizational Leave pursuant to the provisions of Article 14, and is eligible for preferred assignment consideration at the time the leave is granted, shall retain the Unit Member’s length of service position and shall be entitled to preferred status upon return from the leave.
A Unit. II employee applying for a vacancy shall apply in writing. When interviews are being conducted the Unit II employee(s) will be allowed to interview. If a Unit II employee who applies is not selected to fill the vacancy, the employee shall receive, on request, a written statement as to the reason(s) the employee was not selected.
A Unit. Member granted a sabbatical leave shall agree to comply with all reasonable rules and regulations prescribed by the District, including, but not limited to, the preparation of a progress report and a comprehensive final report which shall include official transcripts of all completed course work, a complete travel itinerary, a recommendation of how the sabbatical leave results may be shared with student and staff, and the presentation of the complete file of all pertinent material either developed or collected during the leave and the recommendation for the use of material to the benefit of the District students and staff.
A Unit. Member being transferred after the beginning of the student instructional year shall be provided with three (3) working days of release time or compensation at the unit member’s per diem rate for the purpose of relocating, planning and preparation.
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A Unit. T employee who is interested in voluntarily transferring to another Unit T position shall notify the Office of Human Resources via TalentEd, or another district-determined electronic means, by March 1 of a current school year of the Unit T employee’s interest to change a position for the following school year only. Such request will not guarantee that the aforementioned request shall be granted. If the request is not granted, the request shall be deemed withdrawn.
A Unit. 18 Faculty may request an extension of the review deadlines due to a leave of absence taken under Article 12 - Leaves. Such requests shall not be unreasonably denied.
A Unit. The services provided to residents are :
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