A Unit Sample Clauses

A Unit. Employee who has had a break in service shall be credited with prior periods of full-time State employment for leave accrual purposes if that employee's current period of full- time state employment has been three (3) or more continuous years in duration. Only prior periods of full-time state employment of two (2) or more consecutive years in duration shall be eligible for crediting Union Representation
A Unit. Member who is granted an approved Legislative or Organizational Leave pursuant to the provisions of Article 14, and is eligible for preferred assignment consideration at the time the leave is granted, shall retain the Unit Member’s length of service position and shall be entitled to preferred status upon return from the leave.
A Unit. II employee applying for a vacancy shall apply in writing. When interviews are being conducted the Unit II employee(s) will be allowed to interview. If a Unit II employee who applies is not selected to fill the vacancy, the employee shall receive, on request, a written statement as to the reason(s) the employee was not selected.
A Unit. I employee applying for a vacancy shall apply in writing. At the conclusion of ten (10) day internal posting period, all internal applicants shall receive a copy of the job description and be granted an interview by the appropriate administrator or supervisor. If a unit member who applies is not selected to fill the vacancy, the member shall receive, on request, a written statement as to the reasons for selection of the successful candidate.
A Unit. T employee who is interested in voluntarily transferring to another Unit T position shall notify the Office of Human Resources via TalentEd, or another district-determined electronic means, by March 1 of a current school year of the Unit T employee’s interest to change a position for the following school year only. Such request will not guarantee that the aforementioned request shall be granted. If the request is not granted, the request shall be deemed withdrawn.

Related to A Unit

  • Unit The fractional undivided interest in and ownership of an individual Trust Fund equal initially to 1/(the number of Units of fractional undivided interest outstanding) provided in the Statement of Condition in the Prospectus for the Trust Fund, the denominator of which fraction shall be (1) increased by the number of any additional Units issued pursuant to Section 2.03 hereof and (2) decreased by the number of any such Units redeemed as provided in Section 5.02. Whenever reference is made herein to the "interest" of a Unitholder in the Trust Fund or in the Income or Capital Accounts, it shall mean such fractional undivided interest represented by the number of Units, whether or not evidenced by a Certificate or Certificates, held of record by such Unitholder in such Trust Fund.

  • per Unit The Company is advised by the Representatives that the Underwriters intend (i) to make a public offering of their respective portions of the Firm Units as soon after the effective date of the Registration Statement as in the Representatives’ judgment is advisable and (ii) initially to offer the Firm Units upon the terms set forth in the Prospectus. In addition, the Company hereby grants to the several Underwriters the option (the “Over-Allotment Option”) to purchase, and upon the basis of the representations and warranties and subject to the terms and conditions herein set forth, the Underwriters shall have the right to purchase, severally and not jointly, from the Company, ratably in accordance with the number of Firm Units to be purchased by each of them, all or a portion of the Additional Units as may be necessary to cover over-allotments made in connection with the offering of the Firm Units, at the same purchase price per Firm Unit to be paid by the Underwriters to the Company. The Over-Allotment Option may be exercised by UBS and Barclays on behalf of the several Underwriters at any time and from time to time on or before the forty-fifth day following the date of the Prospectus, by written notice to the Company. Such notice shall set forth the aggregate number of Additional Units as to which the Over-Allotment Option is being exercised and the date and time when the Additional Units are to be delivered (any such date and time being herein referred to as an “additional time of purchase”); provided, however, that no additional time of purchase shall be earlier than the “time of purchase” (as defined below) nor earlier than the second business day after the date on which the Over-Allotment Option shall have been exercised nor later than the tenth business day after the date on which the Over-Allotment Option shall have been exercised. The number of Additional Units to be sold to each Underwriter shall be the number which bears the same proportion to the aggregate number of Additional Units being purchased as the number of Firm Units set forth opposite the name of such Underwriter on Schedule A hereto bears to the total number of Firm Units (subject, in each case, to such adjustment as the Representatives may determine to eliminate fractional shares), subject to adjustment in accordance with Section 8 hereof. In addition to the discount from the public offering price represented by the Purchase Price set forth in the first sentence of this Section 1, the Company hereby agrees to pay to the Underwriters a deferred discount of $0.35 per Unit (including both Firm Units and Additional Units) purchased hereunder (the “Deferred Discount”), subject to Section 4(oo) herein. The Underwriters hereby agree that if no Business Combination is consummated within the time period provided in the Trust Agreement and the funds held under the Trust Agreement are distributed to the holders of the Common Stock included in the Units sold pursuant to this Agreement (the “Public Stockholders”), (i) the Underwriters will forfeit any rights or claims to the Deferred Discount and (ii) the trustee under the Trust Agreement is authorized to distribute the Deferred Discount to the Public Stockholders on a pro rata basis.

  • The FTPS Unit Servicing Agent shall transmit to each FTPS Unit holder of record any notice or other communication received from the Trustee and shall be solely responsible for soliciting and transmitting to the Trustee any notice required from FTPS Unit holders.

  • Share In the case of Delivery to it of ADSs representing a number other than a whole number of Shares, the Depositary shall cause ownership of the appropriate whole number of Shares to be Delivered in accordance with the terms hereof, and shall, at the discretion of the Depositary, either (i) return to the person surrendering such ADSs the number of ADSs representing any remaining fractional Share, or (ii) sell or cause to be sold the fractional Share represented by the ADSs so surrendered and remit the proceeds of such sale (net of (a) applicable fees and charges of, and expenses incurred by, the Depositary and (b) taxes withheld) to the person surrendering the ADSs. Notwithstanding anything else contained in this ADR or the Deposit Agreement, the Depositary may make delivery at the Principal Office of the Depositary of (i) any cash dividends or cash distributions, or (ii) any proceeds from the sale of any distributions of shares or rights, which are at the time held by the Depositary in respect of the Deposited Securities represented by the ADSs surrendered for cancellation and withdrawal. At the request, risk and expense of any Holder so surrendering ADSs represented by this ADR, and for the account of such Holder, the Depositary shall direct the Custodian to forward (to the extent permitted by law) any cash or other property (other than securities) held by the Custodian in respect of the Deposited Securities represented by such ADSs to the Depositary for delivery at the Principal Office of the Depositary. Such direction shall be given by letter or, at the request, risk and expense of such Holder, by cable, telex or facsimile transmission.

  • Member Units Each Member’s interest in the Company, including such Member’s interest in income, gains, losses, deductions and expenses of the Company and the right to vote on certain matters as provided in this Agreement, shall be represented by the Units owned by such Member.

  • Units Interests in the Partnership shall be represented by Units. The Units initially are comprised of one Class: Class A Units. The General Partner may establish, from time to time in accordance with such procedures as the General Partner shall determine from time to time, other Classes, one or more series of any such Classes, or other Partnership securities with such designations, preferences, rights, powers and duties (which may be senior to existing Classes and series of Units or other Partnership securities), as shall be determined by the General Partner, including (i) the right to share in Profits and Losses or items thereof; (ii) the right to share in Partnership distributions; (iii) the rights upon dissolution and liquidation of the Partnership; (iv) whether, and the terms and conditions upon which, the Partnership may or shall be required to redeem the Units or other Partnership securities (including sinking fund provisions); (v) whether such Unit or other Partnership security is issued with the privilege of conversion or exchange and, if so, the terms and conditions of such conversion or exchange; (vi) the terms and conditions upon which each Unit or other Partnership security will be issued, evidenced by certificates and assigned or transferred; (vii) the method for determining the Total Percentage Interest as to such Units or other Partnership securities; and (viii) the right, if any, of the holder of each such Unit or other Partnership security to vote on Partnership matters, including matters relating to the relative designations, preferences, rights, powers and duties of such Units or other Partnership securities. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement to the contrary, any reference to “Units” shall include the Class A Units and any other Classes that may be established in accordance with this Agreement. All Units of a particular Class shall have identical rights in all respects as all other Units of such Class, except in each case as otherwise specified in this Agreement.

  • Partnership Units Each Partner shall own Partnership Units in the amounts set forth for such Partner in Exhibit A and shall have a Percentage Interest in the Partnership as set forth in Exhibit A, which Percentage Interest shall be adjusted in Exhibit A from time to time by the General Partner to the extent necessary to reflect accurately redemptions, additional Capital Contributions, the issuance of additional Partnership Units or similar events having an effect on the number of Partnership Units held by, and the Percentage Interest of, any Partner. Each Partnership Unit shall entitle the holder thereof to one vote on all matters on which the Partners (or any portion of the Partners) are entitled to vote under this Agreement.

  • Membership Units The Company is initially organized with One (1) class of Membership Interests, designated in Units, which Units are initially the only class of equity in the Company. The Units shall have no par value and shall be of a single class with identical rights. The Company shall have a first lien on the Units of any Member for any debt or liability owed by such Member to the Company. Additional and different classes of Membership Interests represented by different Units may be created and issued to new or existing Members on such terms and conditions as the Governors may determine. Such additional and different classes may have different rights, powers and preferences (including, without limitation, voting rights and distribution preferences), which may be superior to those of existing Members. Members shall have no preemptive rights to acquire additional or newly created Units.

  • Partnership Interest Except as provided in this Agreement and the Transferor Partnership Agreement, no right (contingent or otherwise) to purchase or acquire the Transferor Partnership Interests held by such Transferor Partner is authorized or outstanding. Except as disclosed on Schedule 5.34, such Transferor Partner owns and holds the Transferor Partnership Interests set forth opposite its name on Schedule I beneficially and of record free and clear of any liens, pledges and encumbrances of any kind whatsoever and free of any rights of assignment of any third party. Prior to the Closing, all liens disclosed on Schedule 5.34 will be paid in full. Upon the Closing, good, valid, marketable, and indefeasible title to such Transferor Partnership Interests shall be vested in the BRI Partnership free and clear of any lien, claim, charge, pledge, encumbrance, limitation, agreement or instrument whatsoever. The provisions of this Section 5.34 shall survive the Closing indefinitely.

  • Fractional Units Class A Shareholders holding a number of Subject Class A Shares which would entitle such holders to receive less than one whole BPY Unit pursuant to this Agreement shall receive cash in lieu of fractional units. Fractional BPY Units shall not be distributed to Class A Shareholders or credited to book-entry accounts. With respect to any delivery of BPY Units to a Class A Shareholder under this Agreement, BAM shall promptly instruct the transfer agent for the BPY Units to, as soon as practicable, (a) determine the number of whole BPY Units and fractional BPY Units allocable to each holder of record or beneficial owner of Class A Shares entitled to receive BPY Units at such time, (b) aggregate all such fractional units into whole BPY Units and sell the whole BPY Units obtained thereby in open market transactions, in each case, at then-prevailing trading prices on behalf of holders who would otherwise be entitled to fractional BPY Units, and (c) distribute to each such holder, or for the benefit of each such beneficial owner, such holder or owner’s ratable share of the net proceeds of such sale, based upon the average gross selling price per BPY Unit after making appropriate deductions for any amount required to be withheld for tax purposes and any brokerage fees incurred in connection with these sales of fractional BPY Units. Neither BAM nor the Rights Agent will guarantee any minimum sale price for the fractional BPY Units. Neither BAM nor the Rights Agent will pay any interest on the proceeds from the sale of fractional BPY Units. The transfer agent of the BPY Units acting on behalf of the applicable party will have the sole discretion to select the broker-dealers through which to sell the aggregated fractional BPY Units and to determine when, how and at what price to sell such units, provided that neither the transfer agent nor the broker-dealers through which the aggregated fractional BPY Units are sold shall be Affiliates of BAM.