Sales Representatives Sample Clauses

Sales Representatives. The Commercialization Plan/Budget will set forth the number of physicians to be called on, call frequency and other matters necessary to determine the detailing effort to be utilized for Promotion in North America pursuant to the Agreement. The Commercialization Plan/Budget will allocate to each Party its portion of the total detailing effort for the aggregate of all Licensed Products across all indications in North America; provided that, unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties, (i) Acceleron will be allocated at least [* * *] sales representatives in the United States for the Promotion of Licensed Products directed to [* * *] and (ii) Acceleron will be allocated approximately [* * *] of the detailing effort in each country in North America directed to [* * *] and any other prescribing physicians that are not [* * *]. The Joint Commercialization Committee will attempt to provide that Acceleron’s assigned detailing efforts are distributed geographically within North America in a manner reasonably consistent with the distribution of the U.S. population, the Canadian population, and the Mexican population and that each Party’s detailing effort will be directed to physicians of similar prescribing potential. The Sales Force Costs of Acceleron will be reimbursed pursuant to a rate set forth in the Commercialization Plan/Budget.
Sales Representatives. (a) Cubist represents and warrants to Alnylam that it will use Diligent Efforts to cause its Sales Representatives in the Territory not to make statements, claims or undertakings to any Person with whom they discuss or promote Licensed Product that are not consistent with, and not to provide or use any labeling, literature, or other materials other than those consistent with, Promotional Materials provided to the JCT for review and comment in advance of use in the Territory. Cubist shall not, and shall use Diligent Efforts to cause its Sales Representatives not to, make any representation, statement, warranty or guaranty with respect to Licensed Product that is not consistent with the applicable, current package insert of prescribing information or other documentation accompanying or describing Licensed Product, including Cubist’s standard limited warranty and disclaimers, if any.
Sales Representatives. Schedule 3.18.(c) contains a list of all sales representatives of Company, together with true, correct and complete copies of all sales representative contracts and policy statements, and a description of all substantial modifications or exceptions.
Sales Representatives. Particular sales of Securities may be made from time to time to the Underwriters of such Securities, for whom the firms designated as representatives of the Underwriters of such Securities in the Pricing Agreement relating thereto will act as representatives (the "Representatives"). The term "Representatives" also refers to a single firm acting as the sole representative of the Underwriters and to Underwriters who act without any firm being designated as their representative. This Underwriting Agreement shall not be construed as an obligation of the Trust or the Guarantor to sell any of the Securities or as an obligation of any of the Underwriters to purchase any of the Securities.
Sales Representatives. The following provisions shall apply to each Party’s Sales Representatives in the Territory:
Sales Representatives. Schedule 2.23(a)(vii) is a list of all Material Contracts of the Company or any of the Subsidiaries or that relate to the Business, with any agent, broker, sales representative of, or any Person in a similar representative capacity for, the Company or any of the Subsidiaries (other than those entered into in the ordinary course of business consistent with past practice that are terminable within sixty (60) days by the Company or any of the Subsidiaries, as the case may be, without Liability).
Sales Representatives. 22.01 The Employer agree that sales representatives will not per- form work in its stores on items shipped through the warehouse, ex- cept for major promotional periods. In the event that a product line which is currently shipped direct to stores is converted into our ware- house, the sales representatives may continue to perform work on these items. Where practicable, the Company shall provide the Union with 4 weeks notice of such conversions.
Sales Representatives. All sales representatives shall receive a significant portion of their compensation through an incentive bonus program tied to meeting objectives under the Marketing and Sales Plans.
Sales Representatives. Periodically, as requested by Sunrun, Contractor shall provide Sunrun a list identifying each of its individual sales representatives who are performing Contractor Activities on behalf of Contractor or any Subcontractor. Without limiting any other rights Sunrun has under this Agreement or the law, in the event that an individual sales representative violates or there is a claim that an individual sales representative has violated any provision of this Agreement including but not limited to, Contractor’s Responsibilities set forth in Section 3.2 herein, such individual sales representative, upon Sunrun’s request, shall immediately stop performing Contractor Activities under this Agreement. Contractor shall ensure and provide confirmation that such individual sales representative has stopped performing Contractor Activities under this Agreement.
Sales Representatives. Section 3B(ii) of the Disclosure Schedule contains a complete and accurate list of the names of the Company's sales representatives as of December 31, 2000. The Company maintains good relations with each of such sales representatives and, except as set forth in Section 3B(ii) of the Disclosure Schedule, since December 31, 2000, to the Knowledge of Seller, no event has occurred that would materially adversely affect the Company's relations with any such sales representatives. The change of control of the Company contemplated by this Agreement will not, to the Knowledge of Seller, materially adversely affect the Company's relations with any such sales representatives. Except as set forth in Section 3B(ii) of the Disclosure Schedule, since December 31, 2000, no sales representative which accounted for more than five percent (5%) of the Company's aggregate sales revenues during the last twelve months has canceled, terminated (or made any threat to the Company to cancel or terminate), or materially decreased his or her sales of the Company's services or products.