Nature of the Work Sample Clauses

Nature of the Work. This Agreement is for New Construction of units to be assisted by the project-based Voucher program. This Agreement is for Rehabilitation of units to be assisted by the project- based Voucher program.
Nature of the Work. It is understood by the Parties that the amount of work may vary throughout the term due to specific assignments and/or other situational demands. Workload assigned to a GA may or may not be separate from the academic expectations associated with thesis or dissertation research. This Agreement shall not in any way be construed as imposing a limit on the amount of academic work necessary for a student to make satisfactory academic progress toward their degree.
Nature of the Work. 8.01. It is understood and agreed that the Contractor has, by careful examination, studied and compared the various Drawings and other Contract Documents, satisfied itself as to the nature and location of the work, the conditions of the ground and soil, the nature of any structures, the character, quality, and quantity of the material to be utilized, the character of equipment and facilities needed for and during the prosecution of the work, the time needed to complete the work, Contractor's ability to meet all deadlines and schedules required by this Contract, the general and local conditions, including but not limited to weather, and all other matters that in any way affect the work under this Contract. These obligations are for the purpose of facilitating construction by the Contractor and are not for the purpose of discovering errors, omissions, or inconsistencies in the Contract Documents; however, any errors, inconsistencies or omissions discovered, or which reasonably should have been discovered by the Contractor shall be reported promptly to the City as a request for information in such form as the City may require. However, the Contractor shall not perform any act or do any work on the Project that places the safety of persons at risk or potentially damages materials or equipment used in the Project, and the Contractor shall do nothing that would render any test or tests erroneous.
Nature of the Work. Contractor shall be responsible for having taken and shall take all steps necessary to fully understand the nature of the Work, the general local conditions which can affect the Work and the cost thereof. Except to the extent of a Force Majeure Event determined in accordance with Article 8 or as contemplated in Section 9.4 and Section 9.5, Contractor agrees that any schedule delays or cost increases related to or resulting from any failure by Contractor to fully acquaint itself with general local conditions which may affect the Work, including conditions relating to transportation, handling, storage of materials, import/export issues, Taxes, insurance, availability of labor, water, electricity, roads, or other public goods or services, normal climatic conditions (but specifically excluding conditions existing on during any Weather Delay Day), Applicable Law and the character and availability of equipment and facilities needed preliminary to and during the prosecution of the Work (collectively, “Conditions of the Nature of the Work”) shall not give rise to Contractor’s claim for additional time to perform the Work or an increase in the Agreement Price. Subject to Article 8
Nature of the Work. § 4.10.1 Subcontractor has satisfied itself as to the nature, conditions, and location of the work, the equipment, materials, and manpower needed which can in any manner affect the work under this subcontract agreement and acknowledges that the Subcontractor has had a reasonable opportunity to examine the site. Prior to commencing work, the Subcontractor shall examine the site and any surface upon which work is to be performed, and shall notify the Contractor in writing of any conditions which might adversely affect its work; failure to do so will constitute a waiver of entitlement to any additional compensation or contract time arising out of such conditions.
Nature of the Work. This is a general definition of the work found in the class and introduces the elements of the work distinguishing the various levels within the class. The definition will focus on six factors, which include: variety and scope of work, mental application, problem solving, consequences of error, supervision received, and supervision given.
Nature of the Work. During the term of this Agreement, Carman will provide to TriGen the services outlined in Schedule A, which is attached hereto and made a part of this Agreement (the "Services").
Nature of the Work. Consultant has fully familiarized itself with all aspects of the Project and understands and agrees that Consultant shall further the interests of District by furnishing skill and judgment as a provider of Construction Project Management Services, in cooperation with District representatives and, where appropriate, in reliance upon the services of the Project Architect. Consultant agrees to furnish business administration and management services and to perform in an expeditious and economical manner consistent with the interests of District. Consultant shall be responsible, to the extent described in this Agreement, for ensuring that the Project is completed in a competent and professional manner within the District’s budget and in accordance with the District’s schedule for timely completion of the Project. Consultant shall perform special services and provide advice on behalf of the District as follows:
Nature of the Work. Consultant agrees to provide Services, and consult and advise the Company, at such times and places as Consultant and Company may reasonably agree.