Paragraph 1 Sample Clauses

Paragraph 1. E. of Exhibit FS to Exhibit B to the Master Agreement is deleted and amended to read in full as follows, and all references to such Paragraph 1.E. shall mean such Paragraph 1.E. as amended:
Paragraph 1. In accordance with the terms of this agreement, Local No. 6 agrees to furnish labor to employers that sign this form of agreement and who are engaged in the trade in the Heat, and Frost Insulation Industry and who comply with the provisions of Article VII of this Agreement.
Paragraph 1. This Agreement covers the rates of pay, rules and working conditions of all Mechanics and Apprentices covered by this Agreement and employed by an employer signatory to or otherwise committed to abide by this Agreement, regardless of the location of their employment within the jurisdiction of Local No. 6, when they are engaged in the preparation, fabrication, alteration, application, erection, assembling, molding, spraying, pouring, mixing, hanging, adjusting, repairing, dismantling, reconditioning, maintenance, finishing and/or weatherproofing of cold or hot thermal insulation with such materials as may be specified when these materials are to be installed for thermal purposes in voids, or to create voids, or on either piping, fittings, valves, boilers, ducts, flues, tanks, vats, equipment, or on any hot or cold surfaces for the purpose of thermal control. This is also to include all labor connected with the handling and distribution of thermal insulating materials on job premises and all other such work that is within the jurisdiction of Local No. 6. Also, all sealing of sleeves, building penetration, holes, chases, passages, or openings of any kind in concrete, metal, or any other material by means of machinery, tools and equipment powered by any other method, the purpose of which is to seal after the passage, placing or installation of pipe, conduit, tubing or any other object passing through the above-mentioned openings, electric duct, etc. The purpose of which is to insure a fire rating commensurate with the manufacturer’ s specifications.
Paragraph 1. The division of shares and the transfer thereof between the Shareholders is free. Paragraph 2 With regard to the transfer of shares to third parties (including under executive or insolvency proceedings), the shareholder [●] shall have a first preemptive right, which may be exercised by a third party of its choice.
Paragraph 1. 6.1(a) above shall not oblige the Lender to do anything, and paragraph 1.6.1(c) shall not oblige any other Party to do anything, which would or might in its reasonable opinion constitute a breach of:
Paragraph 1. It is agreed by the Employer that any and all cement containers shall not exceed sixty (60) pounds in gross weight, and pails shall not exceed capacity of twelve (12) quarts, and drums shall not exceed thirty-five (35) gallons.
Paragraph 1. It is hereby agreed that the provisions of this Agreement shall be binding upon the Party of the First Part individually and as members of said Association and upon the membership of Local No. 6 individually and as members of said Union within the territorial jurisdiction of Local No. 6 as determined by the International Union. The employers further agree that on all operations outside of the chartered territory of the Union they will abide by the rates of pay, rules and working conditions established by the collective bargaining agreement between the Local Insulation Contractors and the Local Union in that jurisdiction. Employers may send a Mechanic, and in the event of insufficient supply of local labor in that territory, such additional employees as may be necessary and such employees shall receive in addition to transportation costs the highest wage rate, board allowance, fringe benefits and other conditions of employment, of either that jurisdiction or established in this Agreement.
Paragraph 1. 7 is changed to: The consulting services to which these Guidelines apply are of an intellectual and advisory nature. These Guidelines do not apply to other types of services in which the physical aspects of the activity predominate. As to these latter services, the Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and XXX Credits (as modified by this Schedule 1) shall apply.