Artists Sample Clauses

Artists. The names and addresses of the Artist who will appear during the Performance, the amounts to be paid to each.
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Artists. Schedule 3.22 sets forth a list of all artists with whom any Acquired Company is party to a Contract pursuant to which any Acquired Company currently has any rights to manufacture and sell merchandise or to license to any third party the right to manufacture and sell merchandise. With respect to the artists listed on Schedule 3.22, since February 28, 2007, the Acquired Companies have not received written notice that any artist (i) has ceased, or will cease, to license its intellectual property to or use the services of the Acquired Companies in any material respect, or (ii) has materially reduced or will materially reduce the use of the services of the Acquired Companies, including in each case after the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby, and, no such artist has threatened in writing to take any of the actions referenced in the foregoing clauses (i) and (ii).
Artists. (a) During the Term you shall offer to enter into an agreement (the "Furnishing Agreement") with ANTRA with respect to any artist with respect to whose recordings or recorded performances Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx (individually and collectively hereinafter referred to as a "Principal" or "Principals") or you have or control all or part of the recording and/or distribution rights directly or indirectly. As used herein "you" shall mean LGE, any Principal, or any of LGE's present or future shareholders, or any corporation or other entity owning or controlling any of the foregoing. Neither you nor any Principal nor any party described above shall enter into agreements for the Recordings or services of recording artists during the Term except as permitted herein. You shall submit at least five (5) Artists in each Label Period. You shall submit each of the following artists in the Initial Label Period (collectively, the "Initial Artists"): Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx p/k/a "Shiva Black" and Xxxxx Xxxxx; it being the intention of the parties hereto that you cannot deliver the services of any of the Initial Artists to a third party. In the event you fail to submit at least five (5) proposed artists within the first eighteen (18) months of each Label Period (or, if you fail to deliver the services of the Initial Artists within the first three months of the Initial Label Period for Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx and the first nine months of the Initial Label Period for Xxxxx Xxxxx), the Period shall be suspended until the date sixty (60) days after your submission of all required proposed artists, and the expiration of the term of the applicable Label Period shall be extended by the length of the suspension. Each artist whom you propose shall be submitted to ANTRA as follows:
Artists. Our namesake Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx had strong relationships with many artists and several of them donate their time and talent to raise money for the foundation. We strive to respect their donations and to not over-step and ask too much of them. Do not ask our organization’s regular artists to help with your event, unless it is cleared with our management first. This will alleviate any misunderstandings between our organization, the artists and their management. We also request that you run your artists by us for our approval. We will do everything we can to let your artists know their contribution is appreciated. We hope to keep them excited to be involved with NMF! DONATIONS: You are responsible for covering all event expenses. Donations and sponsorship records are required to be clear and concise to satisfy I.R.S. requirements.
Artists. Content other than feature films The ordinary hours of work will be based on an 8-hour day exclusive of meal breaks to be worked continuously between 7.00 am and 8.00 pm, Monday to Friday and will not exceed: • 38 hours per week; or • for artists who perform work in a serial drama or serial comedy: • 1 or 2 episodes per week—32 hours per week; or • 3, 4 or 5 episodes per week—38 hours per week. ARTISTS - FEATURE FILMS The ordinary hours of work will be based on an 8-hour day exclusive of meal breaks to be worked continuously between 6.30 am and 11.00 pm, Monday to Saturday and will not exceed 38 hours. MOTION PICTURE PRODUCTION (TECHNICIANS AND CREW) Ordinary hours of work for full-time motion picture production employees will average 38 hours each week, which will by agreement between the employer and employees be worked on one of the following bases: • in days of up to 10 hours each over 5 days between Monday to Saturday, such hours to be worked continuously except for meal breaks; or • by agreement with a majority of employees by any other arrangement to a maximum of 152 hours per 28-day cycle. More detail is set out in the Award. Hours of work provisions in the Award are based on legislation covering all industry sectors, which says that the standard working week is 38 hours. As set out above in screen production, reasonable amounts of overtime are frequently built into a contract of employment and paid for upfront. In collective agreements, it is generally provided that ordinary hours of work are generally set out to be worked continuously between 7.00 am and 8.00 pm Monday to Friday and shall not exceed: 40 hours per week3 made up of 38 ordinary hours and two single hours scheduled overtime. OVERTIME The Fair Work Act says that all overtime requests must be ‘reasonable’. There is no set figure on how many extra hours can be worked before overtime becomes unreasonable. In determining whether additional hours are reasonable or unreasonable, section 62 of the Fair Work Act sets out the factors to be considered. It is a test that considers all the circumstances, including WHS issues, the employee’s personal circumstances and the needs of the production. Further details can be found in the relevant section of the Act: xxxx:// You should be aware of the risks of fatigue and related dangers when pushing towards deadlines and performing extra hours of work.
Artists. Please describe the type of art that you will sell at the market and attach a photo with application. VENDOR APPLICATION Please include a brief summary of your business for inclusion with marketing materials and publication on the Menominee Historic Downtown Farmers Market website, should you be accepted as a market vendor: The summer market season will run from the 2nd week of June to the 1st week of October and run every Saturday and Wednesday. The market hours are 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Wednesdays and 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays. The winter market season will run from the 2nd week of October to the 1st week of June and run every Saturday. The winter market hours are 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 pm. Schedule will be released in September. Please check the dates you will attend the market. Please notify Market Manager or Chairman of the Board 3 days prior to market date if you are unable to attend. Summer Market Schedule 2014 June 7 Sat June 28 Sat July 26 Sat August 16 sat September 6 sat September 27 sat June 11 Wed July 9 Wed July 30 Wed August 20 wed September 10 wed October 1 wed June 14 Sat July 12 Sat 08/02/14 August 23 sat September 13 sat October 4 sat June 18 Wed July 16 Wed August 27 wed September 17 wed June 21 Sat July 19 Wed August 30 sat September 20 sat June 25 Wed July 23 Sat August 13 wed September 3 wed September 24 wed PAYMENT & FEES All vendor applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and each vendor will be notified within two weeks, if they are accepted to sell at the Menominee Historic Downtown Farmers Market. Applications returned by March 31, for summer market will be notified of acceptance by April 5, 2014, so we can list you in the Marina’s Boaters Welcome Package. Please indicate below if you are applying to be a full season or daily vendor. Full season (both Wednesday & Saturday) vendor will received a $25 discount with full payment by May 31, 2014. Fees are non-refundable for any reason. Applicants should also specify electrical access. Applications will be accepted throughout seasons and payments will be pro-rated accordingly. . Market Fee Schedule MARKET FEE - Full season Wednesday & Saturday $155 less $25 Discount $130.00 MARKET FEE - DAILY VENDOR May, June, September, ($5 Payment due on each day of market attendance) Prime Time Daily Market Fee - July, August, ($8 Payment due on each day of market attendance) Additional Space ( $5 for Each Market Day) Electricity Access ( No Fee-Check box if needed) TOTAL...
Artists. 13. Artist(s) understand and agree that this agreement may only be amended in writing and when signed by an authorized official of the college. It is further agreed that this agreement constitutes the sole and complete agreement of the parties and any prior or contemporaneous oral or written assurances or understandings are of no effect.
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Artists. To provide support to artists, including local artists and XxXX cultural organisations, through provision of low cost rehearsal, performance and exhibition space

Related to Artists

  • Design At no cost to SCE, Seller shall be responsible for:

  • Programming (a) Pursuant to Section 624 of the Cable Act, the Licensee shall maintain the mix, quality and broad categories of Programming set forth in Exhibit 4, attached hereto and made a part hereof. Pursuant to applicable federal law, all Programming decisions, including the Programming listed in Exhibit 4, attached hereto, shall be at the sole discretion of the Licensee.

  • Promotions The anniversary date of a promoted employee is determined as for a new employee in Subsection 5.3.A above.

  • GRAPHICS Landlord shall provide and install, at Landlord’s cost, all letters or numerals on entrance doors to the Leased Premises. All such letters and numerals shall be in the Building standard graphics, and no others shall be used or permitted on the Leased Premises.

  • Media No media releases, public announcements or public disclosures relating to this Agreement or its subject matter, including but not limited to promotional or marketing material, shall be made by the Contractor without the prior written consent of the Client.

  • Training a. The employer, in consultation with the local, shall be responsible for developing and implementing an ongoing harassment and sexual harassment awareness program for all employees. Where a program currently exists and meets the criteria listed in this agreement, such a program shall be deemed to satisfy the provisions of this article. This awareness program shall initially be for all employees and shall be scheduled at least once annually for all new employees to attend.

  • Personnel Provide, without remuneration from or other cost to the Trust, the services of individuals competent to perform the administrative functions which are not performed by employees or other agents engaged by the Trust or by the Adviser acting in some other capacity pursuant to a separate agreement or arrangement with the Trust.

  • Merchandising 15.01. Artist hereby grants G2 the exclusive right to manufacture, sell, license, distribute and exploit, through the Universe and by mail-order and through retail sources of, without limitation, all merchandise or every kind featuring the Artist (name/logo/likeness), during the term of this Agreement.

  • Insignia On or prior to the Delivery Date, or as soon as practicable thereafter, Lessee agrees to affix and maintain (or cause to be affixed and maintained), at its expense, in the cockpit of the Airframe adjacent to the airworthiness certificate therein and on each Engine a nameplate bearing the inscription: Leased From First Security Bank, National Association, as Owner Trustee, Lessor and, for so long as the Airframe and each Engine shall be subject to the Lien of the Trust Indenture, bearing the following additional inscription: Mortgaged To State Street Bank and Trust Company, as Indenture Trustee (such nameplate to be replaced, if necessary, with a nameplate reflecting the name of any successor Lessor or successor Indenture Trustee, in each case as permitted under the Operative Documents). Except as above provided, Lessee will not allow the name of any Person to be placed on the Airframe or on any Engine as a designation that might be interpreted as a claim of ownership; provided that nothing herein contained shall prohibit Lessee (or any Sublessee) from placing its customary colors and insignia on the Airframe or any Engine.

  • Assistants Any Assistant Secretary or Assistant Treasurer, respectively, may exercise any of the powers of Secretary or Treasurer, respectively, as provided in this Agreement or as directed by the Board, and shall perform such other duties as are imposed upon them by this Agreement or the Board.

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