These rules definition

These rules means the administrative rules promulgated by the agency under the authority of the medical marihuana facilities licensing act, the marihuana tracking act, the Michigan regulation and taxation of marihuana act, and Executive Reorganization Order No. 2019-2, MCL 333.27001.
These rules means 641—Chapters 38 to 45.
These rules means all rules in all chapters properly adopted by the Board and currently in effect.

Examples of These rules in a sentence

  • These rules require each timber sale purchaser, to submit a certification for itself, its principals, and its affiliates when bidding on sales.

  • These rules can also specify the financial year in which liabilities and payments should impact on the General Fund Balance, which is not necessarily in accordance with proper accounting practice.

  • These rules place particular responsibilities on an OJP recipient for any subawards the OJP recipient may make.

  • These rules are laid down in the Financial Regulation and determine in particular the procedure for establishing and implementing the budget through grants, procurement, prizes, indirect implementation, and provide for checks on the responsibility of financial actors.

  • These rules include, but are not limited to, criteria for contents, approval, and implementation of affirmative action plans; procedures for issuing certificates of compliance and criteria for determining a contractor’s compliance status; procedures for addressing deficiencies, sanctions, and notice and hearing; annual compliance reports; procedures for compliance review; and contract consequences for non-compliance.

More Definitions of These rules

These rules means Chapter 11 of this Title.
These rules means "Utah Radiation Control Rules".
These rules means OAR 845-025-1000 to 845-025-8590.
These rules means OAR 845-025-1000 to 845-025-8750.
These rules means the rules set forth in OAR 409-070-000 through OAR 406-070-0085.
These rules means the registered rules of the Association for the time being;
These rules means these immigration rules (HC 395) made under section 3(2) of the Immigration Act 1971.