Promotions Sample Clauses

Promotions. A regular employee promoted to a job with a higher wage rate structure shall receive in the new job the increment rate that is immediately higher than her/his wage rate immediately prior to the promotion. For increment progression, the employee’s increment anniversary date shall then become the initial day in the new job. Employee pay rates shall become effective from the first day in the new job and further increment increases shall become effective on the established increment date. However, should the promotion at any time result in a lesser rate of pay than the employee would have received if the promotion had not occurred, then the employee shall retain the increment anniversary date of her/his prior job.
Promotions. The anniversary date of a promoted employee is determined as for a new employee in Subsection 5.3.A above.
Promotions. Contractor personnel listed in the Contractor’s budget can be moved to a higher-paying job classification listed in the Contractor’s budget with prior written approval of the CAM and the appropriate Division Deputy Director. The written approval must be submitted to the CAO.
Promotions. (a) When the Agency chooses to fill a vacancy by promotion within the Agency, it shall use an Agency promotion list or selective certification from the Agency provided such list is available.
Promotions. CenturyLink will make available for resale those promotional offerings that are greater than ninety (90) Days in duration, and any special promotional rate will be subject to the applicable resale discount. CenturyLink will make available for resale those promotional offerings that are less than ninety (90) Days in duration; however, any special promotional rate or other promotional offering will not be subject to and may not be used with the applicable resale discount. For promotional offerings that are less than ninety (90) Days in duration, CLEC may choose either the promotion or the discount at its discretion. In all cases, in order to obtain a promotional offering, CLEC must qualify for the promotional offering under the stated terms of the offering and must request the offering at the time of order placement. CLEC shall not be eligible for any post-provisioning retroactive applicability of a promotional offering.
Promotions. A promotion is the appointment of an employee from one classification to a classification having a higher base salary range. Subject to the special provision below for employees on the Firefighter EMT salary range, a promoted employee shall receive at least the entrance rate of the new range, or mathematically closest to a five percent (5%) salary increase, whichever is greater, provided that no employee is thereby advanced above the top step of the higher base salary range. An employee that has six (6) or fewer pay periods until a step advancement is due at the time of promotion, shall have the next step rate used to determine their new pay rate at the time of promotion. At the discretion of the Fire Chief, and with the approval of the Human Resources Director, an employee may be placed at any step within the higher base salary range. Promotions shall be effective only at the beginning of a pay period, unless an exception is approved by the Human Resources Director. A promoted employee shall be required to serve a new probationary period of twenty-six (26) pay periods prior to attaining regular status. Advancement to the next appropriate step shall be contingent upon the completion of twenty-six (26) pay period hours of satisfactory work performance on the current step. Any exceptions shall be pursuant to the provisions of the Personnel Rules for Board- Governed Special Districts.
Promotions. An employee appointed to a position in a class having a higher maximum salary shall be placed at the step in the new salary range which provides an increase closest to but not less than one salary step over the most recent step received in the previous salary range immediately preceding the promotion, not to exceed the maximum step of the new salary range; and provided further, that this provision shall apply only to appointments of employees from regular full-time positions and shall not apply to appointments from positions designated as "intermittent" or "as needed". However, hours worked out-of-class shall apply toward salary step placement if the employee is appointed to the same title as the out-of-class assignment within twelve (12) months of the end of such assignment.
Promotions. (a) When the Institution chooses to fill a vacancy by promotion, it shall use an Institution promotion list or selective certification, from the Institution, provided such a list is available.