Design Sample Clauses

Design. XXX XXX XXXXX Plan and Aligned Budget In building budgets, please keep in mind that federal funds should be utilized to supplement your state and local funds. The ARP XXXXX budget submitted through the Utah Grants Management System does not have to include state and local funds, but their availability and utilization should be considered the foundation for building recovery and acceleration plans. As you are braiding various state and federal funds, be mindful that some funds expire at different times than others. The increased federal funds will enhance the opportunities that you can offer, but we encourage you to think holistically as you assess your LEA’s situation and make plans for academic recovery and acceleration.
Design. Builder shall perform all design and construction services, and provide all material, equipment, tools and labor, necessary to complete the Work described in and reasonably inferable from the Contract Documents.
Design. 4.2.1 Seller, at no cost to Edison, shall:
Design. This Regulation does not provide design formulas nor permissible stresses or strains, but requires the adequacy of the design to be established by appropriate calculations and demonstrated by cylinders being capable of consistently passing the materials, design qualification, production and batch tests specified in this Regulation; All designs shall ensure a "leakage before break" failure mode under feasible degradation of pressure parts during normal service. If leakage of metal cylinders or metal liners occurs, it shall be only by the growth of a fatigue crack.
Design. As-Built Documentation Provider assumes Customer will provide uninhibited access to as-built and individual school site record documentation, including electronic files, such as AutoCAD files. Landscape Only remedial landscaping by Provider is contemplated by this Agreement. Provider also assumes that Customer will remove trees in areas outside the construction area on the Site if required to prevent shading that will impact power generation of the System.
Design. Builder recognizes the importance of performing the Work in a safe manner so as to prevent damage, injury or loss to (i) any individuals at the Site, whether working or visiting, (ii) the Work, including materials and equipment incorporated into the Work or stored on-Site or off-Site, and (iii) any other property at the Site or adjacent thereto. Design-Builder assumes responsibility for implementing and monitoring all safety precautions and programs related to the performance of the Work. Design-Builder shall, prior to commencing construction, designate a representative (the “Safety Representative”) with the necessary qualifications and experience to supervise the implementation and monitoring of all safety precautions and programs related to the Work. Unless otherwise required by the Contract Documents, Design-Builder’s Safety Representative shall be an individual stationed at the Site who may have responsibilities on the Project in addition to safety. The Safety Representative shall make routine daily inspections of the Site and shall hold weekly safety meetings with Design-Builder’s personnel, Subcontractors and others as applicable.
Design a. Sunrun or its Installation Partners will provide you with a preliminary Solar System design then will schedule a time to visit your Home to confirm that the preliminary design will fit on your Home’s roof and finalize the design (the “Site Survey”). The design of the Solar System is dependent on the physical specifications of the Home’s roof(s), site conditions such as placement of ventilation systems, roof conditions, etc., any of which may affect the placement of the Solar System on your roof. The Home’s Solar System design will be finalized following a Site Survey of the Home by Sunrun.
Design. For services described under Section 2B2, Design, the Authority shall pay Consultant a lump sum which will include all expense, labor, and cost associated with this task. Payment will be made monthly based on the percentage of completion up to 70% of the total lump sum amount. After submission by the Consultant to the Authority of a draft set of contract documents, payment will be made monthly based on the percentage of completion up to 90% of the total lump sum amount. The balance will be paid when the final contract documents are submitted to the Authority.
Design. 2.2.2 Engineering