By March Sample Clauses

By March. 15 of a review year, the University Librarian shall issue to the Librarian Member a draft memorandum of evaluation.
By March. 31 for a current bargaining unit member who will be employed for either of the immediate following summer sessions.
By March. 1st a vacation planner will be posted. The vacation planner will remain posted until March 15th at 5:00 p.m. The vacation schedule will be posted April 1st. Any alterations required to the requests submitted March 1st to March 15th due to conflict will be discussed with the individual nurse(s) and adjustments will be made on a mutually agreeable alternate period. Requests for vacation outside of the vacation calendar schedule will be awarded on a first come first served basis allowing for appropriate facility coverage. A written response from the employer will be received within ten (10) days of the request. In the event of altered operational requirements, the Employer may have to alter the vacation schedule. Such alteration will be done in order of seniority. Employees affected shall be personally notified. Vacation time shall be rescheduled at a mutually agreeable time. The Employer would make every attempt to provide relief prior to making such a decision.
By March. 1st, the FPC chair shall forward the application and supporting documentation together with the FPC's recommendation and reasons and those of the DPC and Chair/Library Department Head/Coordinator or Associate Vice-President (Student Services) to the Xxxx/Associate Vice-President (Student Services)/Director/University Librarian, as appropriate. If the FPC's recommendation is not unanimous, the FPC shall include any dissenting opinion(s) and the basis for the opinion with its recommendation.
By March. 31, the College will provide each department chair with a full annual schedule, including the assignments for faculty members as determined per section 2.1,B. and staff sections for the following academic year. The College shall publish by March 1 of each year a yearly set of schedule review deadlines for the department and the academic xxxx. The review deadlines of each semester class schedule shall be consistent on all campuses. These deadlines shall provide the department, through its chair, the opportunity to submit suggested changes to the next semester’s class schedule within five (5) weekdays (Monday-Friday) following the count date of the preceding semester.
By March. 1: The site has evaluated the Plan for the current school year and has developed a proposed Plan for the following school year.
By March. 31, 2005, and thereafter within sixty (60) days after the end of each calendar quarter, the Board shall submit to the Regional Director: (i) a copy of the Regulatory Compliance Report required by Paragraph 13 above, with any additional comments made by the Board, and (ii) a written certification that each director has reviewed the Regulatory Compliance Report.
By March. 15, The Xxxxxxx shall communicate this decision to the applicant, copied to the Xxxx, Head, and the Faculty Association. If the Xxxxxxx overturns the positive recommendation of the Xxxx, the Xxxxxxx shall convey this to the applicant and the Xxxx, providing reasons as they relate to the criteria for tenure/renewal of tenure track. By April 1, an applicant may appeal a tenure or renewal of tenure track decision of the Xxxxxxx to the Tenure Appeal Committee, by submitting a letter of appeal which includes the grounds for the appeal to the Vice President (Research). Any additional material the applicant wishes the Appeal Committee to consider shall be attached to the letter of appeal. Unless the applicant appeals, the Xxxxxxx'x decision regarding a tenure or renewal application shall come into effect as of July 1.
By March. 1 and September 1 of each year, detailed operating and capital expenditure budgets and financial plans and reports of projected financial condition for the each of the next succeeding 12 months, in form and detail satisfactory to Majority Lenders.