By March Sample Clauses

By March. 1st a vacation planner will be posted. The vacation planner will remain posted until March 15th at 5:00 p.m. The vacation schedule will be posted April 1st. Any alterations required to the requests submitted March 1st to March 15th due to conflict will be discussed with the individual nurse(s) and adjustments will be made on a mutually agreeable alternate period. Requests for vacation outside of the vacation calendar schedule will be awarded on a first come first served basis allowing for appropriate facility coverage. A written response from the employer will be received within ten (10) days of the request. In the event of altered operational requirements, the Employer may have to alter the vacation schedule. Such alteration will be done in order of seniority. Employees affected shall be personally notified. Vacation time shall be rescheduled at a mutually agreeable time. The Employer would make every attempt to provide relief prior to making such a decision.
By March. 31 for a current bargaining unit member who will be employed for either of the immediate following summer sessions.
By March. 1 and September 1 of each year, detailed operating and capital expenditure budgets and financial plans and reports of projected financial condition for the each of the next succeeding 12 months, in form and detail satisfactory to Majority Lenders.
By March. 31, 2005, and thereafter within sixty (60) days after the end of each calendar quarter, the Board shall submit to the Regional Director: (i) a copy of the Regulatory Compliance Report required by Paragraph 13 above, with any additional comments made by the Board, and (ii) a written certification that each director has reviewed the Regulatory Compliance Report.
By March. 1st, the FPC chair shall forward the application and supporting documentation together with the FPC's recommendation and reasons and those of the DPC and Chair/Library Department Head/Coordinator or Associate Vice-President (Student Services) to the Dean/Associate Vice-President (Student Services)/Director/University Librarian, as appropriate. If the FPC's recommendation is not unanimous, the FPC shall include any dissenting opinion(s) and the basis for the opinion with its recommendation.

Related to By March

  • By December 31, 2015, the Board will calculate the annual amount of a.i) divided by a.ii) which will form the base funding amount for the Trust;

  • April a candidate for promotion shall give written notice to the Chair of the DRC and her Dean that an application is to be made. Within two weeks, the Dean shall forward a list of candidates for promotion to the Vice-President (Academic).

  • Company to Provide Copy of the Prospectus in Form That May be Downloaded from the Internet If requested by the Representatives, the Company shall cause to be prepared and delivered, at its expense, within one business day from the effective date of this Agreement, to the Representatives an “electronic Prospectus” to be used by the Underwriters in connection with the offering and sale of the Offered Shares. As used herein, the term “electronic Prospectus” means a form of Time of Sale Prospectus, and any amendment or supplement thereto, that meets each of the following conditions: (i) it shall be encoded in an electronic format, satisfactory to the Representatives, that may be transmitted electronically by the Representatives and the other Underwriters to offerees and purchasers of the Offered Shares; (ii) it shall disclose the same information as the paper Time of Sale Prospectus, except to the extent that graphic and image material cannot be disseminated electronically, in which case such graphic and image material shall be replaced in the electronic Prospectus with a fair and accurate narrative description or tabular representation of such material, as appropriate; and (iii) it shall be in or convertible into a paper format or an electronic format, satisfactory to the Representatives, that will allow investors to store and have continuously ready access to the Time of Sale Prospectus at any future time, without charge to investors (other than any fee charged for subscription to the Internet as a whole and for on-line time). The Company hereby confirms that it has included or will include in the Prospectus filed pursuant to EDGAR or otherwise with the Commission and in the Registration Statement at the time it was declared effective an undertaking that, upon receipt of a request by an investor or his or her representative, the Company shall transmit or cause to be transmitted promptly, without charge, a paper copy of the Time of Sale Prospectus.

  • Four on, Two off Schedule In an effort to maximize full-time employment opportunities, the local parties may agree to a “four on, two off” innovative schedule, subject to the following principles:

  • Delivery of Reports The Depositary shall furnish to holders of Receipts any reports and communications received from the Company which are received by the Depositary as the holder of Stock.

  • November the written recommendation of the DRC is forwarded to the Chair of the URC for inclusion in the academic file; copies to the candidate and Dean;

  • December A pro rata share thereof shall be paid to an employee who leaves employment before 31

  • DS3 Loop DS3 Loop is a two-point digital transmission path which provides for simultaneous two-way transmission of serial, bipolar, return-to-zero isochronous digital electrical signals at a transmission rate of 44.736 megabits per second (Mbps) that is dedicated to the use of the ordering CLEC in its provisioning of local exchange and associated exchange access services. It may provide transport for twenty-eight (28) DS1 channels, each of which provides the digital equivalent of twenty-four (24) analog voice grade channels. The interface to unbundled dedicated DS3 transport is a metallic-based electrical interface.

  • Term of Company The Company commenced on the date the Certificate of Formation was properly filed with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware and shall exist in perpetuity or until its business and affairs are earlier wound up following proper dissolution.

  • Form 10-D and Form ABS-EE Filings (a) Within fifteen (15) days after each Distribution Date (subject to permitted extensions under the Exchange Act), the Certificate Administrator shall prepare and file on behalf of the Trust any Form 10-D required by the Exchange Act, in form and substance as required by the Exchange Act. The Certificate Administrator shall file each Form 10-D with a copy of the related Distribution Date Statement attached thereto. Any disclosure in addition to the Distribution Date Statement that is required to be included on Form 10-D (“Additional Form 10-D Disclosure”) shall, pursuant to the following paragraph be reported by the parties set forth on Exhibit BB to the Depositor and the Certificate Administrator and approved by the Depositor, and the Certificate Administrator will have no duty or liability for any failure hereunder to determine or prepare any Additional Form 10-D Disclosure, absent such reporting, direction and approval. For so long as the Trust is subject to the reporting requirements of the Exchange Act, as set forth on Exhibit BB hereto, within five (5) calendar days after the related Distribution Date, (i) certain parties to this Agreement identified on Exhibit BB hereto shall be required to provide to the Certificate Administrator and the Depositor (and in the case of any Servicing Function Participant, with a copy to the Master Servicer), to the extent a Regulation AB Servicing Officer or Responsible Officer, as the case may be, has actual knowledge, in EDGAR-Compatible Format, or in such other format as otherwise agreed upon by the Certificate Administrator, the Depositor and such providing parties, the form and substance of any Additional Form 10-D Disclosure, if applicable; provided that information relating to any REO Account to be reported under “Item 9: Other Information” on Exhibit BB shall be reported by the Special Servicer to the Master Servicer within four (4) calendar days after the related Distribution Date on Exhibit MM; (ii) the parties listed on Exhibit BB hereto shall include with such Additional Form 10-D Disclosure, an Additional Disclosure Notification in the form attached hereto as Exhibit EE (except with respect to the reporting of REO Account balances which shall be delivered in the form of Exhibit MM hereto) and (iii) the Depositor shall approve, as to form and substance, or disapprove, as the case may be, the inclusion of the Additional Form 10-D Disclosure on Form 10-D. Information delivered to the Certificate Administrator hereunder should be delivered by email to (or such other e-mail address as the Certificate Administrator may instruct) or by facsimile to 410-715-2380, Attn: CTS SEC Notifications. Neither the Trustee nor the Certificate Administrator has any duty under this Agreement to monitor or enforce the performance by the parties listed on Exhibit BB of their duties under this paragraph or proactively solicit or procure from such parties any Additional Form 10-D Disclosure information. The Depositor will be responsible for any reasonable expenses incurred by the Trustee or Certificate Administrator in connection with including any Additional Form 10-D Disclosure on Form 10-D pursuant to this paragraph. The Certificate Administrator shall include in any Form 10-D filed by it (i) the information required by Rule 15Ga-1(a) of the Exchange Act concerning all assets of the Trust that were subject of a demand for the repurchase of, or the substitution of a Qualified Substitute Mortgage Loan for, a Mortgage Loan contemplated by Section 2.03(b), (ii) a reference to the most recent Form ABS-15G filed by the Depositor and the Mortgage Loan Sellers, if applicable, and the Commission’s assigned “Central Index Key” for each such filer and (iii) to the extent such information is provided to the Certificate Administrator by the Master Servicer in the form of Exhibit MM hereto for inclusion therein within the time period described in this Section 11.04, the balances of the REO Account (to the extent the related information has been received from the Special Servicer within the time period specified in this Section 11.04) and the Collection Account as of the related Distribution Date and as of the immediately preceding Distribution Date and (iv) the balances of the Distribution Accounts, the Gain-on-Sale Reserve Account and the Interest Reserve Account, in each case as of the related Distribution Date and as of the immediately preceding Distribution Date. The Depositor and the Mortgage Loan Sellers, in accordance with Section 5(f) of the applicable Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement, shall deliver such information as described in clause (i) and clause (ii) of this paragraph. Form 10-D requires the registrant to indicate (by checking “yes” or “no”) that it “(1) has filed all reports required to be filed by Section 13 or 15(d) of the Exchange Act during the preceding twelve (12) months (or for such shorter period that the registrant was required to file such reports), and (2) has been subject to such filing requirements for the past ninety (90) days.” The Depositor shall notify the Certificate Administrator by email to, no later than the 5th calendar day after the related Distribution Date with respect to the filing of a report on Form 10-D if the answer to the questions should be “no.” The Certificate Administrator shall be entitled to rely on such representations in preparing, executing and/or filing any such report. With respect to any Mortgage Loan that permits Additional Debt or mezzanine debt in the future, the Certificate Administrator shall include as part of any applicable Form 10-D filed by it (to the extent it receives such information from the applicable Servicer) the identity of such Mortgage Loan and, to the extent such information is received by the Certificate Administrator from the Master Servicer or the Special Servicer, as the case may be, substantially in the form of Exhibit KK (A) the amount of any such Additional Debt or mezzanine debt, as applicable, that is incurred during the related Collection Period, (B) the total debt service coverage ratio calculated on the basis of such Mortgage Loan and such Additional Debt or mezzanine debt, as applicable, and (C) the aggregate LTV Ratio calculated on the basis of such Mortgage Loan and such Additional Debt or mezzanine debt, as applicable. The Depositor hereby directs the Certificate Administrator to include the following individual’s name and phone number on the cover of Form 10-D for each reporting period: Name: A.J. Sfarra, Telephone: (212) 214-5613. The Certificate Administrator may rely without further investigation that this information remains correct unless and until the Depositor provides the Certificate Administrator with a new individual’s name and phone number in writing. Upon receipt of the Asset Review Report Summary from the Asset Representations Reviewer required to be delivered pursuant to Section 12.01(b), the Certificate Administrator shall (i) include such Asset Review Report Summary in Item 1B on the Form 10-D in accordance with Section 11.04 for such period in which such Asset Review Report Summary was delivered, and (ii) post such Asset Review Report Summary to the Certificate Administrator’s Website not later than two (2) Business Days after receipt of such Asset Review Report Summary from the Asset Representations Reviewer. To the extent the Certificate Administrator receives a request from any Certificateholder or Certificate Owner to communicate with other Certificateholders or Certificate Owners pursuant to Section 5.06, the Certificate Administrator shall include on the Form 10-D relating to the reporting period in which such request was received a Special Notice including the information required to be included pursuant to Section 5.06.