Ordinary Hours of Work Sample Clauses

Ordinary Hours of Work. The ordinary hours of work will be worked any time between 6.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday. Ordinary hours of work may be varied by agreement between the Employer and the majority of the employees concerned and the ETU State Secretary (via the relevant full time ETU Official) to accommodate the hours or work required for the most efficient and safe operation of the Employer and the requirements of its client. Where agreement is reached to work alternate hours, occupational health and safety principles will prevail. Proper health monitoring procedures will be introduced and suitable rosters clearly agreed prior to commencing work. Adequate supervision must always be provided. Matters on which agreement may be reached include:
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Ordinary Hours of Work. 21.1.1 The ordinary hours of work of a full time Employee are an average of 38 hours per week.
Ordinary Hours of Work a) Unless otherwise specified the ordinary hours of work shall be either
Ordinary Hours of Work a) The ordinary hours of work shall be an average of 36 per week over a defined work cycle and may be worked on any or all of the days of the week Monday to Friday inclusive, and except in the case of shift workers, be worked between the hours of 6.00am and 6.00pm.
Ordinary Hours of Work. B6.2 A shift work position may have ordinary weekly hours of either 36.75 or 38.00 hours per week.
Ordinary Hours of Work. 24.1 The ordinary working hours for a full time employee will be an average of 76 per fortnight.
Ordinary Hours of Work. 9.1.1 Save as is otherwise provided for in this Agreement, no employer shall require or permit an employee
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Ordinary Hours of Work. Summary This clause describes the ordinary hours of work and how they are to be arranged for day workers, continuous shift workers and non-continuous shift workers. The ordinary hours of work for all three categories is 38 per week to be averaged over the period of the work cycle that applies in the particular enterprise. There is provision for the employer, by agreement with employees, to arrange working hours to achieve maximum flexibility in order to suit the needs of both the enterprise and the employees.
Ordinary Hours of Work. Shiftworkers‌
Ordinary Hours of Work. 26.1 Subject to this clause, a full-time employee͛s ordinary hours of work will be 38 per week. The ordinary hours of work for a part-time or casual employee will be in accordance with clause 12ͶTypes of employment.
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