Culture Sample Clauses

Culture. The CEO must understand, reflect and foster the culture and goals of the Company. The Company’s culture and goals, although continuously evolving, include the following:
Culture. How will your proposal impact traditionalclassroom” and disciplinary culture? In particular, how will your approach address aspects of classroom or disciplinary culture that are barriers to student learning and to their sense of belonging? How might it encourage a strengthening-assets or growth-oriented approach to student learning and how might it help establish a classroom context in which all students can succeed? How might your proposal take advantage of under- represented communitiescultural strengths to increase their achievements in STEM?
Culture. 6.1 AEM will deliver annual mandatory cross-cultural training to all workers whose total engagement at the Meliadine Project is expected to last for more than six (6) months. AEM will offer such training at least twice per Year. Attendance by workers will be mandatory, except that any worker who has already attended at least two (2) such courses may be excused.
Culture. Culture enriches individuals and binds society together. Besides its intrinsic value and its significance for our identity and history, culture boosts the national economy by fostering tourism and increasing the appeal of the Netherlands as a base for businesses and organisations. Ideally, interest in the arts and culture should start at a very early age, for instance through cultural education. After weathering a period of radical reforms, the cultural sector has succeeded in finding new sources of funding, new audiences and innovative partnerships. However, there is a shortage of expertise, and organisations’ resources are under pressure. We will therefore be making extra, targeted investments in quality in the coming period. • We will extend the basic infrastructure and ensure continuity, so that our flagship organisations can retain their national and international position. The legislation on tax-deductible donations will be retained. • More scope will be created within the framework of cultural funds for innovation and the development of talent. It is important that the arts and culture remain accessible to all, not just for those living in major cities, but throughout the country. Provincial urban centres like Groningen, Breda, Enschede and Eindhoven can help drive this process, which will be aided by improved coordination between national, provincial and local authorities. • More resources will go to the Cultural Participation Fund to help it preserve and develop popular culture. • We seek to protect and provide access to historic buildings, artworks and archives, through digitalisation and by other means. Special attention is needed for historic church buildings, including those that are no longer used as places of worship. We will invest in maintenance and repurposing. Financial support for privately-owned historic buildings will continue. A sum of €325 million is being earmarked for this purpose during this government’s term. • By providing indemnity cover in the case of loans of major artworks, the government can make it easier for museums to mount exhibitions. Sound management of collections, research and financial scope for new acquisitions lay the foundation for high-quality exhibitions in the future. • We believe it is important to increase knowledge about our shared history, values and freedoms, as these are what make Dutch society what it is today. In the Netherlands, everyone is equal, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation or belief...
Culture. 43. Recognising Liverpool City Region’s plans to place Culture and Creativity at the heart of its strategy to accelerate economic growth, improve skills and further develop its distinctive visitor offer, the government will work with Liverpool City Region to support a place-based strategy and the city region's plans for a Local Cultural Partnership (LCP).
Culture creation of cultural centres and regional museums promoting the image of culture, history and oral traditions - multiplying of cultural and sportive exchanges between regions and with other countries