Culture Sample Clauses

Culture e) History and past behavior;
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Culture. 1. The Parties agree to promote multi-faceted cultural cooperation that duly respects their diversity in order to increase mutual understanding and the knowledge of their respective cultures.
Culture. 1. The Parties shall endeavour to enhance the exchange of persons engaging in cultural activities and of works of art and to carry out, where appropriate, joint initiatives in various cultural areas, including audio-visual works such as films.
Culture. 1. The Parties undertake to cooperate in the sphere of culture in order to promote a thorough knowledge and better understanding of cultural diversities within South Africa and the European Union. Parties will clear obstacles to intercultural communication and cooperation, and will stimulate awareness of the interdependence of peoples of different cultures. They will xxxxxx participation by the population of South Africa and the European Union in the process of reciprocal cultural enrichment.
Culture. How will your proposal impact traditional “classroom” and disciplinary culture? In particular, how will your approach address aspects of classroom or disciplinary culture that are barriers to student learning and to their sense of belonging? How might it encourage a strengthening-assets or growth-oriented approach to student learning and how might it help establish a classroom context in which all students can succeed? How might your proposal take advantage of under- represented communities’ cultural strengths to increase their achievements in STEM? (1 page)
Culture. The Parties shall actively promote greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of each other's arts and culture through artistic collaboration, joint research and study, training and education, exchange of information, and people-to-people exchange and contacts. Specific areas of cooperation and activities shall be identified between governmental bodies and relevant entities of the Parties.
Culture. The student will integrate culturally sensitive and competent nursing care through a holistic approach that is client-centered and practiced within the context of family and community. Students will be able to: • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively (read, write, speak, and listen effectively). • Demonstrate the ability to reflect, analyze, synthesize, and apply knowledge. • Demonstrate knowledge and application of mathematical and scientific principles and methods. • Demonstrate the ability to find, evaluate, organize, and use information. • Demonstrate preparedness to participate actively as informed and responsible citizens in social, cultural, global, and environmental matters.
Culture. 43. Recognising Liverpool City Region’s plans to place Culture and Creativity at the heart of its strategy to accelerate economic growth, improve skills and further develop its distinctive visitor offer, the government will work with Liverpool City Region to support a place-based strategy and the city region's plans for a Local Cultural Partnership (LCP).
Culture. The Chief Financial Officer must understand, reflect and xxxxxx the culture and goals of the Company. The Company’s culture and goals, although continuously evolving, include the following: