Payment Due definition

Payment Due dates are as given in the Room Offer Details accessible in your account online.
Payment Due means the amount shown on your Account statement as the “payment due”. This is also referred to as the Minimum Payment that you must pay by the due date appearing on your Account statement to keep your Account in good standing. • PIN means your or any Authorized User’s Personal Identification Number.
Payment Due means any payment due to the Intermediary from the Company in the form of Commission and excluding any Adviser Charge Payments.

Examples of Payment Due in a sentence

  • In that case, you may pay more interest and may have a higher Minimum Payment Due.

  • If we consider your Account in default, we may, to the extent permitted by federal and applicable state law: ● suspend your ability to make charges, ● cancel or suspend any feature on your Account, ● require you to pay more than your Minimum Payment Due immediately, and ● require you to pay your Account balance immediately.

  • Interest on such a Payment shall be computed for the period beginning on the day after the Payment Due Date and ending on the Date of Payment.

  • You may pay more than the Minimum Payment Due, up to your entire outstanding balance, at any time.

  • However, the returned payment fee will not exceed the applicable Minimum Payment Due.

More Definitions of Payment Due

Payment Due and insert the words "interest at the lesser of 18% per annum" In line 1 of the definition "Rent", delete the words 1, including Interim Rent,". In line 1 of the definition "Schedule" after the words "Equipment Schedule", insert the words "substantially in the form of Exhibit A".
Payment Due. DATE shall mean any due date for the payment of the installments of Base Rent and Additional Rent or any other sums payable under this Lease.
Payment Due. Date shall mean the date on or before which the Card member has to make the payment to the Bank.
Payment Due. $ (Include a check for the "total subscription price" payable to THE SECURITY NATIONAL BANK, ESCROW FOR GPRE, INC.
Payment Due has the meaning provided in Section III.A.
Payment Due. On The…”). Step 11 – Discuss The Financing Status This Sale Is Based On As mentioned earlier, the manner in which this transaction is carried out will need to be fully defined. Thus, in “VIII. Financing,’ it will be time indicate if the concerned sale of asset(s) depends upon the Buyer’s ability to complete this purchase. If the Purchaser will be paying for the concerned asset(s) with his or her own capital, meaning the sale will not require additional financing then xxxx the “Not Contingent” checkbox statement in this section. In addition to specifying that the Buyer’s ability to purchase the asset(s), a time limit will be imposed on the Buyer to provide proof of this ability to pay. The start date of this timeline is the effective date of this document and the number of days making up this time limit should be dispensed to the blank line after the words “… Proof Of Funds Within…” If this sale depends upon “…The Buyer’s Ability To Obtain Financing From A 3rd Party” (i.e. a bank) then select the second checkbox in “VIII. Financing” and supply the number of days after the effective date of this paperwork to provide the Seller with a letter of
Payment Due means any amount owing by the Customer to BRIGALOW in consideration for goods provided in relation to an Order.