Air Travel Sample Clauses

Air Travel. The Buyer shall reimburse the Seller the costs for the Seller's instructors in confirmed business class to and from the Buyer's designated training site and the Seller's training center. The Seller shall make its reasonable efforts to use Buyer’s network.
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Air Travel. 30.7.1 When coordinating travel for authorized CCSNH business, covered employees may utilize a CCSNH approved travel vendor to arrange air travel, which shall be directly invoiced to the CCSNH for payment. Covered employees may elect to coordinate their own travel arrangements by incurring the costs associated with the business travel. The CCSNH agrees to reimburse covered employees for the reasonable costs of air fare. For reimbursement, employees must submit a paid itemized invoice and the completed and authorized travel expense forms. Employees are required to travel at the economy rate and shall make every effort to plan the trip early and/or be flexible in their flight times to take advantage of the best rate available. Employees are directed to seek out the least expensive modes of transportation (bus, hotel shuttle, etc.) when getting to and from airports.
Air Travel. Any air tickets purchased by the Recipient with Centre Funds, directly or indirectly, must be in excursion class or at lower fares. The applicable fare shall be purchased for the most direct and economical routing. The Recipient may reroute or upgrade at the Recipient’s own expense.
Air Travel. You may choose to book your airfare through Hurtigruten. However, all such arrangements are made by us solely as your authorized agent and for your convenience and are at your risk. Air travel providers, owners, and operators are independent contractors and are not acting as agents or representatives of Hurtigruten. Hurtigruten does not undertake to supervise or control such independent contractors or their employees, and makes no representation, express or implied, as to their suitability or safety. Hurtigruten shall not be liable for any delay, damage, injury, death, or loss of any kind whatsoever due to the acts, omissions, or negligence of any air travel providers, owners, operators, or their employees or agents. The prices specified for air travel in Hurtigruten’s brochure are based on available seats in the lowest pricing category for flights. If these seats are not available at the time of booking, Hurtigruten will seek to offer the lowest available flight price. The flight price will be quoted upon request and the quote will be provided within 24 to 48 hours. Once you accept the quoted flight price, you must pay that amount in full within 24 hours of your acceptance. Please note that some flight prices require a local airport fee to be paid in cash by the customer. Such costs are not included in the agreed price for the booking. Airline tickets issued may not be reissued or exchanged for another air carrier or routing. Cancellation or re-booking charges will be assessed by the airline for any changes and these additional costs are the sole responsibility of the customer. According to the European Parliament and Council Regulation no. 261/2004 you have the right under certain circumstances to a refund and/or compensation from the airline if you are refused boarding of the flight or in cases where flights are cancelled or take-off is extremely delayed. You must claim such refund or compensation directly from the airline company. Refunds in such cases will not automatically give you the right to a refund of your costs from us. In cases where delays can result in the right to cancel a flight with the selected air travel provider, this will not automatically give you the right to cancel or receive a refund for any other arrangements with us, even if they were agreed on in connection with the flight concerned unless and to the extent we caused the delay.
Air Travel. Except as provided for in Clause above, the Buyer shall reimburse the Seller the airfares for each Seller Instructor and/or other Seller’s personnel providing support under this Clause 16, in confirmed business class to and from the Buyer’s designated training site and the Seller’s Training Centers, as such airfares are set forth in the Seller’s Customer Services Catalog current at the time of the corresponding training or support.
Air Travel. Where an employee requests to use air travel to travel to the project, the following terms and conditions shall prevail.
Air Travel. Despite any other provisions contained in subclause and in lieu of such provisions, the following conditions will apply to an employee who qualifies under Clause 7.5.1 and where such construction work is located in any area to which air transport is the only practicable means of travel, an employee may return home after four months continuous service and will in such circumstances be entitled to two days leave with pay in addition to the weekend. Thereafter the employee may return to the usual place of residence after each further period of four months continuous service and in each case the employee will be entitled to two days leave of which one day will be paid leave. Payment for leave and reimbursement for any economy air fare paid by the employee will be made at the completion of the first pay period commencing after the date of return to the job. Where the work upon which the employee is engaged will terminate in the ordinary course within a further 28 days after the expiration of any such period of four months as set out in this subclause, then the provisions of this subclause will not be applicable.
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Air Travel. The Producer shall only use aircraft certified for public use by governmental authorities and flown by licensed pilots. Where jet aircraft are not available, the Producer shall make every effort to utilize twin-engine propeller aircraft or helicopter.
Air Travel. Air Ticket from MUMBAI to JEDDHA and return from MADINAHH to MUMBAI
Air Travel. Where an employee is authorized to fly by commercial airline, the ticket shall be by economy fare. The City shall reimburse the employee for actual bus, shuttle or cab fares incurred for travel to and from the airport. All fares shall be approved in advance in writing by the City Finance Officer.
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