Air Travel Sample Clauses

Air Travel. The Executive may travel for business purposes by means of private aircraft at the Company's expense with such aircraft to be provided by the Company by any commercially reasonable method as long as such methods are available to the Company and subject to reasonable limitations which may be imposed from time to time by the Chief Executive Officer of the Company.
Air Travel. Except as provided for in Clause above, the Buyer shall reimburse the Seller the airfares for each Seller Instructor and/or other Seller’s personnel providing support under this Clause 16, in confirmed business class to and from the Buyer’s designated training site and the Seller’s Training Centers, as such airfares are set forth in the Seller’s Customer Services Catalog current at the time of the corresponding training or support.
Air Travel. Air fares will be reimbursed based on the most direct route at coach class travel rates. Upgrading (coach to a higher class) of airline tickets will only be reimbursed when approved, and only when the business schedule required immediate travel at a time when higher class accommodations are the only accommodations available. Downgrading (exchange) of airline ticket where the Consultant receives financial or personal gain is not permitted. If a trip is postponed, reservations should be canceled immediately. Travel arrangements should be made as early as possible (preferably three weeks) to take advantage of advanced reservation rates. The Authority does not pay for air travel insurance.
Air Travel. Where an employee requests to use air travel to travel to the project, the following terms and conditions shall prevail.
Air Travel. Commencing on the Compensation Start Date and during the term of this Agreement, to the extent practicable, Executive shall be entitled to fly first-class on any domestic flight with flight time greater than or equal to 1.5 hours, and business-class on any international flight; provided, however, that such air travel is for business relating to Company and/or its affiliates, including the Consolidated Operations. In addition, TMG shall purchase for Executive elite status for any three airlines of Executive’s choosing.
Air Travel. The Buyer will, at Buyer’s election, either provide or reimburse the Seller for the transportation costs of the Seller’s instructors performing such training in confirmed business class (for international travel) or in confirmed coach class (for domestic travel), to and from the Buyer’s designated training site and the Seller’s Training Center. When the training date is known to Seller at [*] days in advance, Seller shall cause any air transportation tickets for travel relating to such training that are not being provided by the Buyer to be purchased not less than [*] days in advance of the travel date. Seller will cause its instructors to fly on Buyer’s aircraft whenever possible.
Air Travel. During the Term, Executive shall be entitled to domestic first class and international business class air travel, where available, when traveling on Company business, and Executive agrees to use any upgrade programs or opportunities for such travel whenever feasible.
Air Travel. For security purposes, the Executive and his family members, to and only to the extent such family members are traveling with the Executive, shall be required to use the Executive’s or other acceptable private aircraft for any travel. For any expense (whether or not a Business Expense) incurred as a result of the Executive’s use of his or other private aircraft, the Executive shall be reimbursed by the Company (with no tax gross-up). For any such expense incurred as a result of travel on any private aircraft (other than Executive’s personal aircraft), the Executive shall be entitled to reimbursement at the lesser of market rates or Executive’s out-of-pocket cost.
Air Travel. Official travel shall be by the most direct routing and Consultant air travel expenses are allowable only for the lowest regular fare available for regularly scheduled airlines for the date and time selected. LAWA will reimburse for the price of a coach class, unrestricted ticket. When possible, economy or special fares are to be used. Consultants, when possible, should make every effort to make the reservation well in advance to be able to get the best price possible. Approved Air Travel must be supported by legible copies of airline tickets. Electronic tickets and boarding passes are acceptable. LAWA shall only reimburse for reservation change fees when the schedule change was requested by LAWA and is supported by documentation confirming LAWA’s direction of schedule change. Comfort items such as paying for exit row seats or service upgrades are not allowable. In cases where the traveler is charged for the first checked bag, the City will reimburse for this fee. Baggage fees for additional items will not be automatically reimbursed unless a justification for a business need is provided. Checked baggage fees are considered a separate reimbursement expense and are not included as part of the per diem.