Training Site definition

Training Site means
Training Site means
Training Site means

Examples of Training Site in a sentence

  • The Contractor should follow the training instructions of the WAWF Web-Based Training Course and use the Practice Training Site before submitting payment requests through WAWF.

  • Reference (g) provides guidance on the processes and procedures to be followed when submitting requests to the MHS Request Submissions Portal and reference (h) provides a link to the MHS Requirements Management Process Training Site.

  • DoD Information Assurance, Training Notes, Annual IA Trainer via NPS Training Site: Pappas Notes, 2008.A sample page of the web-based trainer is illustrated in Figure 7.

More Definitions of Training Site

Training Site means the actual location where participants perform their duties.
Training Site means the licensed funeral establishment, facility, or institution that has agreed to serve as a location for a funeral service internship and has been approved by the board.
Training Site means
Training Site means the licensed funeral establishment which has agreed to serve as the location for resident training and has been approved by the board for the training.
Training Site means the location provided by the MOST Program Vendor and approved by the MOST Program Office, including a classroom facility and range that meets the requirements of these Rules.
Training Site means any venue within the Host City to host Competition-related training sessions for any Team, including the entire premises of the stadium facilities used for a training session inside the stadium fence and (on days on which any official Team training session takes place within the stadium in relation to the Competitions) the aerial space above such stadium premises as well as any permanent and temporary parking facilities, permanent and temporary media areas and zones, concessions areas, Commercial Display areas, the area which comprises the field of play and the adjacent area up to the demarcation of the stands, stands, the areas beneath stands and any such areas, buildings, facilities or sections used in any manner in connection with any official Team training session in relation to the Competitions as determined by FIFA. Training Sites include the Training Sites connected to Team Base Camps and the Venue-Specific Training Sites.