Information Systems Sample Clauses

Information Systems. The Official Agency in conjunction with the Authority will meet the relevant requirements of Articles 131 to 136 of Regulation (EU) 2017/625 and Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1715 as appropriate to the Official Agency. The Official Agency shall record appropriate data in the Official Agency Premises Inspection database (OAPI), which will be further developed over the life of the contract. Data should be entered into the database on an ongoing basis but shall be entered within one month of the activity taking place, unless otherwise agreed with the Authority.
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Information Systems. 5.1. The Customer is aware that vehicles manufactured, supplied or marketed by a company within the Volvo Group are equipped with one or more systems which may gather and store information about the vehicle (the “Information Systems”), including but not limited to information relating to vehicle condition and performance and information relating to the operation of the vehicle (together, the “Vehicle Data”). The Customer agrees not to interfere with the operation of the Information System in any way.
Information Systems. (a) The MA Organization must:
Information Systems. (a) The M+C Organization must make available to CMS information on quality and outcomes measures that will enable beneficiaries to compare health coverage options and select among them, as provided in Section 422.64(c)(10). [422.152(B)(5)].
Information Systems. The Official Agency shall record such data in the Official Agency Premises Inspection database (OAPI), which will be further developed over the life of the contract. Data should be entered into the database on an ongoing basis but shall be entered within one month of the activity taking place. The Authority and the Official Agency shall in partnership develop systems and work towards recording inspections through the use of electronic hand-held devices by the end of the term of this contract.
Information Systems. The University shall provide an electronic file transfer of information on all salaried University employees and shall continue to provide the employee position reports to meet the human resources reporting requirements specified by law or by request of the Governor or the General Assembly, unless the University is specifically exempted from those requirements. The University shall conduct assessments to demonstrate its accountability for human resources practices that comply with laws and regulations. The Department of Human Resource Management and the University have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, attached hereto as Attachment 2, that may be amended from time to time by agreement of the parties, regarding the specific data and reporting requirements. The University shall be accountable for ensuring the timeliness and integrity of the data transmitted to the Department of Human Resource Management.
Information Systems. I understand that the Company has a critical interest in maintaining complete control and access to all of its electronic, computer, communications, security and information systems (collectively, “Information Systems”). In view of this interest, I acknowledge that I have no right to privacy as to any information (personal or otherwise) that I receive, review, create, input, or otherwise cause to become a part of the Information Systems. Further, I agree that the Company, or its designee(s), shall be entitled (in the exercise of the Company’s sole discretion) to audit, monitor, review, intercept, access, disclose, print, use, delete, erase, and/or destroy any and all such information on the Information Systems at any time, with or without notice or my consent. I also agree that I will not introduce any unauthorized software, peripherals or equipment to the Information Systems, or their related, component or connected networks at any location of or used by the Company and its Affiliated Parties and/or its their customers, clients and vendors.
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Information Systems. Each Servicer shall maintain a data storage and retrieval system capable of maintaining, updating and providing reports with respect to all relevant information with respect to each Mortgage Loan that may be required to satisfy the terms of this Agreement, including but not limited to all information on the Mortgage Loan Schedule. Each Servicer shall update the data on such system to reflect any information available thereto from time to time.
Information Systems. 2.12.1 DCH will supply the following information to the Contractor: · Application and database design and development requirements (standards) that is specific to the State of Georgia. · Networking and data communications requirements (standards) that are specific to the State of Georgia. · Specific information for integrity controls and audit trail requirements. · State web portal ( integration standards and design guidelines. · Specifications for data files to be transmitted by the Contractor to DCH and/or its agents. · Specifications for point-to-point, uni-directional or bi-directional interfaces between Contractor and DCH systems.
Information Systems. Not less than three (3) months prior to the commencement of any program or process to implement a material change, consolidation or modification of a Loan Party’s information technology and/or enterprise resource planning software system, such Loan Party shall provide notice of such proposed change, consolidation or modification to Administrative Agent. From the commencement of such program or process through the completion of such change, consolidation or modification, the Borrowers shall provide Administrative Agent an update on the progress of such change, consolidation or modification concurrently with the delivery of the written statement required to be delivered pursuant to clause (b) of Section 9.1.3(vi) relating to the Borrowers’ financial condition, changes in financial condition and results of operations.
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